No home phone, no internet, no iPhone

Yesterday was one of those days when you yearn for the days before our dependency on electronics. You may remember my ranting about Comcast a few weeks ago. Well, we gave them all the patience we had. They came out and did a bunch of re-wiring, etc. Thursday, and it worked great for 12 hours.

Yesterday, service went down. Of course this means no internet or phone. So I called on my cell, and a woman in the corporate office said it was a node issue in our area. Great.

In the meantime, my cell phone died. I noticed that we had service, and connected my phone to the computer. Itunes popped up with an update for the phone and starts the process. Halfway through, I kicked myself for doing it. The phone froze completely. The internet and home phone were down. My main hard drive ran out of space. So from 8:30 last night until this morning my umbilical cord was severed, and I was going into shock.

I survived. The internet and phone were back on this morning. I googled answers to my iPhone issue and actually figured it out. The I made a call to Verizon to solve my Comcast fiasco.

I still remember our first telephone number 1465-M! A simpler life for sure.


Things To Do- Hive Gallery Opening September 9, 2009

I’m gonna try like hell to get there, you should too.

HIVE_blogpost_9_4_09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From The Hive Newsletter-

Hive Events

Gallery Opening Friday September 4th @ 7pm

Start the last weekend of summer off with a wicked bang!  Come check out all the new work from the rapidly expanding Hive members, the original crew and the recycled aquatic creations of Jon Conant- Everlution Forms. Tasty treats and beverages provided by Cape Ann Brewing. Come By and feel free to bring friends. If you can’t make the opening, we will be open Saturday the 5th 11-3pm. Oh by the way, as of now the gallery is only open for events, by appointment or by chance.  We decided we can have the best effect to create connections and enhance the creative image/culture/community of cape ann by focusing on our events.  So come out!

Annette Cares For Flower Pots In Front Of Espresso Restaurant Downtown Gloucester

In the past couple years there has been a renaissance Downtown and a big part of that renaissance is because of the pride and effort put forth by the Downtown Merchants and Restaurateurs.  More flower boxes have popped up and you see merchants that have purchased their own benches to put out in front of their stores.  The House of Raven, Cormorant Shop have recently put out new benches.  Dennis Bryant down at The Mosaic Studio has benches in front of his store and other places too.

It’s great to see.

Annette At Espresso Tends Her Flower Pots
Annette At Espresso Tends Her Flower Pots

Our View Article From The GDT and My Response

Click the text to see the full article from The “Citizens For Gloucester Harbor” group from the Gloucester Daily Times

Our view: Commercial waterfront must be key to Harbor Plan

Our view
Jeanne Gallo, Steve Parkes and Sunny Robinson

As members of Citizens for Gloucester Harbor, we believe a good Harbor Plan ought to focus on creating strong, well-paying jobs in the marine industrial sector — jobs that have a solid future, are skilled at their core, and provide wages that will sustain a family.

Examples that ought to be pursued include, among others, supporting innovative projects in ocean research, boat design, marine biotech, food product development, renewable energy and wastewater management and resource recovery; protecting the commercial dockage, shore-side facilities, and infrastructure needed for a vital fishery and continuation of Gloucester as a hub port; and developing projects and approaches for a sustainable 21st century fishing industry.

My Response-

Every one of the suggestions listed in this piece such as “ocean research, boat design, marine biotech, food product development, renewable energy and wastewater management and resource recovery” are already uses that can be done and have been encouraged in past Harbor Plans.

There is no one stopping these ventures from happening.

The newly created recreational dockage 75/25 proposal is only applied to newly created dockage. It would not displace any commercial dockage but could only increase the amount of commercial dockage because anything that could be newly built on a piece of waterfront where there is ZERO dockage now would have to increase the amount of commercial fishermen’s dockage by 25%.

So on derelict waterfront where there is ZERO dockage we would create slips for more of the public AND commercial fishermen to tie up. Currently there is no plan to increase dockage for commercial fishermen but the 75/25 proposal actually would increase dockage for commercial fishermen and give waterfront property owners an ability to finance these kinds of projects with their own money instead of relying on the City or State Taxpayers money.

All Gloucester residents should be able to enjoy Gloucester Harbor and the 75/25 proposal would increase the amount of dockage space for commercial fishermen, increase access for Gloucester people to have boats in Gloucester Harbor and it would be paid for by private dollars, not the public’s tax money.

To say that the 75/25 dockage proposal would outstrip commercial dockage is false, it would increase the amount of dockage for fishermen because it is only intended for newly created dockage where there was none existed previously. Places like the Building Center Piling field which currently has no dockage for fishermen could with the 75/25 proposal create NEW dockage 75 percent for new access for the public in recreational spaces and 25 percent of NEW DOCKAGE FOR FISHERMEN THAT NEVER EXISTED BEFORE. That is a gain of dockage for fishermen and the public, paid for with private dollars. Another space would be behind Seatronics. There are many piling fields that currently have no dockage that would be able to be fixed up, pay more taxes to the city and the project be done without City Taxpayers having to foot the bill.
The more boats in this harbor, the more the fuel guy makes, the more the gear shop makes and the more that everyone benefits.

Boat building is great, cutting fish is great, marine biotech is great, but they are already and HAVE BEEN uses that are allowed.

The Citizens for Gloucester Harbor are a well meaning group and I think they should go to the bank and get the loans and make their most excellent ideas a reality, there is nothing holding them back from realizing boat building or marine biotechnology or research dreams. The zoning to do any of those excellent ideas which they are talking about has been in place forever and has never prohibited any of these uses from being a reality.

Go to it.

City Of Gloucester Water Update

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Updated by: cpantano on 08/28/2009 17:37:17
Expires: 08/31/2009 00:00:00


Test Results from Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laboratory results taken Thursday, August 27th have not been received at the time of this posting.  As of Wednesday, August 26th lab results, we are still getting hits of coliform in some areas of the city.

Water Supplements

We are still receiving water from Manchester. Supplemental chlorination pumps are active in 4 locations. Again, do not be alarmed if you are experiencing a slight increase in chlorine smell.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Danny

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Danny is not expected to impact the situation in any manor.


The Boil Water order and outdoor water ban remain in effect. The DPW continues to investigate all possible causes that may have impacted the water supply.