Duckworth’s Bistrot Dining Room

An intimate setting, make reservations early if you want to eat here. The place fills up for a reason- the killer food that Ken and Nicole prepare in the heart of East Gloucester.

Cuckoo Charlie and His Quest For Gold

This is Charlie.

Charlie believes he knows where there is a sunken treasure off of Manchester that holds $500,000,000 dollars worth of gold. He believes this and will start his quest to find this gold once he has this boat ready.

Good luck Charlie. I hope you find it.

So you can laugh at everyone that calls you nuts behind your back.

Cukoo Charlie and His Quest For Gold, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

side note: If Charlie ever corners you in a bar for a conversation, run like the dickens. If he get’s your ear you’re doomed. Run. Trust me on this one.  Charlie is a nice guy but he tends to talk right up in your grill in about ten decibels higher than your normal human being.

Gloucester City Hall Restoration Sponsored By Trojan Brand Condoms?

Hey, what do you think about this idea presented to me by lobsterman Mark Ring. He tells me that the shroud that covers the City Hall tower looks like a big green condom when he looks at it from the harbor while hauling traps.

We turn lemons into lemonade and sell naming rights for the City Hall Restoration project to Trojan Brand Condoms. They could market new big huge green condoms that look like the shroud that covers City Hall right now. We could get the expensive project completely taken care of with a few timely banner ads.

Maybe another birth control pill company might sponsor the other side and we could get the sewer project paid for too. With all the media exposure those pharmaceutical companies would surely jump at the chance at that advertising opportunity! Now that’s some outside the box thinking right there!

In case any of you are wondering, no I’m not serious.