Fathers Day Gift Idea- Eat This Lobster T shirt at The Cormorant Shop

T Shirt Logo over left chest. You can get them at The Cormorant Shop across from The Lone Gull Coffee Shop.

Fathers Day Gift- Eat This! Lobster Apron at The Cormorant Shop

If you are looking for the perfect Fathers Day gift, we will be open so get your orders in early if you want to give the gift of lobster to dear old dad.

As a compliment to the always appreciated gift of lobster you can pick up these aprons or an Eat This! lobster Tshirt at The Cormorant Shop downtown Gloucester.

It would make a great lasting impression for any father.


Pollen, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Got to work at 5:00AM and the water was covered in pollen. It was everywhere.
Last night on our porch at the homestead The Bean was walking around barefoot.
Her feet were covered in pollen and when I noted it to her she exclaimed- “I’ve been pollinated”!

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Again and Again

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight is on Again and Again Inc, located in East Gloucester Square. Again and Again produces hand made bags and pouches from “retired” sailcloth. A fantastic idea for a sustainable Cape Ann. There are two coupons located in the $10 Where The Locals Go coupon book for 10% off any purchase at Again and Again. I will be showcasing some of her very cool and hip designs over the next few days. Her website is http/://www.againnagain.com check it out

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Again and Again Inc.

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From a friend of Freida who wrote very nice things about her.-

Frieda came to this country from Germany in 1997, after living on the West Coast she and her family settled to Gloucester. Where Frieda fell in love with the ocean, boating and the community of Gloucester.

Frieda is somewhat of an accidental entrepreneur.
She started the business Again and Again Inc. on order to solve the practical problem of what to do with “retired” sailcloth instead of throwing it in the landfill in 2005.
She opened her workshop on 195 East Main Street and there she designs the terrific, european styled totes, hand bags and messenger bags.

Frieda gets the stamina for making bags, running a business, and raising a family by year-round sunrise walks around the Back Sjore, Pilates classes and keeping up with her two young boys.
If she retires with Again and Again Inc., she will learn to how to weld and create some cool iron sculptures, she already has in her head.


Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Filming was done aboard Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II for the series After The Catch. The Round table discussions with the skippers from The Deadliest Catch.

Bass Rocks Golf Club Renovations 6/7/08

I wonder if that metal railing was dictated by code? It seems out of place and does a disservice to the style of the building. It seems very industrial for what would seem to call for a more natural material.


Excuse this little rant but I need to get it out.

I’m a little stressed out with all this harbor planning stuff and listening to idiots that have no vested interest in the harbor tell us what we should do with our property gets really old after a while. Especially when the so called “waterfront experts” haven’t worked on the waterfront but love to tell us whats wrong with “us”.

My specific problem this morning however came after reading a letter in the Times from one of these ‘waterfront experts” so I was already in a pissy mood.

You see no matter how hurried I am when driving I always acknowledge someone that lets me pull out in front of them in traffic. I always without exception give a head nod or wave to someone that lets me cross the street when they stop to let me by and I always trot across the street so not to hold that person up.

Where did these people come from that when you stop for them to cross they slowly traipse on across the street without so much as a simple wave? Is it that freaking hard to do? Does it require too much effort for that simple courtesy? FFS people get some f@%ing manners would you? The world would be a better place.

Mark Ring brought by a pamphlet for some place that will help you avoid getting a stroke and handed it to me. He keeps telling me he is worried beccause he thinks I’m taking the harbor planning stuff too personally. How could I not?

Toby With His Ladies

Toby With His Ladies, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Toby aboard the stern of his lobster boat the Jupiter II. Toby just re-fiberglassed the setting table and set some cut out playmates in under the clearcoat.

I guess Toby is never going to be lonely out at sea hauling his gear.

Rocky Neck Landing No Beach Sticker Required

A hop, skip, and a jump down this little pathway to a beautiful secluded beach.

Plenty of street parking early in the morning makes this a great spot for folks that don’t have their beach sticker yet.