East Gloucester Marine Construction Phases

Here are pictures showing roughly the same view of the progression of work to construct the new deck at East Gloucester Marine.

To see a more detailed slideshow with many more larger sized pictures click here- EGM Slideshow

East Gloucester Marine Work, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Elimination Dory Race Results From Jimmy T

Elimination Races

With the exception of a stubborn fog that didn’t lift until 10 a.m., the
elimination races to determine who will compete against the Canadians in
two weeks went off at Niles Beach this past Saturday smoothly. Committee
members and rowers alike were patient and rewarded with a beautiful day.

In the junior race, Kyle Edmonds and Joe Ciolino showed poise under
pressure. Their stroke was in perfect sync and their course true.
Unfortunately they faced the older and stronger crew of Randy Parisi and
Kyle Lucido. Randy and Kyle had a near perfect course and beat the
younger crew handily. They will go on to face a pair of youngsters from
Prince Edward Island in the North Channel in two weeks.

In the Women’s race, Katherine Richmond and Laurie King won the right to
represent the U.S. by beating Laurel Tarantino and Renee Ludwick by a
substantial margin. Laurel and Renee rowed extremely well considering it
was there first race as a team, but the training and experience of
Katherine and Laurie was overwhelming.

Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo successfully defended their title in the
Masters class. Jim Tarantino and Dave Quinn powered out to an early lead
with Lenny Billante and Jay Prince hot on their heels. Mike Harmon made
an impressive showing, with new-comer Mark Harmon (Mike’s cousin)
working hard to keep the pace of the other more experienced crews. Duval
and Sanfilippo outclassed the field with a superior turn and smooth
stroke to pull away for the win.

The Open class had two winners who will face off tonight at Niles Beach
(6 p.m.) in a final race that has every indication of being a dogfight!
Jerry Ciamarataro and Ray D’Amico showed Championship form, defeating
the strong crews of Chris and Vito Giacalone (brothers) and Nick and Joe
Giacalone (nephew and uncle).
Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington motored out to an early lead and
never looked back, to defeat the powerful tandem of Geoff Thomas and
Jeff Muise.

In the final race of the day, the Mixed Doubles, Laurel Tarantino used a
long power stroke to pull her husband Jim to a narrow victory over the
strong crews of Geoff Thomas and Molly Griffin, and Vito Giacalone and
Lia DeLovely.

As usual, the day was ended with friendship and comraderie at a
most-excellent pool party hosted by the Thomas family!

Thanks to all the rowers and members who came and supported them!

All members and friends are invited to the reception for the Canadian
entourage, Thursday, June 19th at the St. Peter’s Club, 6 p.m.
All members and friends are invited to the International Dory Races,
June 21st, 8 a.m. in the North Channel of Gloucester Harbor
House following the International Races.

Skip Levielle, Kenny Joyce, Damon Cummings, Jack Alexander, Hillary
Frye, Marge Robertson, Ralph Martin and crew, Sue and Lisa Thomas

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

For anyone interested in a T Shirt or how you can get involved there are downloadable sign p forms and contact info here-


Dory Races t Shirt

Lobstermen Truck Series – Tom Hale

Here is Tom Hale and his GMC pick up truck.

Here Tom replaces ID tags on some used lobster traps he purchased from Mark Ring. He is taking Mark Rings tags out and putting his tags in.
There are several reasons for the ID tags. Sometimes a lobster trawl will lose it’s buoys. The tags are a way for another lobsterman to identify the lost gear if they cross groundlines underwater and get the gear up in a tangle of the two lobsterman’s gear.
Lobstermen also have a certain number of traps they can set. These tags are issued from the govt. So the govt issues a certain number of ID tags per lobsterman. It is a way to make sure that lobstermen don’t set more than the allotted amount of lobster traps because each trap has to have a tag.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Tom Hale

Tom lobsters out of a 16 foot tri hull skiff. He keeps his boat at Granite Pier in Rockport and sells his lobsters to us. This time of year when it’s particularly hot he will load the lobsters into huge coolers and bring them to us so they don’t die on the ride in 90 degree heat .
Tom started lobstering in May of 1994 and lobsters after work at his full time job at Varian.
He had his truck sprayed with a durable liner so that he can load these used traps in and not worry about them scratching up the bed of the truck.

The Perfect June Morning Starts Here

Last Stop Variety for a scrumptious home made blueberry muffin and iced coffee using one of my Where The Locals Go coupons. Total cost $2. after the savings.

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Iced Coffee at Niles Beach

Iced Coffee at Niles Beach, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Head over to Niles Beach right up the road from Last Stop Variety which is usually deserted at 8:00AM but is absolutely gorgeous and I have the whole beach to myself, my iced coffee and my blueberry muffin.

It’s amazing that no one comes out here in the morning.