We Will Be At The Bottom Of Center Street Tonight For The Block Party

We Will Be At The Bottom Of Center Street Tonight For The Block Party (next to Passports)

I’ll most likely be in the white truck projecting the slide shows.

Please come on down and say Hi.

Sharon will have a table set up with GMG stickers and  we made a red carpet premiere walk in which you can get your picture taken in front of to be included in a slide show tomorrow(so wear your best outfit and smile pretty).

Dory Race Eliminations Results-

Junior dory crew winners to represent the USA vs Canada- LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi.

Ed Parnell and John Morris won the over 40 race

Tom Jarvis and Jimmy T beat Joe Sanfilippo and Mark Duvall

results from Damon

The winners go to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to race on Sept 12, at noon.

Randy Parisi/LJ Robertson 6:07
Kyle Edmonds/Joey Ciolino 6:13
This was quite a race. Both crews were fast and smooth and well matched. The difference may have been the second boat drifted to leeward of their course up near the turning mark, perhaps due to a big boat wake or it would have been really, really close.

Over 40:
John Morris/Ed Parnell 5:48
Mike Harmon/John Scola 5:54
Sam Scola/Steve Goodick 6:02

All very experienced crews and the most experienced of all pulled it off. Congratulations!

Mixed Doubles (one entry)
Jen and Jeff Muise 6:23
Good time for just rowing around the course. Good luck in Canada!

All of the above on 1/2 mile course

Open (one mile Course):
Jim Tarantino/Tom Jarvis 10:31
Jerry Ciaramitaro/Alan Morrissey 10:39
Joe Sanfillippo/Mark Duval 10:42
Mike Mitchell/Rob Morrissey 11:13
This was a close race for the first three positions. The Duval/Sanfillippo dory drifted off course to leeward going out or it would have been closer. As it was the two boats in lane 1 and 2 steered closer to their line and came in 2 and 1.

There was no women’s race.

300 Faces in 15 Minutes!

If I’ve caught you on camera in the past 10 years, chances are your face will be included in my slideshow “Express Yourself, Gloucester!”  tonight at the Block Party. Come on down and check it out. 300 faces in 15 minutes with fun,upbeat music! See you there! —SharonExpress yourself

Beautiful Industry Herring -One Picture, Four Processes


Beautiful Industry - Herring B&W
Beautiful Industry - Herring B&W
Beautiful Industry - Herring Boost 75%
Beautiful Industry - Herring Boost 75%
Beautiful Industry - Herring Inverted Exposure
Beautiful Industry - Herring Inverted Exposure

GMG Will be live blogging the International Dory Race Results as they happen

Frank Ciolino will be on the beach capturing video and calling in the race results this morning.  Live from Niles Beach.  If you can’t get there this morning (shame on you)  you can tune in here for the results.

The races start at 9AM and usually last until about 11:30.  Stop in at Last Stop Variety for a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin and head on down to catch some of the excitement.  The light is awesome this morning.

click picture to view
click picture to view