Only a Couple Hours To VOTE! Downtown Merchants Flowerbox Competition

The poll is on the right hand side of the site. Once you look through all the flowerboxes vote for your favorite in the survey in the right hand column of the site. Voting will be open til 11:59PM on June 30. If you think you have the best display contact friends and relatives to check out the competition and vote.

Click here to view the full size version of the slide show.

I highly suggest you view the larger version before placing your vote in the GoodMorningGloucester Downtown Merchants Flowerbox Poll in the right hand column of the blog.

If you have friends that might be interested in participating you can send them a link to this post

Let the voting begin!

Randy and Stephanie at Cape Ann Brewing

The newly engaged couple enjoy a brew (or two) at Cape Ann Brewing Fiesta Saturday afternoon.

Congratulations to two of Gloucester’s finest.

Fun Respectful Crowd of Real Beer Lovers at Cape Ann Brewing

Saturday afternoon crowd of beer lovers at Cape Ann Brewing made for a fantastic showing.  It was wild how diverse the crowd was.  Businessmen, Soccer Moms, Yuppies, Fishermen, slackers, you name it.  Everyone enjoying the company and beer.

Way to go CAB!

Great Gloucester Teens

Cape Ann Chamber Great Gloucester Kids

From The Chamber of Commerce-

You may have noticed that downtown Gloucester streets are a bit cleaner and that a number of flower beds in the area are sporting fewer weeds and a fresh layer of bark mulch. These improvements are thanks to a great bunch of young men and women whose summer job is to make Downtown Gloucester shine.

The workers have been hired through the Cape Ann YMCA with Community Development Block Grant funding. The program is an initiative of the Downtown Improvement Committee, a group comprised of City of Gloucester officials, downtown businesspeople and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and charged with bettering the district.

Throughout the summer the young workers will be cleaning, weeding, and watering the hanging flower baskets that the Downtown Improvement Committee recently had installed. They are making a valuable contribution in helping downtown present itself well to visitors and residents alike this season. When you see them working, say hello and thanks!

Stew McGillivray Sunday Greasy Pole Champ

One thing they can never take away from him- the title “2008 Sunday Greasy Pole Champ

He went against the best and brought home the flag!

Greasy Pole Winner Brings Home The Glory

After the Greasy Pole winner Stew McGillvray captures the flag the swim to the beach surrounded by other walkers is the greatest feeling in the world.

Enlarge Pic to See Greasy Pole Victory By Stew McGillivray

Click the Photo and select “All sizes” to view Stew McGillivray take down the pole.

Enlarge Pic to See Greasy Pole Victory, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Upcoming pics include the crazy Fiesta Hat Ladies,  Greasy Pole Walkers up close and personal, and much more Fiesta Goodness.

Enlarge Photo To See Champ Pat The Flag on His First Walk Out

Click The Picture and then select “All Sizes” to see the picture in full size and better detail.

Enlarge Photo To See Champ Pat The Flag on His First Walk Out, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

My buddy Eric put it best when he said “He just put his DNA on the pole.