Oarmaster’s Cup Report From Jimmy T

This just in from Jimmy Tarantino-

Oarmaster’s Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It grieves me tremendously to report to you that the Oarmaster’s Cup has
been savagely ripped from my possession. Though nine  warriors braved
the high wind and waves, all posting good times, one time far exceeded
all others. With an UNBELIEVABLE time of 17:56, Joe Sanfillippo is the
new Oarmaster. Joe was in the 1st heat with Dave Perkins, 19:18, and
Bill Edmunds 20:04.
Second heat: Jim Tarantino 18:38, Dave Buchanan 19:53, Hillary Frye 24:47.
Third heat: Erik Dombrowski 18:41, Alex Thomas 20:58, Damon Cummings 23:05.

Eliminations to determine who will represent the US in Canada, on the
Weekend of September 12th, will be held this coming Saturday.
Registration is at the usual time (see website) this coming Friday
night. I believe there are no women’s crews training so any Supermodels
who would like to win a free trip to Canada need just register Friday

To see the Dory Slideshow click the picture below

click the picture for the slide show
click the picture for the slide show

Maggie Liljegren and Amy Foster At The Gloucester Tri

Comments from Amy-

I love the pictures on your site. Glad whoever got the shot of me running at the finish took it when they did—that woman behind me was just about to blow by me!

Anyway, I was really, really impressed by the race today. I think the first time people/cities put on new events they go through some growing pains, but this event was very well run. The logistics were well thought out and it seemed very organized–to the participants at least. But what really made this race was the volunteers. There were tons of them and they not only gave direction and moved things along, but they were all cheering and it really helped people like me who were dying on certain parts of the course! I’m also impressed that they started and ended the race downtown. Now I need to get my act together so I don’t die in the swim next year. Maybe we should get you to do it too????

Amy DiAdamo Foster

Chickity Check It- Photography Of Jonathan Kozowyk

To say that Jonathan Kozowyk’s website design is understated would be pretty accurate IMO but his photography is anything but.

There’s no photo of Jonathan, no backround on him, no mission statement, no crap.  Just digital images of his subjects, a telephone number and an email addy.

The Hive Artist’s site can be found here- http://jonathankozowyk.com/

Again And Again Recycled Sailcloth Handbags

Here’s one of the recylcled sailcloth handbags made by Freida Grotjahn at Again and Again- 195 East Main Street In Beautiful East Gloucester next to Duckworth’s Bistrot.  Patti Page stopped by telling us that the handbag auction was a huge success and added some much needed financial help to the Gloucester Sailing program.

Downtown Gloucester Block Party Tonight!

Here’s your reminder to call and try to get reservations for tonight’s  Downtown Gloucester Block Party.  August 15th.

Tons of fun for the whole family.  For a buttload of information check out the www.downtowngloucester.com website put together by the fabulous Vickie Van Ness.  Any local artisans who would like to showcase their stuff leave a comment here or find our contact info on the Downtown Gloucester website and I’ll give you the skinny on how to go about it.  As always we don’t charge anything for you to participate we only ask that you be local and have fun doing it!

Downtown Gloucester Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Media Presentations at The Bottom Of Center Street (next to Passports)

Stop Action Photography- The Dory Races, Greasy Pole and Gloucester Tri Presented by Mark Teiwes

Sail Gloucester 2009 From Jay Albert

Express Yourself, Gloucester!– A photo collage of Gloucester’s families and friends through the years from Sharon Lowe

Annisquam– From Jim Barber

Gloucester- Land, Sea and Air From Steve Borichevsky

All Along the Waterfront From Kate Glass

Gloucester Tri Scenes Part II – Video Footage From Paul Frontiero

Click picture to view
Click picture to view

Much thanks to Paul for coming to grab my camera and braving the traffic to get these shots for us.