Cape Ann Brewing Tasting Glasses

Whoever said there’s nothing in this world for free obviously hasn’t been to Cape Ann Brewery for a beer tasting. Lined up are the various samples of different beer for you to try.

Once done tasting you can purchase a growler or two of your favorite brew. I dig the hefeweisen.

The hours for the free Brewery Tours are Mon-Wed-Fri from noon -6:00PM.

Left to Right-Kolsch Ale, Bavarian Wheat Heffeveisen, Fisherman’s Brew (Amber Lager), Fisherman’s IPA (India Pale Ale), Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout.

Jess Displays Cape Ann Brewing Tap Handles

Here, the knowlegable Cape Ann Brewing tour guide Jess displays tap handles for various Fisherman’s Brew.

The Deck Of Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Tonight at 10:00PM “After The Catch” will debut on The Discover Channel featuring the Captains of The Deadliest Catch alongside five fishermen from Gloucester’s fleet.

You can check out the episode guide here at Deadliest Reports

Clark Sandler The Captain of The Sea Farmer II is one of the Gloucester Captains featured on the program so either stay up for it or set your TIVO to record “After The Catch on The Discovery Channel tonight at 10:00PM

This is a picture of The Sea Farmer’s deck. You can go see the Sea Farmer II which is tied up at Cruiseport Gloucester alongside The Schooner Adventure. Then pop inside Cruiseport for their fantastic grilled eggplant sandwich with pesto,fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Delish!

You Can’t Fake The Funk- Imagine Studio

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I’m pretty sure that Brenda Malloy, the owner of Imagine on Rocky Neck spoke at the Mayor’s Harbor Listening Post meeting in East Gloucester.

She spoke about how she loves that Gloucester is not like every other seaside community and that she likes Gloucester’s ‘Funkiness”

Well Brenda inspired me to start a series entitled “You Can’t Fake The Funk” and her joint will be the first place featured in the series.

Brenda’s sells handmade Greeting Cards, Jewelry, Art, Nautical and Decorative Items at her funky one of a kind shop on Rocky Neck on the opposite corner from where Bertha’s penny candy store used to be.

Attention Downtown Merchants- Flowerbox Competition

I would like to announce the first annual GoodMorningGloucester Downtown Merchants Flowerbox Competition.

I will be coming by to take pictures between Friday and Sunday of any flowerbox displays I see on display on Main Street to be shown on GoodMorningGloucester where we will have a poll which our readers can vote for their favorite display.

If you have a flowerbox, make sure its designed the way you would like. If you haven’t got flowerboxes in front of your store, get with the program. You have til this weekend.

Most of the pictures will be taken by Friday so if you put out some flowerboxes after that and would like me to take a picture by Sunday leave a note here or get in touch with Janice Lufkin Shea at The Cormorant Shop and she will let me know to come get a pic of your joint.

The poll will be set up on Monday with the pictures for our readers to vote.

If you have any questions leave a comment in the comment box below this post.

Sayings From Dad- Sharpie

Growing up on the dock with my dad, uncle and cousin there were certain sayings that became part of our vernacular that most people wouldn’t understand but among us they had crystal clear meaning.

I guess I may as well share some of those words and sayings in a little series when one pops up around here I’ll try to explain it for you guys.


A sharpie is a word used to describe a guy that thought he was being slick when trying to get one over on you but he doesn’t realize that he’s a real dummy because you can see right through his lies.

For example- Joe Shmo lobsterman brings in his catch and it’s filled with culls and 2 lb lobsters. We put the tote of lobsters on the scale and he acts overly friendly and has half the amount of weight that he would normally have.

It’s obvious that he took an order for the pound and a quarter lobsters and is bringing them to someone directly and leaving us with the crap on this particular day. Most often a family member or friend. Instead of just saying so which wouldn’t be a problem, he says something stupid like “I’ve never seen such a strange run of lobsters. All culls and big ones”.

Like we were born yesterday.

This guy would be your classic sharpie.

Another example of a sharpie would be a junk guy that comes around and offers to “get rid of any of the scrap stainless or aluminum hanging around for free” Wow sport you’ll take it away for us? How kind of you.

In a case like that I can just picture my dad or uncle saying “He’s a real sharpie, huh?”

Fishermen’s Wives Statue 4:46AM 6/14/08

Click the photo and select “all sizes” to see it full size and greater clarity.  This one makes a great desktop background image.