International Dory Races- Setting Up The Dory

International Dory Races- Setting Up The Dory, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Come down Saturday Morning 9:30AM to the State Fish Pier to watch The Gloucester crews face off against their Canadian counterparts in the International Dory Races.


Cape Ann Brewing

Cape Ann Brewing, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here are some of the tanks used to brew at The Cape Ann Brewing Company. I was astounded when Mike Beaton told me how much they invested in the place.

It’s a whole lotta dough. About three times what I would have guessed.

Finnish Exchange Students With BJ and Amanda

To the parents of the Finnish Exchange students-

Your children are in good hands. I’m sure my sister is feeding them well as she is an incredible cook. She learned from my mom and Grandmother Felicia who was the best cook ever.

Here they are down at the dock. You should be very proud of them because they were very well mannered and presented themselves as great ambassadors for Finland and your family. They’re both aces in my book.

Finnish Exchange Student Gets Unique Lobster Experience

My sister Felicia has been hosting a couple of talented Finnish tennis players. Yesterday when the lobster molting went down at the dock, they happened to stop by. They initially stopped by so I could take some pictures for their parents who read the blog in Finland to see where their kids are and what they are up to.

They were treated to a pretty cool experience with the lobster molting as I bet 99.99 percent of our own local kids have never experience a lobster molting before their eyes. Hell, I hardly ever see it and I’ve handled quite a few over the years.

Thanks for the comments

Just a quick note of thanks to the regular contibutors and new readers who have made this a fun place to visit. Thanks fellow bloggers Kathleen, Jim B, Rob, Jay, Kalesy, Kiley, Deb Clarke, Leo and Opelia.

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The upcoming Downtown Merchants Flowerbox Competition should be a blast don’t forget to vote starting Monday.

Are You Kidding Me????????

The Manor Steakhouse, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I was blown away yesterday when I went to a meeting and had absolutely no idea that the The Manor Inn Steakhouse had this view. How many times have I driven past and never knew that this view existed?

It’s spectacular and the food they served us was out of this world. If it wasn’t for the meeting I would have snapped a few pics of the food for you but there are some places I just don’t whip the camera out.

As always click the picture and then select “all sizes” to see it blown up.

The Manor Steakhouse

The Manor Steakhouse, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

With a large deck off the back, this is the perfect place for a good sized event with its open vistas across the river and gentle breezes.

Classy with a gazebo for on site weddings.

I still can’t believe I never knew this existed but I sure as hell do now. It’s a view I won’t soon forget.

Check out their website here- The Manor Inn