Triggerfish At Captain Joe’s

Day before yesterday Aaron on The Lady Margaret brought in this Triggerfish.  In my 33 years down the dock and after handling a bajillion pounds of fish at our dock I’ve only seen a couple of these.  The wikipedia page on Triggerfish is pretty interesting.  It says they are normally found in warm coastal waters of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific.  This one must have followed it’s way up the jet Gulf stream.

Click this text for the Triggerfish Wikipedia page

Video at 8AM Thursday where you can see just what happens to this particular fish.

Trigger Fish At Captain Joe’s, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Peter Mondello’s Lobster Gauge

 Notie that Peter has a float attached to his lobster gauge?  I wonder how many get lost overboard without the float.

Lobster Gauge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is how you measure a lobster from the Massachusetts Division of marine fisheries-
How to Measure a Lobster
Carapace length measured from rear of eye socket parallel to the center line of the bodyshell to the rear of the bodyshell. All lobsters measuring less than the minimum legal carapace length must be returned to the waters from which taken. All lobsters must be measured immediately.


Chickity Check It! Features GMG Photo

Matt Noyes, the best weatherman around has featured a bunch of GMG pictures on NECN’s sky scenes segment.  

Here’s the latest one that he featured on his web site It was a photo I took early in the morning of the Gloucester Tri which features Saint Peter’s Parking Lot and City Hall.