Right Out of the Blue: Architectural Character Downtown Gloucester


Inspired by Nelson’s fairly recent coat of blue, downtown Gloucester caught between the blues and the deep blue sea

blue architectural downtown1a






Nelson’s before (prior to blue)

For green details downtown and Manny’s post for Be Sargent’s 1996 Judith Sargent Street Mural 

Supreme Roast Beef Cheeseburger Plate

Two huge pattys, a whole styro full of onion rings and fries and a greek salad for $8.50.  Ed picked up one for me and him and he literally had a hard time carrying the two full shopping bags full of food.  I was slipping in and out of consciousness about 1/2 way through the dinner.DSC04884

The Great Gloucester Burger War- Star Checks In With Her Supreme Burger Review

From Star-
My first Supreme burger…it is freakin’ huge and you see it was only $7.70 for all this food
the fries were good the onion rings were better and the salad was, well, salad…and although the burger was giant, it didn’t have much flavor…if you’re looking for quantity over quality…this is the place

Supreme Roast Beef Dinner

Supreme Roast Beef Dinner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Back in High School we would go to this joint in Danvers Square called Supreme Roast Beef. The owner George was always tolerant of our young juvenile behavior. The man must have the patience of a saint.

In February of last year he opened up the second Supreme Roast Beef location in the site of the former Chic’s Roast Beef. George, his son Tony and daughter Irene have spruced up the place and are always very pleasant. It’s been a nice upgrade.

Here is a picture of my Roast Beef Plate. Three way(sauce, cheese, mayo). It cost $7.65