THIS WEEKEND! Cape Ann Artisans studio tour

spring 2017

If you’ve gone, go again. There’s always new work to see. If you’ve never been this is a must see event. The 2017 spring Cape Ann Artisans studio tour route features 20 sites, 14 in Gloucester and 6 in Rockport.  Participating artists include Beth Williams jewelry;  Sinikka Nogelo painting and assemblages;  Rob Diebboll painting; Mary Ann de Buy Wenniger’s paintings and prints; Mi Robertson painting and sculpture;  Margaret Rack sculpture;  Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco sea glass jewelry and accessories; Sara Wright handwoven works;  Camilla MacFayden textiles; Bond Street Studio; Marcia Rae; Ruth Worrall; Bart Stuyf; Twin Lights Studio; Pam Stratton; Elizabeth Harty; Cynthia Curtis;  David Archibald; Anni Melancon; and Deborah Gonet.

“For more information, visit or download a brochure and map. You can also come visit us during the Columbus Day tour, October 7-9 and look for us during the holidays. There will be updated information on our web site.”

Video- Vote Gloucester! 2012 American Style Magazine Best Arts Destination


Last year we helped make Gloucester the number 3 Arts Destination In the Country in American Style Magazine.  This is something we already know obviously but really don’t we deserve to be number one?

With your help and vote it helps the entire community by supporting our local artisans and allowing them another feather in their marketing cap to come visit, check out our vibrant art community and leave some cheddar behind Smile

Like the picture they used in the postcard announcing the contest?  You may recognize it as one of mine. Claire Higgins at seARTS did a bang up job with the design.

Anyway lets support our local artists by voting!

Click on the button below to go vote, and thank you for supporting Gloucester and the arts!


I just checked out the contest and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not to mention you could win five hundred dolla yo!

Let’s Do This!

Here’s the presser from seARTS who with Kristine Fisher and Jackie Ganim DeFalco have been responsible for putting this initiative into play from the beginning.

2012 American Style “Top Arts Destination” Campaign Kicks Off
In 2011 seARTS, working with the arts community, secured the nomination for Cape Ann/Gloucester as a Top 25 Arts Destination by American Style Magazine. Thanks to your votes, we won the #3 spot on the list for small U.S. cities. Voting time is here again, and this year, we want to aim for the #1 spot and increase our visibility as an arts destination.
Securing Gloucester/Cape Ann on this list again this year as one of America’s Top 25 Arts Destinations will elevate Cape Ann on the national stage. We have over 2,000 working artists on Cape Ann and a thriving community that celebrates the arts of all disciplines. After all, our Rocky Neck is the country’s oldest continuous working art colony in the U.S. while Rockport draws visitors all year long!

To achieve this distinction, seARTS is requesting the entire community’s help in spreading the word. This is a city-based ranking, but all of Cape Ann was included in the destination information submitted and the article in the magazine.

There are many ways to help before March 3. Here are some suggestions!
1. Go in right now and vote from your computer, your phone, and your laptop!
2. Put the link and/or icon at the bottom of all your emails in the signature line!
3. Use the promotional postcard jpeg in your literature and emails:
4. Link to the voting icon
5. Blog & Tweet the Survey Link
6. Share with your employees
Having this designation gives all of the cultural organizations and artists and businesses a chance to embed the Award in all their literature and promotion around Cape Ann as a branded arts destination. Please contact seARTS to find out more about how you can do this. 978-281-1222.

My favorite photo of the trip to Peru! From Jackie Ganim DeFalco

Hi Joey,

I’m not sure if you got to use this one, but I just loved the way this Macauw deep in the Sacred Valley wanted to chew up the GMG sticker!  He personally asked me to get noticed on your Blog in Gloucester, so I had to send this in again.  He’s just so colorful, I thought he’d fit in right next to Homie.  I am also sending (in another email) the last GMG shot from Machhu Picchu since after that, I left my sticker with Pedro our guide!

Best, Jackie


GMG arrives overlooking Machhu Picchu, the great Inca city in Peru! Jackie DeFalco, Tracy Moore (Atlanta), and Kari Heerdt (North Carolina) represent!


LOVE IT!!!!!  Thanks Jackie!!!!!

Jackie Ganim Defalco Represents Above The Colco Canyon In Peru

Hi joey & thanks for posting yesterday!  Today I met this couple from Oregon and they have great friends in gloucester so they asked me to say hi from jeff & jamie stephens to greg & enza iacono – they are biologists and were with us today to see condors in flight above the colco canyon in peru


Chickity Check It!- Terry Weber seARTS Article In The Boston Globe

Crafting an artsy reputation

Cape Ann recognized by AmericanStyle magazine

Joey Ciaramitaro of Captain Joe and Sons with Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco (center) and Kristine Fisher, both of seARTS.

Photo-Lisa Poole for The Boston Globe

By Terry Weber

Globe Correspondent / June 23, 2011

When most people visualize Gloucester, they imagine a fisherman casting his nets, or the white sands of Good Harbor Beach, or the excitement of spotting a whale as it rises from the ocean’s depths. Now, thanks to many active artists and art organizations, Gloucester is on its way to reestablishing its reputation as a center for the arts.

The city made the grade as a popular arts destination in an article appearing in the summer edition of AmericanStyle magazine. Gloucester was ranked third in the small-city category with other cities that had a population below 100,000. The top two spots were taken by Asheville, N.C., and Santa Fe, respectively.

Click here for the entire article at The Boston Globe Website

seARTS WANTS YOU! To Vote For Gloucester Video With Jackie Ganim DeFalco and Kristine Fisher

Kristine Fisher and Jackie Ganim DeFalco stop by to talk all about seARTS and all of the exciting programs happening including the get the vote out effort to inform people about the American Style Magazine voting for Gloucester.

Kristine writes-

As a community we have a unique opportunity to select Gloucester as a Top 25 Arts Destination in the US……and we need your votes to make it happen!

Please join seARTS’ ( The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts) grass roots campaign to help elevate Gloucester’s visibility as a top U.S. arts destination.   Deadline for voting is March 5th !  Please vote multiple times!  Link below!

One of our interests is to help drive up the cultural/creative economy for all of Cape Ann.  We have succeeded in getting Gloucester nominated as a Top 25 Art Destination in AmericanStyle’s survey.  AmericanStyle is a highly respected national publication focusing on art and travel, and is an excellent resource for artists and art enthusiasts. It publishes the top art events across the country, highlighting select destinations and profiling individual artists.

The readership of AmericanStyle represents the cultural/creative economy that our community is hoping to attract and grow.  Securing Gloucester on their list as one of America’s Top 25 Arts Destinations will elevate Cape Ann on the national stage.  We have over 2,000 working artists on Cape Ann and a thriving community that celebrates the arts of all disciplines.  After all, our Rocky Neck is the country’s oldest continuous working art colony in the U.S.!

Because AmericanStyle’s survey is “city based,” we chose Gloucester, as it has the largest population.  seARTS has been sending weekly e-blasts to our membership requesting folks to vote by March 5, 2011. It is only through votes that Gloucester will secure a place on the list as a Top 25 Destination in AmericanStyle’s spring/summer issue to come out in May 2011.  We are hopeful that you will be comfortable voting “early and often” between now and March 5th.  Here is a link to the voting form.

Please scroll down to the “Small Cities” list and cast your vote for Gloucester!

Yeah Baby!!!! GMG Does The Empire State! Represent!

Beth Williams writes-

Hey, Joey…Jackie Ganim DeFalco and I just got back from a few days in NY….here are a couple of photos for you. There might be another with us actually in it too, but these looked like keepers to start with and it will take me a bit to go through them all!

Lady Liberty w-GMG

Empire State w-GMG

Thanks Beth and Jackie!

Beth Williams is the Former GMG Flowerbox Competition Winner

and Jackie Ganim Defalco has been involved with GMG from early on as well

2009 Wearable Arts Show

From Jackie Ganim-DeFalco-

2009 Wearable Arts Show, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Hi Joe,
I’d love to start getting the word out about this and the Middle Street walk.  This has a raffle for the library too!  Tickets for the Library raffle go on sale 11-15 at the Library $2 each or 3 for 5.
Raffle Prizes include & more to come…:donated by seARTS members & jewelers in the show….
Apple Bay Design- Pewter and Turquoise Necklace

Beth Williams – $50 Gift Certificate – Jewelry

Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco – Sea Glass Pin and 2010 Sea Glass Calendar

Rebecca Williams – Bracelet and CD

Nina Lapchyk – Necklace

Lee Cunningham – A necklace of large, vintage, faux pearls, with lavender crystal briolettes.

Margaret Derby – Scarf

Susan Kenna – Five Bead Needlefelted Necklace

Meredith Anderson – jewelry

4 “Flex” tickets to the Wheelock Family Theater in Boston (value $100)

Family Membership to the Puppet Showplace Theater (value $100)

Classical Organ Music (5 different CD’s)

Ken Bonfield – Four $60 value guitar lesson gift certificates


Sea Glass Chronicles

Just found this release buried in my email from Jackie Ganim-DeFalco.  If you recall I had pictures of some of her unique pieces here on the blog last week.

“Carole Lambert, author of the Sea Glass Chronicles is about to release her newest book, A Passion for Sea Glass – featuring the clever and creative ways in which the most ambitious collectors of sea glass use and display their collections.

Join us in Camden, Maine, on Saturday, August 23th for the DownEast Books launch party featuring author, Carole Lambert, photographer, Amy Wilton and jewelry artist, Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco of Cape Ann Designs who will be there to sign the new book.”

4-6PM | Whitehall Inn
52 High Street Camden, Maine

Jackie Ganim-DeFalco’s Cape Ann Designs Sea Glass Accssories At The Sidewalk Bazaar

Here is another one of Jackie Ganim-DeFalco’s one of a kind sea glass pieces.


Jackie Ganim-DeFalco’s Cape Ann Designs Sea Glass Accssories At The Sidewalk Bazaar

Jackie Ganim-DeFalco’s Cape Ann Designs Sea Glass Accssories At The Sidewalk Bazaar

Check out Jackie’s unique pieces. More at her website-