Local Newspapers In The Digital Age

Had a conversation with Jack Morris, the editor of North Shore Magazine yesterday about blogging and the newspaper business.  Jack worked for Fox as their web manager for a while and now is the man at North Shore Magazine.  Look for one of my photos in the next edition.

We spoke for a while about newspapers and what way it seems they are evolving in the digital age- agreeing that the newspapers that ignore or do  not embrace social online networking to it’s fullest extent are doomed to fail.

People in conversations weekly tell me that they love GMG and that I should start an alternative to the Times.  Firstly I am flattered by the suggestion but in reality what we do on GMG is nothing like what goes into putting out a daily newspaper and the local newspapers are crucial to keep going and support.

See, we get to choose  fun stuff and things that matter to us to put into GMG.  We don’t have to report on the puss.  We don’t have to attend tax classification hearings or talk about the police or fire department negotiations with the city.  We don’t have to do the obituaries or stories about Marshalls coming to town.  We do stuff because we love it or we think you our readers will love it.  It’s similar but a different animal what we do and what the newspaper does.

My grammar sucks and if it weren’t for spellcheck my spelling really sucks.  I make mistakes and sometimes don’t bother to correct them because I know my point got across.  If the local paper makes spelling or grammar mistakes people get all up in their shit.

I guess if you are a paid journalist you should be able to use proper punctuation but I never claimed to be a journalist.  I’m a blogger and my job as a blogger is to keep you entertained and to fill my creative needs. I think for the most part we accomplish that here at GMG but please don’t confuse us for a newspaper or take our local newspapers for granted.  They keep honest politicians honest and report on the stuff that would slip between the cracks because bloggers would never bother with the little stories and the police notes and all the comprehensive stuff that makes up our newspapers.

Deadliest Catch Event In Gloucester

Deadliest Catch Captain Andy Hillstrand Hams It Up With A Boston Herald Reporter.

Andy Hillstrand Sports His Time Bandit Gear
Andy Hillstrand Sports His Time Bandit Gear
The 7 Seas Whale Watch Crew Gets Some Love From The Boys
The 7 Seas Whale Watch Crew Gets Some Love From The Boys

GMG Local Music Schedule Aug.6-Aug.9

Remember you can subscribe to GMG Local Music by clicking on the link on the sidebar.There’s lots of good music in Gloucester this week. This post will be updated as info comes in.


Latitude 43

Dog Bar

Rhumb Line

Capt. Carlo’s


Harbor Loop




From Dave Sag on the Rhumb Line’s Thursday Night Blues Party

“Got a special show for y’all this week as I drag my dearest friend, John Rankin, out of the slickery swamp of Louisiana and wring  him dry on  Fred’s font of perpetual resurrection: the Rhumb Line. Educator, performer, vocalist, citizen, weekend father, this guy can do it all, and at the same time, too. He’ll be digging deep into that good ol’  Nawlins pile of steaming R&B, and throwin’ in a coupla originals to boot. You gotta hear this.

Behind him, pushing the beat will be our old buddy, Forrest “gump” Padgett on heart attack drums, Paul  Ahlstrand on tenor twelve sax, and yers trooly on base. C’mon down and tell John how much you like my punctuation!”


Nights On The Neck
Nights On The Neck

Click on the poster for more info


Groovin’ on Rocky Neck this Friday!
From Mike Lindberg
“We are going MadFish-ing this Friday Aug. 7th!! Come party hard with us on Rocky Neck as the the band returns to the Madfish Grille for another wild summer night of live music to shake your booty too. It’s high season here in G-Town, so come get a mad-buzz as we rock the neck Groove style.

Show starts @ 9pm. Let your freak flag fly!”


The 2009 Summer Concert Series at the Antonio Gentile Bandstand in Stage Fort Park in Gloucester continues Sunday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. with The Herb Pomeroy Tribute Concert.

Click here for more info


Things To Do Rockport Acoustic Music Festival Sunday August 9th

Rockport Acoustic Music Festival
Click pic for more infomation

Fellow Cape Ann Beer and Blogger David Cutler sent this in-

Hi Joey – Tall guy here (from BeerBlog…

I wanted to invite you to the 30th Annual Rockport Music Festival – this Sunday Aug. 9th at Millbrook Meadow

See you there… feel free to share!!

FYI – More info and a great video is at http://www.RockportFestival.com


Gloucester At Dawn- The Plan B 4:40AM 8/5/09

This is a pretty tough shot to get with such low light and from the distance it was taken.  I’, pretty happy with it.  To see it full size click the picture and select “all sizes”