City Of Gloucester Water Crisis Update

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The Incident Command Staff is meeting regularly and contingency plans are in place in case the situation should worsen, but until today’s water break, things were slowly and steadily improving. These contingency plans include mutual aid plans for fire suppression.

The outdoor water ban and the boil water order remain in effect. Please note that the more water the citizens of Gloucester can conserve will quicken the resolve of this situation.

Unified Command / Public Information Officer

A Unified Command system has been in place since the August 18th with representatives of the Administration, DPW, Board of Health, and Fire Department meeting as needed to evaluate the status and plan accordingly.  In response to high demand for frequent communication, we are moving forward with all channels of communication available.  To help address this issue, Deputy Fire Chief Miles Schlichte has been named as the Public Information Officer for the duration of this event.  He will be working to get current and factual information out to the public with all available local media options including blogs.  Media may contact Deputy Chief Schlichte via email at:

Water Supplements

As of 9:30 p.m., August 24th, we began receiving water from Manchester. A custom made backflow preventer valve was installed to prevent any chance of our water backflowing into Manchester’s water supply. The DPW and Fire Department connected the two systems together.

Water Main Break

There was a water main break on Western Ave. on Monday, August 24th . Prompt work by the DPW crews repaired the break and water is again flowing through that pipe. The road is passable and is scheduled to be repaved on Wednesday, August 26th.

Bond Hill Water Level

Water levels in the Bond Hill storage facility rose from 7 ½ feet to 8.3 feet. Increased conservation from residents will help in raising the levels faster.

Test Results from Monday, August 24, 2009

Test results from samples taken on Sunday, August 23rd indicate continued improvement of coliform levels over the previous days, but are still not within normal levels.

Information Updates

We are still working on putting together a dedicated phone number together with a recorded message that any citizen can call for an update.  The phone number will be announced as soon as possible. The message will be updated as the situation changes. If the message does not change you can assume the situation has not changed either.

We will be updating the city website in a more timely fashion as well.

An update will be presented to the City Council at 7pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 in Kyrouz Auditorium.  Command staff from the Administration, Department of Public Works, Fire, and Health Department will be available to answer questions, and the public is invited.

For All You Butterfly Freaks-

Monarch Butterfly Pic From Kim Smith
Monarch Butterfly Pic From Kim Smith

GMG fan and respected butterfly author Kim Smith will be giving a lecture about the monarch butterfly and hold an exhibit at SFL

read more-

Dear Gardening Friends,

Attached are two invitations. The first is a printable pdf of my upcoming Monarch lecture and exhibit, with all new photos, which will be held in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester during the month of September. Look for my article about the Monarchs in the upcoming fall issue of Cape Ann Magazine (available August 28th).
The second invitation is for a concert our daughter Olivia has organized to benefit the Annisquam Village Church. This coming Friday evening she and her friends, under the auspices of Kathleen Adams, are performing a wonderful selection of classical music, with reception to follow. Olivia is entering her senior year at Boston University, majoring in opera and vocal performance. Many of my readers know of her beautiful singing. We would be delighted to see you there. I don’t typically send non-gardening related notices, but, she is my daughter–please forgive.

Happy last days of August–not to despair–summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st. September and October are two of the most beautiful months in our region. The light becomes warmly atmospheric, and if we are fortunate, the balmy weather will persist.

All very best wishes,

Where Zat? Winner!

Will Bloombergh knew where it was – Ledge Rd where it intersects with Orchard in East Gloucester.mapdataThat was a tough one. This is how Will got it: “Did a land survey job out there a few years ago.  Looked familiar.”

Congrats to the winner! And you can pick up your t-shirt at Capt. Joe’s.

Next week’s contest will be posted at noon on Monday. See you then!


From Kat Valentine-
I’ve expanded the Virtual Gloucester page:
There are now links to four videos by Jay, Gloucester Till The End, Emile’s documentary (he was so happy to have it on there!), Mark Teiwes’ Faces of the Working Waterfront,  and a very cool site called “Down The Fort”….

GMG Q&A With Mover and Shaker Jane Fonzo

Jane and Mike Fonzo have purchased and been in the process of renovating a good portion of the properties in the West End of Main Street- specifically (48 – 64, and 55 – 71 Main Street).  I’ll be touring the properties this morning.   Included in this morning’s tour will be the future headquarters for our club in the space above above Lat Trattoria.  I’ll be sure to bring back some interesting video in yet another space we’ve all walked past a million times but have never been inside.

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

9 Years

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?

The ocean is beautiful during every season.  Every day is a new picture to view.

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

Gloucester has “secret outdoor spots?”  Who knew, and where are they?

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

LaTrattoria Pizzeria for thin crust cheese pizza, overcooked for a crispy bottom – it’s better than Regina’s of the North End.

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?


What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

The people of Gloucester demand good food, so any restaurant in Gloucester, open for any long period of time, has great food.  However, I can’t think of any restaurants in Gloucester that you could say were romantic (with candlelit tables, linen tablecloths, china, crystal, silver, extended wine and champagne list, etc.)

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

Bars aren’t my favorite pass time. We could all do without them.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?

Atlantis Motor Inn during open season, Charlies Place, and Morning Glory.

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

The Christmas Season on Main Street.  Thank you Ringo Tarr for the lights and thank you Kathy Cuddyer for the Christmas decorations!

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Who is your favorite local artist?

Ohrvel Carlson

Which is your favorite local beach?

Good Harbor

Who has the best chowder in town?

Wow, hard to say, but I always order it at Lobsta Land, Gloucester House and The Causeway.

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?

Who could compare to GMG?

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?

I never attended (I’m in jammies by 7:30 PM), but my tenants on Main Street have been thrilled.  It reminds them of Italy where they close the streets every night at 6:00 PM and people walk from shop to shop until midnight, when they finally stop at a cafe for espresso or cappucino before going home.
Now that’s an idea!  Let’s make Main Street into a true “Little Italy“. Open the stores at 9:00 AM and close them at 12:30 PM.  Everyone goes home for an afternoon meal and siesta then re-opens there stores at 4:00 PM closing at 9:00 PM.

Getting back to the original question – Others I know that attended the parties have had accolades for the people responsible – THANK YOU, JOEY!!!

Thanks, Joey

GMG Local Music- August 24 – August 30

Remember you can subscribe to GMG Local Music by clicking on the link on the sidebar.There’s lots of good music in Gloucester this week. This post will be updated as info comes in.


Latitude 43

Dog Bar

Rhumb Line

Capt. Carlo’s



From Frank Hawks –

“The Megan McKenzie Band” will be performing at the Cape Ann Harbor Loop concert series this Thursday in Gloucester along with “Phat Maxx”.



Same Gig- Different Takes! Both Whacko Good Guys!

Blues Party at the Rhumb Line

From Dave Sag-

This Thursday Walmart productions is proud to present local luminary and part-time rib king,Mr. Mike O’Connell. Slide king, vogalist and songbird xtroidinaire,he is sure to get your cane tapping to the boogie beat. backing up over him will be Jeff Casper, the friendly drummer and plumbing magnate, and ,of course, Greg T. and myself. I promised Mike I’d wear my white fenceclimbers,maybe even shorts. We’ll see. And pssst… rumour has it that other special guests may be showing up adding to the general mayhem. Did I say a special birthday? Come find out. Wear your bike helmet….

From: Mike O’Connell

I will be good and warmed from Thursday Night,, for “Uncle Dave Sag” has asked me to play with him at his Blues Party at The Rhumb Line!! I cant wait, haven’t seen him all summer and I need a dose of Those White Flippers with no socks,  Top shelf designer Bowling Shirts of his,, and his Genius Sarcasms. He’s gonna tool on someone that night and it is probably gonna be me. I’m Psyched! I believe Uncle Dave’s Blues Party starts at 9 so come on down to both shows if you can, Hope to see you.



From Frank Hawks –

Just getting the word out that Slingdaddy will be at Elliot’s @ the Blackburn
this Friday, August 28th.  As always, Elliot’s has an earlier show time
than most other venues – 8:30-11:30.  Elliot’s is a great place to have
dinner (if so desired) and the stay an catch the show.

Thanks for coming out to support live music, because without you, there
would be no live music.



From: Mike O’Connell

Sat Aug 29 Lat 43

This week the band performs 9 to 12  at Latitude 43 Here in Gloucester MA. Frosty Padgett playing on his drums,, Special Bass Guitar Man Dean Cassell will be gracing us with his presence, Jason “Broken Record” Aptt will be there clowning as well and myself to tie it up.

Uncle Jeffrey will be selling copies of My CD’S for the Latitude show issued with 1 pair of Orange Earplugs, Have A Great Weekend, Mike




Saturday night

Captain Carlo’s





From: Mike O’Connell

“Almost Forgot…Sunday I will be up at The Grog with Parker Wheeler and Friends, and what a band he has put together! Parker Wheeler Himself,, Tim Pike, Wolfy Froggy’s Brudda Ginandes, Amadee Castenell, Cliffy Spencer, Stevie Bankuti. and Myself,, This is gonna be a “smoke show” so if you are not to tired for a Sunday Rockin’ come to the Grog In Newburyport. Band hits at 7 come early and dine. Once again Enjoy Your Weekend.”