Boom Truck with Powerblock

Boom Truck with Powerblock, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is the boom truck for the Western Venture Herring operations. Instead of a team of ten men handling the huge herring nets, the powerblock attached to the boom on this truck will load the net effortlessly so it can be brought to places like Swan Net up in the Blackburn Industrial park to be mended.

Row Hard – No Excuses Trailer

Just in time for the International Dory Races this weekend Row Hard- No Excuses, a Sundance Film Festival selected film will be shown at The Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

After going to see the movie tonight head to Niles Beach at 8:30AM Saturday morning for the International Dory Race Eliminations.

Waterline Center- The Essex Shipbuilding Museum

This is the location of tonight’s showing of Row Hard- No Excuses.

The Waterline Center in the back part of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

Mooring Setting

There is a cut out in the middle of the deck of this mooring setting rig in which heavy moorings are lowered and lifted out to be serviced. Moorings are heavy objects which lay on the bottom of the ocean which boats attach a chain and line to secure their boat in the open water.

Mooring Setting, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Things to Do- Row Hard – No Excuses

THE ESSEX SHIPBUILDING MUSEUM presents: Row Hard No Excuses on Friday, June 6, at 7:30pm.

See this personal documentary in which two middle-aged men set out to win “the world’s toughest race”-three thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat.

Is it a noble quest or an ill-fated nightmare? Admission: $10 members, $15 non-members. 978-768-7541

Row Hard- No Excuses