Dory Racers Row Past Cruiseport and The Sea Farmer II

Dory Racers Row Past Cruiseport and The Sea Farmer II, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Sea Farmer II will be featured on After The Catch the Round table discussion with the skippers of The Deadliest Catch.  Clark Sandler is the Captain of The Sea Farmer II

Cape Ann Brewing Company Tasting Room

Lots of detailed woodwork in the front room of the Cape Ann Brewing Company Tasting Room.

Sig Hansen- Rockstar!

Sig Hansen- Rockstar!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is Sig walking past the throngs of fans at The Gloucester House Restaurant for the Plum Cove School benefit.

I couldn’t believe how gracious and unrattled he was in the face of so many people treating him like he was a rock star. In Gloucester, he is a Rock Star. He answered questions and then slipped outside to have a smoke and the throngs of people followed him wherever he went.
he rolled right along with it all with humor and humility. A real gentleman.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- Cape Ann Brewing Company

Where The Locals Go

Today’s Where The Locals Go coupon spotlight is for The Cape Ann Brewing Company on Commercial Street in the Fort.  There are three coupons, each for a free pint glass with the purchase of a T shirt.

Cape Ann Brewing Company, originally uploaded by captjoe06.