Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen and Councilor Jackie Hardy

Block Party Article From The Times

I’d just like to make sure everyone knows that Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen and Councilor Jackie Hardy are also part of the Block Party Team as they weren’t mentioned in the article today but the whole team puts in a ton of positive energy into bringing you the best Block Parties possible.

Frustrated Part II

So Saturday in the morning I had decided what I was going to have for lunch at around 10:30 AM.   It was going to be a certain burger from a restaurant that is very close to our dock.  I have had a couple of meals at this particular place before and had good experiences with the food.  The service was hit or miss but due to the convenience factor of being so close to our dock and it being so busy down here at lunch time I wanted to try to put this joint into my regular lunch rotation.

I looked down the harbor and the coast was clear at 11:45AM so I called the telephone number which had apparently been recently changed because the one it lists in the yellow pages does not connect to this certain business.  The phone rang and rang and rang and finally someone answered.  I told them the certain burger I would like and the guy on the phone tells me that the kitchen wouldn’t be open for 10 minutes.  There was no offer to take the order and come pick it up in twenty minutes, just that I couldn’t place the order.  So I call back in ten minutes… answer.  Call back the same number again, same result- no answer.  Out of frustration and stubbornness because I had this certain burger stuck in my mind that I wanted for lunch I continued to call about 10 more times and they didn’t pick up the phone once.

Skip forward to Sunday, the very next day.  Determined to give this place another shot I call at 12:05PM figuring they will be serving lunch on a weekend in Gloucester after 12:00PM.  No boats were coming down the harbor so I figured I’d have that ten minute window to order, have the burger prepared and get right back to the dock.

I get someone on the phone-success!

So the person takes my order and I ask how long it will take and he says 40 minutes.  40 MINUTES???  For a burger?  At noon?  In 40 minutes I was going to be up to my ass in lobsters and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the burger let alone get away to pick it up.  So I had to decline after I explained my dilemma to the order taker and they offered no other choice.

So even though I’m trying my hardest to give this business my money, it just doesn’t seem like they want it.

Ughhhhh!!!!!.  It’s too bad because the food is pretty good and it would be super convenient for a daily lunch trip for take out, but how many times can you give a place a shot without feeling foolish yourself for wasting your time trying?

Frustrated Part I

I need to vent.  I’ve head a couple of very frustrating events take place over the past couple days, one of which has for the first time led to a let down in motivation on the blog.

Frustrated Part I:

I got an email last week from Troy Brown’s handlers saying that they love GMG and they would like for us to run a contest through the blog to help promote Troy’s Gloucester appearances this past weekend.

Immediately I went into blog mode asking if I could get some promotional swag to give to the readers and also asked if I could do an exclusive interview with Troy for the first ever official audio podcast of GMG.  Everyone agreed on the terms and I started doing Troy Brown research so I wouldn’t sound like an idiot during the interview.  I developed about 10 questions with follow up questions in the event he answered the questions one way or another.  When I got the call that the interview was going to happen I called Mike Lindberg and he put together an incredible intro for the podcast which we’ll debut later.  I waited for a call to know when Troy would be calling in, had all the audio equipment set and was ready to rock.

All day I was nervous as hell because if he called while we were unloading boats there was no way I could leave the floor of the dock to do the interview so it was much to my delight that we had finished up all our work and I got the call at just about the perfect time.

I had pretty high expectations for the interview as I was well prepared and was excited about the fun and different questions I had lined up as opposed to the normal questions he must have to answer all day every day like -” Do you miss football”

He called and the interview went fantastic.  He was laughing, I was laughing and we had a great time.  12.5 minutes of podcast gold……or so I thought.

I hung up and got Mike Lindberg right away on Skype as Mike was going to produce the podcast and get it out before the eight o’clock  deadline to be included in the email blast to the subscribers.

We had an exclusive on Thursday, days before Troy was going to be in Gloucester and it was the perfect guest for the first podcast.

So I looked in the folder where the audio file was supposed to be located containing the interview and it wasn’t there.  I spent 15 more minutes searching every folder on my hard drive to no avail.

It didn’t record.  There was no way I could have done the interview again and capture that spontaneity and fun.  Not to mention the embarrassment of my mistake.

It took me apart and I’ve been in a funk since.  I missed it and I’m sorry guys.