GMG Artist Spotlight – Henri Smith


click here to listen to Spanish Rice and Beans

henri-smith-promoVocalist Henri Smith has been thrilling audiences in his hometown of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, with his sophisticated swing and dramatic delivery of jazz, blues, and Cajun flavored music. He relocated to Cape Ann in 2005 after losing his home to the hurricane Katrina disaster.

Henri wll be performing at Elliott’s at the Blackburn on Sept. 12th. Check out Henri’s MySpace for more upcoming performances.

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Dahlias All Natural Granola Available Locally

From Dahlia-

Thanks for the great review! You can find my granola, starting this Friday at The Willow Rest in Gloucester, Utopia Farms in Manchester, and Dom’s Trattoria in Beverly Farms.

You can view the interview with Dahlia at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market by clicking this text

Good Harbor Beach- Morning After Hurrican Bill

The effects of Hurricane Bill were only mildly apparent until the afternoon when the storm surge combined with high tide pushed water up to the dunes.  This picture was taken around 8:30AM when the feeling around the dock was that it was already past and we didn’t get much in the way of huge waves.   Later in the day when the tide came in people were pushed right up to the dunes when the high tide combined with the storm surge.

City Of Gloucester Water Situation Update

Posted by: cpantano on 08/26/2009 12:02:24
Updated by: cpantano on 08/26/2009 12:06:15
Expires: 08/28/2009 00:00:00

Unified Command / Public Information Officer

The Unified Command system is in constant use with representatives of the Administration, DPW, Board of Health and Fire Department meeting as needed to evaluate the situational status and plan accordingly. The School Department has just come on board with the incident management team to plan for opening day. Deputy Fire Chief Miles Schlichte has been named as the Public Information Officer for the duration of this event. He will be working to get current and factual information out to the public with all available local media options including blogs.  Media may contact Deputy Chief Schlichte via email at:

Water Supplements

We are still receiving water from Manchester. This help from our neighbors along with the help previously received from our other neighbors has been crucial in helping us to manage this situation.

Water Main Break

Western Avenue which was damaged by the water break is being repaved today, August 26th.

Bond Hill Water Level

Water levels in the Bond Hill storage facility rose from 8.3 feet yesterday to 10.4 feet as of this morning. Continued water conservation from residents along with the influx of Manchester water is helping to raise the levels.

Test Results from Monday, August 24, 2009

Test results from samples taken on Monday and received 24 hrs later on Tuesday, August 25th indicate coliform levels comparable to the previous day. Levels are still not at an acceptable level. The Western Avenue water break negatively impacted coliform levels in the system by stirring up sediment in the pipes and was expected. We need to have two consecutive days of zero coliform readings in the entire system to lift the boil water order for the entire city.

Information Updates

There were technical difficulties in creating a dedicated phone line. Those problems have been corrected. We now have a dedicated phone number together with a recorded message that any citizen can call at any time for an update. Than phone number is 978-282-8080. The message will only be updated as the situation changes. If the message does not change you can assume the situation has not changed either.  The city website has been updated.

There is a continuous loop of a radio interview conducted by Rick Moore with PIO Deputy Schlichte running on MSO web radio at

Last night’s Council meeting was carried on Ch20 not CH12 as expected. We apologize for any confusion.

Impact on Schools

The incident management team is meeting today to plan for the opening of school. As it currently stands, school will open as scheduled. A plan to allow for meals and sanitary facilities is being created by the food service provider and the school administration in the event that the boil water order is still in place when the school year starts. A water flushing plan is also being put in place in conjunction with the school department plumber. This plan will initially consist of flushing of the water system around the schools via fire hydrants and a flushing of all interior water lines before school opens as well as supplemental flushing as soon as the city water system recovers.


The Incident Command Staff is meeting regularly and contingency plans are in place in case the situation should worsen, but things are slowly and steadily improving.

The outdoor water ban and the boil water order remain in effect. Please note that the more inside water the citizens of Gloucester can conserve will more quickly resolve this situation.

It’s All About The Tomatos- Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Tomato Festival This Week!

Cape Ann Farmers Market Tomato Festival
Cape Ann Farmer's Market Tomato Festival

It’s All About The Tomatos Baby!

At Harbor Loop, 4-6pm this Thursday, August 27 Tomoto demos at the Cape Ann Farmers Market with special guests: Angela Sanfilippo, Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association; Luce Corona from Porticella Bistro serves up salsa; Barbara from Goose Cove Gardens shares her “Plots & Plans”, and Ann Malloy fromNeptune’s Harvest has the scoop on fertilizer.

Free and open to the public.


NataliaBakounHulaHoop2Dig out your ol’ hula hoops and get your hips a-swingin’ ! We know you want to prove to all your friends in G-Town that you’ve still got the moves!

Take on the GMG challenge and practice your butt off for the HOOLA HOOPLA to be held at the September 19 Block Party.

Everyone from the tiniest hoopster to Gramma and Auntie Gladys is welcome to compete in this fun event. So go get yourself a new hoop or dust off your old one and start shakin’ those hips!

New Discovery- Cold Brewed Coffee

If you’ve been a GMG fan for any amount of time you know about my coffee obsession love.  I usually have a cup of coffee when things start to slow down in the morning around 8:30AM and then maybe another one in the afternoon so I can try to stay awake when I get home and spend some quality time with the family.  To say that I enjoy my coffee is an understatement.

With the soaring temps and humidity of last week coupled with being extraordinarily busy sometimes I can’t get to one of our local coffee shops and make coffee down here at the dock.  I’ve been using a french press since last spring and the results have been fantastic.  You can see the demonstration video I made when I first got the French press by clicking the video below-

A while back I saw an article on Lifehacker about making cold brewed coffee (as an aside if you haven’t bookmarked or put Lifehacker into your Google Reader you ought to, it rocks)

Anyway I tried making cold brewed coffee last night.   You need a little time  but it is ridiculously simple and the results are outstanding.

I took my travel press and loaded it up with three heaping teaspoons of ground coffee and filled it up with room temperature spring water, screwed the lid on and placed it in the fridge just before leaving work last night.  This morning I pushed the plunger down, poured the refrigerated coffee into my cup and fixed it just as I would a hot cup of coffee.

Fantastic!  They say more bitterness is extracted from the coffee beans with increased temperature so by using the cold brewing method you still retain that oily creamy texture of a good cup of french press coffee but without the bitterness.  Not having to use a paper filter also doesn’t sap the mixture of those coffee bean oils which get taken away with a paper filter.  You also don’t need to ice it which would dilute your coffee because it has been in the fridge all night.

I highly suggest this method if you are a coffee freak lover like me.

Water Update From The City Of Gloucester

Posted by: cpantano on 08/25/2009 19:21:34
Updated by: cpantano on 08/25/2009 19:23:35
Expires: 08/30/2009 00:00:00

We continue to work with the Department of Environmental Protection to resolve the Boil Water Order.

Bond Hill Water Level

Progress continues in maintaining the water levels at Bond Hill and through continued water ban and conservation efforts we expect the levels to rise overnight. Increasing the levels at the Bond Hill water storage facility is crucial in ending the ban and boil water order. Please conserve water – the more you conserve, the faster we can get out of this

4:45AM Wednesday August 26, Dunkin Donuts Still Dark Due To Gloucester Water Situation

Dunkies is still closed as of 4:45AM this morning.  Cape Ann Coffee on Bass Ave is open with drive through convenience as well as Donut Jims.  Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company is operating also.

Dunkin Donuts Still Dark 4:45AM 6/26/09
Dunkin Donuts Still Dark 4:45AM 6/26/09
Dunkin Donuts Water Ban Signage
Dunkin Donuts Water Ban Signage