It’s a pain in its own little way!

Everywhere I see this mistake. I’m no grammar expert, but I know my it’s and its! I notice it in newspapers, magazines,articles-all over!

“It’s” is the contraction of “it is”, and “its” is ownership. For example- “It’s going to rain” means it is going to rain.

“The weather and its effects will determine if we have the party or not.”  This “its” is like “his” or “her” except with objects.

Just a little annoyance.     —Sharon

Now I’ll really have to watch my dangling participle! Heehee

Jeannie Boland From The Rudder

Look for our interview with Jeannie at 8PM tonight.

Doesn’t it look like that lobster with the red lobster bands over Jeannie’s left shoulder is planning an attack?

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Jeannie Boland From The Rudder, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox

Look for the August 09 Block Party Slide Show tomorrow morning at 8AM

Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox
Block Party August 09 Pics From David Cox

GMG Q&A With Leah Lovasco

Leah is a Gloucester High School Docksiders mom and has been very involved with the local band for years.  This will be her last though.  Here is Leah’s GMG Questionnaire-

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

42 years

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?


Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

If I told you, they wouldn’t be secret.

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?


What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?


What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?

George’s Coffee Shop

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

Too many to list.

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Which is your favorite local beach?

Good Harbor

Who has the best chowder in town?

The Cupboard

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?

Cape Ann Online

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties?

I thought they were great!  Looking forward to many more.

What is your favorite local band?

Gloucester High School Docksiders!

Thanks, Joey

David H. Montgomery Studio and Fine Art Gallery Exhibition Opening and Reception

From Kat Valentine-

An opening reception for an exhibition of portraits and marine paintings by Gloucester native David Montgomery is being held Sunday, August 23 from 2-6 pm in the artist’s studio and art gallery at Montgomery Boatyard.

This special exhibition coincides with the on-going celebration of the 100th anniversary of the boatyard located at Montgomery’s Cove on the Annisquam. David Montgomery’s grandfather, Nicholas, started building boats here in September 1908. A family tradition carried on by Nick’s son and David’s father, Herbert.

Thus, many Cape Ann residents know David Montgomery as a third generation boat builder, who, for some thirty years, crafted one-of-a-kind pleasure boats; fishing boats; and the locally-famous fish-class cat boats.

What few knew was that David was also a fine artist, equally skilled in the mediums of charcoal and paint. In 2005, David put away his boat building tools and decided to become a full-time painter. Now instead of painting boat bottoms, David paints boats on canvas, often they are the very boats he built. David also is a gifted portrait artist, praised for capturing a likeness, as well as for portraying something of the character and personality of his sitter.

His drawing is not just mechanically correct, he is able to imbue his work with an emotional quality that gives it a sense of life. The artist’s nature and deep appreciation of his hometown also comes through as there is a sense of stillness and quietude in all his work.

“Growing up in my grandfather’s boatyard, I have always had a love of the shapes of boats. At the same time, I had an innate love of painting, starting with my earliest exposures to Norman Rockwell and N. C. Wyeth, and later the harbor scenes of Emil Gruppé and paintings of John Singer Sargent. Now, after thirty years of building boats, I get equal joy out of rendering their shapes with brush and paint on canvas (and it doesn’t hurt my back),” says Montgomery.

“I feel very privileged to live in an area with such a rich artistic heritage, one that continues to this day, and to be able to paint with such great Cape Ann artists as Betty Lou Schlemm, Jeff Weaver, and childhood-friend David Curtis.”

All are welcome to attend the opening reception on August 23 from 2 to 6 pm, and to visit the exhibition during regular gallery hours on Saturdays from 1-5 pm at 29 Ferry Street. The gallery will be closed on Saturday, August 22. For more information: 978.283.0262 or

Beautiful Industry – Herring

The herring have been scarce so the big boats have been going all the way to George’s Bank to try to find them with no luck in the past two weeks.  That means they have been burning a ton of fuel as the herring boats are gigantic vessels.

We’ve been filling in by using pogies for lobster bait which are not nearly as much fun to handle.  They break down much faster and they produce this incredibly slick oil which gets all over the floor and everywhere making it a PITA to use.  Beggars can’t be choosers though so whatever it takes to get our lobstermen out fishing is what we will try to provide.

Beautiful Industry – Herring, originally uploaded by captjoe06.