Met Governor Patrick Today

Everyone should be very proud of our Mayor who brought Governor Patrick down to meet with folks from around town.

She lobbied well with quick and effective bullet points about what some of the challenges we have here.  Governor Patrick seemed genuinely receptive to working with us toward responsible solutions.

I spoke to him for a while about the changes in the way fish is handled now and how we can increase space for fishermen and recreational dockage.  We also spoke about the permitting challenges that property owners face on the waterfront.

It was inspiring to see how well Mayor Kirk presented and pushed for our city and didn’t just sit back.  She took a proactive approach in getting him here and he was more than willing to come and listen.  It looks like they have each other’s ear and that’s always a good thing.

Props to the Mayor, and Props to the Governor.

Please Understand About The Waterfront

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I would like our new readers to click the following links to get a better grasp of the reality on the waterfront and how technological advances have radically changed the way fish is handled.

What is needed is to make sure our fishermen have places to tie up their boats and that the property owners that used to handle the bulk of the fish which now gets offloaded at the Gloucester Fish Auction are allowed financially viable options that do not include condominiums so that they can reinvest in their piers and actually increase the amount of space for commercial fishermen to tie up their boats.

The only way that happens is with projects that they can bring to the bank so that the property owners that own over 90% of Gloucester Harbor can get the kinds of projects financed that can support keeping fishermen tied up at their docks while still competing with locally and state financed below market dockage spots for our fishermen at The State Fish Pier, Saint Peter’s Park, and I4-C2.

Marine Industrial Slide Show

View From The Western Venture Wheelhouse

Offloading Nets on The Western Venture Herring Boat

Gloucester Seafood Display Auction

Building Center Piling Field

State Fish Pier

Herring Hopper/Conveyor at The State Fish Pier

Herring Hopper/Conveyor Video

The Old Empire Fish


Again and Again Pouches

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here are some pouches made from recycled sailcloth at Again and Again in East Gloucester Square.

Wayne’s Custom Scooter w/ Rod and Coffee Cup Holder

image_1, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Check out how Wayne customized his scooter to include the coffee cup holder under the speedometer and the rod holder on the rear fender. Pretty damn cool!