City of Gloucester Water Update

I’ve been asked to update GMG with the latest City of Gloucester Water Updates and Point folks to the City Website so here goes-

It would be nice if someone in the city web department could figure out how to use rss feeds so we could get this information updated directly and instantaneously. -Just a thought.

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As of 5 pm on Monday, August 24, 2009, further information is available

 Unified Command / Public Information Officer

 A Unified Command system has been in place since the middle of last week with representatives of the Administration, DPW, Board of Health, and Fire Department meeting as needed to evaluate the status and plan accordingly.  In response to high demand for frequent communication, we are moving forward with all channels of communication available.  To help address this issue, Deputy Fire Chief Miles Schlichte has been named as the Public Information Officer for the duration of this event.  He will be working to get current and factual information out to the public with all available local media options including blogs. 

 Water Supplements

 As of this afternoon we will again be receiving water from Manchester. We stopped last Friday while we waited for a custom valve to be fabricated to prevent any chance of our water backflowing into Manchester’s water supply. The DPW and Fire Department will again be connecting the two systems together shortly.

 Water Main Break

 There was a water main break on Western Ave today. Prompt work by the DPW crews repaired the break and water is again flowing through that pipe. The road will be passable shortly if not already and is scheduled to be repaved on Wednesday.

 Bond Hill Water Level

 We did lose some of the gains we had made in the Bond Hill storage facility due to the water main break.  Bond Hill water level as of this report is 7 ½ feet.

 Test Results from Sunday, August 23, 2009

 Test results from samples taken on Sunday indicate improvement on coliform levels over the previous days, but are still not within normal levels.

 Information Updates

 We are working on putting together a dedicated phone number together with a recorded message that any citizen can call for an update.  The phone number will be announced on Tuesday, August 24, 2009. The message will be updated as the situation changes. If the message does not change you can assume the situation has not changed either.

 We will be updating the city website in a more timely fashion as well.

 An update will be presented to the City Council at 7pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 in Kyrouz Auditorium.  Command staff from the Administration, Department of Public Works, Fire, and Health Department will be available to answer questions, and the public is invited.


 The Incident Command Staff is meeting regularly and contingency plans are in place in case the situation should worsen, but until today’s water break, things were slowly and steadily improving. These contingency plans include mutual aid plans for fire suppression.

 The outdoor water ban and the boil water order remain in effect.

10 Year old Jazz at Captain Carlo’s

10 year old Vivian debuts her Blues in the Night trumpet at her 82 year old grandmother’s gig in Gloucester MA, changing My Momma Done Told Me to My Grandmother Told Me.

Thanks to Mark Earley for the video. You can check out the Nancy Hildegarde Jazz Extravaganza Every Monday Night at Captain Carlos!

Things To Do- Rotary Club Comedy Night

The Rotary Club of Gloucester is holding its third annual Comedy Night at Cruiseport on Thursday, September 3, 2009.   The show has sold out every year and the 2009 show promises to be another enjoyable evening.  It’s a great event to begin the Labor Day weekend.

Followers of Paul D’Angelo will be happy to hear that he will be headlining the show this year.  Paul has many fans throughout New England and is a regular performer at the Boston Comedy Festival.

Dave Rattigan will be back as host.  Dave has earned rave reviews for his quick, dry wit and has been a popular choice at theater shows, comedy clubs, fund raisers and corporate events all over New England.

The show will also feature Steve Bjork who is one of the funniest observational humorists in Boston, and

Mike Prior who has long been one of the top crowd-pleasing comics on the Boston scene.

Light Refreshments will be served.  Doors open at 7:00 pm, Show at 8:00 pm.

Tickets are $25 and are available from Ruth Pino at 978-865-1232 or at the Chamber of Commerce at 33 Commercial Street in Gloucester.

Lobster Meat At Cruiseport

Portside Grille At Cruiseport has been packed every single day.  One of the recurring things I’ve been noting when soliciting feedback from people about the Block Parties is that people really love alfresco dining.  Other than the Block Parties there are a few places you can really enjoy this type of dining around town -the Cruiseport unique-to-Gloucester sliding open frontage to the waterfront, Lobster Pool Restaurant in Folly Cove, the Rudder, the Studio, Latitude 43 deck and the Gloucester House.

Hopefully some group of downtown business owners get together and find a concensus as to how they would like to close Main Street to vehicular traffic on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer.  Gloucester Crossing will be opening soon.  It is of my opinion that the Downtown business owners really ought to start thinking about soliciting the city for the street closures as a way to differentiate and make Downtown Gloucester the destination it has been developing into.  They just need to take it to the next step.  It wouldn’t have to be a Block Party every summer weekend night but if the Block Parties showed anything it was that Gloucester is a social city and given the opportunity to see and be seen people will show up.

Lobster Meat At Cruiseport, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

August 09 Block Party Set III Preview Pics From David Cox

Look for the slide show at 1PM

August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox
August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox
August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox
August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox
August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox
August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox

Nelson’s Ride 2009 Slide Show

A couple of years ago my son, Mark and I did this ride on his Harley. I was able to get a lot of very cool shots from the back of the bike. We left from the soccer field on 133 in Ipswich and hit the hills on Rte. 1. We had a great time! The bike’s not running right now, so no ride this year.

Here’s what I captured yesterday. Click on the photo to see the slide show.

Photos and Slideshow by Sharon Lowe

Out On A Grand Banks Dory

Joey Ciolino picked me up for a 5 minute row yesterday.  I’m hooked.  What a blast.  Now if I could only get a few moments to be able to get out on the water.  sigh.

Out On A Grand Banks Dory, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

August 09 Block Party Set III Pics From David Cox Coming at 1PM

Look for the third set of pictures of the August 09 Downtown Gloucester Block Party pics from David Cox at 1PM