Our Lady of Good Voyage Carillon Bells are home

Thanks to Linn Parisi for the tip-

The church’s 31 bells were cast by the Taylor Bell Foundry in England and installed during the summer of 1922, and restored by Meek, Wilson & Company.

Bill Meeks was on site directing the operations, photo of him strapping a Bell.

Each bell has a Saints Name in Portuguese, and a name of a person.  There is a story for each bell, I am sure.  The first Reverend, a Captain, and A. Piatt Andrew are the names on the bells shown.  On A. Piatt Andrew’s bell is the inscription in Portuguese “The Heart of Jesus”, as he was instrumental in getting the bells brought to the church in 1922.

An elderly man stood watching them being re-installed, he said to me “I am so glad they are back, I thought I would never hear them ring again, but my prayers were answered.”

4 thoughts on “Our Lady of Good Voyage Carillon Bells are home

  1. Thanks for your pictures and story. I remember a 90 year old woman telling how her mother used to walk to church daily and all the women and children sold hot dogs to buy those bells.

    Please Remember to e-mail me about the “coffee shops etc.” book


    1. Ann Marie, it was a pleasure meeting you and sharing your book on Coffee on Cape Ann, hope we can get some of those photos to post on GoodMorningGloucester.

      Thank you for the story, I am sure many more exist.


  2. Thank you for your beautiful story. At this lonely time for people I look forward to hearing the bells at 10 AM on Easter Sunday. God bless you ❤️


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