Linda Scott Making Someone’s Life Better At The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Here’s Linda Scott doing what she does- making someone feel good.

Linda does Reiki, reflexology and chair Massages at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market and in her studio above the Schooner’s Market on Eastern Ave in Essex.  You could see every person as they got up off that chair seem completely relaxed and they had that “ahhhhhh”  look on their faces.

You can check out Lind’s website by clicking this text-

3:45am Visitors


I shot up out of bed like a rocket figuring that the maniac (Snoop Maddie Mad) finally figured out how to climb out of her crib and had landed with a thud.

The Mrs, startled said no it didn’t sound like that and we would have heard wailing.  Then silence and we hear shuffling outside.  GODDAMN RACCOONS!

We’ve been having a problem with them for about a month and last week started putting bungee cords over the lids of the trash cans.  Little bastards still got into the trash.

Video at 1PM

3:45am Visitors, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester At Dawn- Thatcher Island 4:45AM 7/31/09

Some people will never take a picture like this in their lifetime.  Getting up at 3:45AM  seven days a week  isn’t much fun but I feel pretty blessed to be able to experience scenes like this.

Gloucester At Dawn- Thatcher Island Taken From Long Beach
Gloucester At Dawn- Thatcher Island Taken From Long Beach
click the picture for the Gloucester At Dawn Slide Show
click the picture for the Gloucester At Dawn Slide Show

Friend Clips At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Calle age 10 and Olivia age 12 are a couple of young designers who have created some beautiful and functional snack clips and magnetic clips.  5 clips for $5 with $1 from every sale going to brain tumor research.

Olivia lost her dad Kirk at the young age of 47 on March 27, 2008 after a 13 month battle with brain cancer. Olivia and Calle thought that giving back a portion of the proceeds would be a good way to give back and to help find a cure.

I bought some for The Bean and Snoop Mad and they totally give them two thumbs up.

When you see young entrepreneurs like this it renews hope in the younger generation.
If you would like to find out how you can get some of these awesome snack clips (and who can ever have enough awesome snack clips) you can email them at or you can head down to the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market next Thursday.
Video coming at 7AM