Again and Again Inc Workspace Pic

Another workspace photo from Freida Grotjahn’s Again and Again Inc. This is exactly how my workshop would look if I produced cool bags made from recycled sailcloth.

Again and Again, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Again and Again is located at 195 East Main Street. Freida’s website with contact info is Tell her you saw her bags on the blog.

Guest Post- Erika Hansen Has a Where The Locals Go Coupon Book Story

From Erika-

Here’s the story about Cape Ann Savings Bank:
A customer came into Main Street’s own Bubbles, a shop that is all about pampering and froufrou and glitter, looking rather confused.  Bubbles herself, a/k/a Trisha Sanford, asked how she could help.
“The bank sent me here for a $300 coupon off my closing cost…I’m sorry.  I knew it must have been a joke” and he turned to leave.  “No, wait,” says Trisha.  “That sounds like the Where the Locals Go! coupon book.”
She promptly picked up a copy (for sale right at the register), looked in the directory, and sure enough, on p. 135 was a coupon from Cape Ann Savings Bank to receive $300 off your closing cost.  The man quickly paid his $10 for the coupon book, went back to the bank, saved $290 and now has hundreds of other coupons from the book to use!
For $10, buying this book is a no-brainer.  In addition to the discounts, the book is full of information about Cape Ann and highlights local heroes in our community.
It is for sale throughout Cape Ann at many stores including The Bookstore and Dogtown Book Shop, Toad Hall in Rockport and Manchester By The Book and will be for sale at the upcoming Rhythm & Flavors concert.   Come by and get your copy before they are all gone!  Coupons are good through March 31, 2009.

Spanx? Seriously?

I wanna know who the marketing genius was behind the branding of this “Power Panties” line carried at Seasons On Main.

How do you suppose that board meeting went with the advertising executives?

I say it went something like this-

Ad exec #1- “I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for our new “Power Panties” line, what do you guys think?”

Ad exec #2 “How bout we put a black chick, a white chick, and an asian chick on the cover of the box topless and call them “SPANX”?

Ad exec #1-“Fucking Brilliant!  Lets go with it!”

Spanx? Seriously?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Again and Again Director’s Chair

Swung by to see Freida at Again and Again (she makes cool handbags made from recycled sailcloth) and saw this director’s chair that they make. Very cool.

Freida will be lending us a big sail for the Downtown Block Party that we are going to use as a screen to show slide shows of Gloucester Pictures and live video from the event itself. That’s gonna be cool as hell!

Dark Secrets and Eat Me Chocolate Bars at the Black Swan

Who knew they were so naughty over at The Black Swan?

Dogtown Book Shop’s New Awnings

Beautiful new awnings at Dogtown Book Shop and Menage Galleries.

The new awnings will protect the products they sell that can be damaged from the sun. They also fit right in with the style of the buildings that they face. Pretty soon signs will be erected over the awnings with the shop names on them.

When I stopped by to check the place out I noticed the floors in the old gal have been re-sanded and finished. It really brightened the place up.

Main Street is on the rise baby!

Dogtown Book Shop offers two coupons in the Where The Locals Go coupoin book which was sponsored by the Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sustainable Cape Ann.
The first coupon is for 30% off all books in the section of fiction. The second coupon is for 30% off all books in the section of Biography/Autobiography.
Dogtown Book Shop also offers fax and photocopying service, they can locate hard to find books , they carry new books of local interest, and out of print books. It’s yet another treasure in Gloucester’s Downtown!

Where The Locals Go

Coffee Sluts at The Black Swan!

Picked up this beauty for the Mrs at The Black Swan. It holds 12 ounces of coffee and is one of many funny coffee mugs they carry.

Bubbles Flowers- Honorable Mention

Bubbles mom sent me a comment telling me that Bubbles on Main Street should have won and wasn’t duly represented in the Downtown Merchants’ Flower Box Competition because I didn’t include her oustanding and creative flower and shell garden in front of her Main Street storefront.  I told Bubbles Mom that I’d make it up to her so here is her honorable mention for the fantastic display she put her hard work into to make our Main Street ultra hip and cool.

Thanks Bubbles!

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- The Black Swan

Where The Locals Go

The Black Swan located at 47 Main Street in Downtown Gloucester offers a coupon for 15% off any single item. The Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sustainable Cape Ann’s coupon book has been wildly successful and can be purchased right at the counter at The Black Swan for ten dolla!

You could probably pay for most of the cost of the coupon book with a single purchase at The Black Swan and then have loads of coupons left over to save money all over town.

The Black Swan, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fun Respectful Crowd of Real Beer Lovers at Cape Ann Brewing

Saturday afternoon crowd of beer lovers at Cape Ann Brewing made for a fantastic showing.  It was wild how diverse the crowd was.  Businessmen, Soccer Moms, Yuppies, Fishermen, slackers, you name it.  Everyone enjoying the company and beer.

Way to go CAB!