International Dory Races

The International Dory Races were held yesterday morning at the Jodrey State Fish Pier with GLOUCESTER winning 3 out of 4 races against Nova Scotia.

Mixed Doubles

USA:       Alex Pizzamenti & John Francis (W)

Canada:  Lisa Tanner & Robert Fox

Women’s Division

USA:       Alexis Novello & Kristen Burnham

Canada:  Gail Atkinson & Kath Moore (W)

Master’s Division

USA:       Mike Harmon & John Scola (W)

Canada:  Willie Wells & Walter Nickerson

Senior’s Division

USA:       Mark & Nick Giacalone (W)

Canada:  Brent & Todd Dempsey 





GloucesterCast 181 With @KimSmithDesigns, Kellen O’Maley and @Joey_C Taped 5/16/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 181 With @KimSmithDesigns, Kellen O’Maley and @Joey_C Taped 5/16/16

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Topics Include:
Kellen O’Maley Connemara Bay Charter Fishing- Do you get residual business from Wicked Tuna- what type of charters do you specialize in. You went to University of Utah do you use any of the things you used in college to market your charter fishing business?
A lot of whale sightings Seven Seas Whale, Captain Bill’s, Cape Ann Whale Watching watching
Kellen Seine Boat Update

International Dory Fundraiser

 Ipswich banned the bag- John Hintlian Post-
Melissa Cox Facebook post-
“Today is the day we talk about banning plastic bags in Gloucester! O&A meeting is at 6pm at City Hall in the 1st floor conference room. Show up for or against. The original order was only for big stores but may be amended to include all stores. This isn’t a public hearing, you may not be able to speak. That will come when the public hearing is at full city council. Thank you!!”

Schooner Challenge June 6th  Now including the Adventure people can sign up-


Marty making the Good Morning Gloucester Movie, and I thought he did an incredible job capturing the spirit in part one
Red Shed Film Festival Tonight andkicks Off The week of Motif 1 Day


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“Pro Video Meet Up”

Matt Harding Coming To Gloucester 6PM May 20

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60th Anniversary Dory Races,2012 Lunenburg N.S. Recap From Erik Dombrowski

Saturday August 25th 2012 at 10 AM, teams representing the US lined up against competition from Nova Scotia , Canada to determine the finest dory rowers in the world.  The weather was perfect with bright sunshine and a light breeze.  The docks of Lunenburg were filled with dory enthusiasts from around the Maritimes and a contingent from the US .  Picturesque Lunenburg Harbor was the perfect backdrop to set the scene for some athletic competition on the water.


Although there was no US team for the Junior Division, Senator Bruce Tarr teamed up with Canadian Dory Association President Kelly George to row an exhibition race against Canadian Juniors Nathanial Beck & Jorgan Martin.  The Canadian juniors won, but Bruce held his own handling the oars like a veteran with the help of a little coaching from Kelly.  The next race on the half mile course was the Mixed Doubles Division, where the flamboyant pair of Elin di Angelo & Mike “Gappa” Frontiera lined up against veteran rowers Tim Mair & Dorothy MacDonald.  Elin & Mike displayed a perfect combination of raw power and technique quickly pulling ahead of the Canadians.  The lead steadily increased with the help of perfect course navigation by Mike, ending with a decisive win for the US !  The Women’s Division presented a rematch from June with Denise Desautels & Edie Wald-Smith from the US taking on Gail Atkinson & Pattianne Verburgh of Canada .  Gail & Pattianne won the race, but Denise & Edie significantly improved their technique and course navigation while swapping bow and stern seats a few weeks before the race.  The Over 40 Division offered another rematch, but from last August where Mike Harmon & John Scola took on legendary Walter Nickerson & his long-time partner Danny Moody.  Mike & John rowed them line-to-line loosing only a couple of strokes at the turn, but unfortunately that made the difference in the race.  Walter & Danny enjoyed another victory in their storied career.  The last race of the day was on the mile course, where Joe Sanfilippo & Erik Dombrowski took on June Over 40 Canadian Representatives Joel George & David Croft Jr.  Joe & Erik overpowered and outlasted their hard-trying opponents and cruised to a sizeable victory.  A special thanks goes to our American Rowers who traveled the grueling 13 hour drive to compete, as well as our Committee Race Officials who helped out at the races: Rick Medico (chase boat), Ron Woodard (timer), and Hilary Dombrowski (start boat).

The hospitality shown to the IDRC members by the Canadian Dory Association was extraordinary once again this year.  The festivities started off at the Fire House with a Welcoming Reception where David Croft Jr.’s band was the entertainment.  The CDA hosted a sailing cruise on Friday exploring the sights around Lunenburg Harbor .  And, of course we were welcomed to an Awards Banquet at the Oven’s park after the races where scallops, chowder and celebratory drinks were abundant.  There was a lot of talk about enduring friendships and camaraderie built on dory rowing competition, and it was personified in this 60th year. 

Dory Races This Saturday- Great Family Fun On Niles Beach!


We are anticipating some very exciting races this Saturday at Niles Beach for the International Dory Elimination Races!  Many former championship teams will square off to find the best pairs to represent the USA against Canada in the upcoming International Races on June 23rd.  The Over 40 division looks like a rematch of August Champs John Scola and Mike Harmon against former US Champs Len Billante and Jay Prince which was a photo finish in August.  The Men’s Open division pits August International champs Glenn Harrington and Erik Dombrowski against 2009 champs Jimmy Tarrantino and Tom Jarvis, 2011 June champs Joe Sanfillippo and Mark Duval, Oarsmaster’s cup winner Len Robertson and partner Jeff Muise, and other crews rumored to be competing former champs Mick Cote and John Swift from New Jersey, as well as Mike and Scott Morrissey, and Joe Cominelli with recent partner Ray D’Amico.  We may also have some surprise entries.

We are still looking for more entries in the Women’s, Mixed Doubles, and Junions (18 and under) divisions!

Race sign-ups are Friday at St. Peter’s Square at 6PM.  (If you can’t make it down and your membership dues are paid you may email your entry to me before 6PM on Friday)

Races will begin at 8:30AM at Niles Beach Saturday.  Final Eliminations (if necessary) will be the following Monday night at 6PM also at Niles Beach .

Best of luck to competitors.

Don’t miss it!



International Dory Race Eliminations Are 3 Weeks Away



There is still time to represent!

Eliminations are 3 weeks away on August 13th off of Niles Beach .  If you have been rowing or would like to try racing, your time is here.  Grab a partner and get some rows in over the next few weeks and you could represent the US in Nova Scotia , Canada August 27th for the International title.  We need teams in all categories:  Juniors (men 18 & under), Women, Mixed Doubles, Over 40 men, and Open men.  Winners of eliminations receive an “expense paid” trip to Lunenburg to take on the Canadians.  If you have always wanted to try racing and don’t have a partner, let us know and we will try to “hook you up”.

In other news, congratulations to all our members who took on the Blackburn Challenge this past weekend.  A grueling 20+ mile course around Cape Ann in an 800 lb. dory is truly a feat that few can accomplish.  I am proud to say the IDRC was well represented with Christina Carpenter completing the race as the first woman ever to finish solo in a banks dory, Jimmy T receiving a “hall of fame” award for so many (and the fasted time ever) solo in a banks dory, and Jeff Muise/Joe Sanfillippo who broke 4 hours in a “real” banks dory (our unofficial best time ever!).  And, not to forget the return of Geoff Thomas/Tim Oakes who finished a respectable 3rd in the banks dory division after only a few weeks back in the boat.

Lastly, we are looking for volunteers to help get the practice boats back in service Monday, August 1st 6pm at Pavilion Beach .  Mike Harmon has volunteered to tow the boats off mooring and over to the beach where we will scrub them down and row them back to the town landing.  Please let us know if you can give us an hour or so that evening.

Happy Rowing,

IDRC Board of Directors

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GO DO THIS! This Morning!!! Pancake Breakfast & Dory Races

This morning the International Dory Races are being held.  There is a pancake breakfast at 8 am at Gordon Thomas Park between 3 Lanterns and Steve Connoly’s for $8. All of the proceeds go to the International Dory Race operating costs.  It is a great event, a great tradition, and a whole lot of fun.  pancake breakfast is being put on by exemplary Gloucester citizen Ringo Tarr who puts together an incredible number of fun events for our community.

Races are being held right after the breakfast.

Here’s a  scene from last year’s races vs the Canadians-

Laurel Tarantino’s Lobster Thermidor

After the final elimination race last night The Tarantinos graciously hosted a party for the rowers.  Here is Laurel Tarantino’s (wife of the self proclaimed all time greatest Grand Banks dory rower Jimmy T) Lobster Thermidor.  Video with Laurel at The Shipwreck Lounge at 1PM

Things To Do- Watch The Dory Race Elimination Races Saturday

Saturday, 8:30 a.m., Niles Beach – The Elimination Races will be held to determine who will represent the US vs. Canada on June 20th.

If you’ve been watching the GMG coverage of the International Dory Races and the building of the dories at Geno Mondello’s shop, if you want to buy some raffle tickets for the handline dory, if you want to share part in a great Gloucester tradition-

Head on down to Niles beach tomorrow morning for the elimination races.

It’s a great thing to take the family to and you can register to become part of the action, you can buy t shirts, get row hard or row home bumper stickers.

Here’s the scenario- you pack the kids in the car, go to Last Stop Variety, grab a cup of coffee and one of their incredible muffins (blueberry and morning glory are awesome) and then go to Niles to catch the action.

Click this text to see some previous posts with pictures of the action

2009 Schedule of Events – Dory Races


2009 Schedule of Events

March 6th Winter Races 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
April 18th Dory Prep Day 8:00 am Eastern Ave
April 25th Dory Launch Day 8:00 am “ “
May 2 & 3 Adventure Open House Cruiseport Terminal
May 9th Essex River Race 9:00 am Essex
June 5th Elimination Registration 6:00 pm St. Peters Square
June 6th Elimination Races 8:30 am Niles Beach
June 8th Final Elimination (if needed) 6:00 pm Niles Beach
June 18th International Reception 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
June 20th International Races 8:30 a.m. State Fish Pier
June 20th Awards Banquet 1:00 pm Heritage Center
July 18th Blackburn Challenge 7:30 am Annisquam River
August 8th Oarmasters Challenge—Solo Race
August ?? Eliminations
September 22nd International Races — Lunenberg NS

For more information- check here.