Locals Food Tip- Sebastian’s Pizza Slices To Go

Great Eating Tip-  If you’re starving in the afternoon, Sebastion’s pizza on Washington Street near the Mother of Grace Club has a wide variety of slices of pizza to go.  Pull in, grab a couple slices, and be on your way!

Sebastians Pizza Slices To Go, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

International Dory Race Results From Jimmy T

Erik Dombrowski & Jimmy T, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Junior exhibition race- Joe Harmon and Ben Favazza def. Kyle Edmonds and
Joe Ciolino
Note: Kyle Lucido and Randy Parisi won American eliminations
but were unable to race due to medical concerns.
Women- Canadians Natalie and Nicole Jones def. Americans Katherine
Richmond and Laurie Fleming
Masters- Americans Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo def. Canadians Tim Mair
and Kenny MacDonald
Open- Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington def. Canadians Wylie Blades
and Donny Mahanney
Mixed- Canadians Nicole Jones and Trevor Swim def. Americans Laurel and
Jim Tarantino

Here’s What You Say

Good Harbor Beach 4:55AM 5/6/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

When someone wants to force the teen pregnancy story down your throat to tell you how horrible a place Gloucester is, ask them where they live.

Then when they tell you Plaineville USA, ask them if they have a Schooner Festival there.

Then ask them if they have the Horribles parade and as many fireworks displays throughout the year that we have.

Then ask them if they have a beach that compares to Good Harbor, Wingersheek or Niles.

Then ask them if they can name their neighbors that live more than one house away from them.

Then ask them if they have the number of killer little mom and pop places to eat around their town instead of the generic chains.

Then ask them how many people they recognize when they walk into the local coffee shop if they even have a local coffee shop.

Then ask them if have the Dory Races and an ability to pay $50 for yearlong use of a Grand Banks Dory with a tie up spot on the water.

Then ask them if they can launch a small boat or kayak from a public landing in their town.

Then ask them if they can walk down to just about any spot on the harbor and take pictures or enjoy a sandwich watching the boats go by.

Then ask if they have an arts community that is one tenth as strong as ours.