Cruiseport Construction Update 6/20/08

Local contractors being used like Noble Electricians and  Mcgrath Plumbing.  It’s nice to see on a big project like this that local people are being used.

Cruiseport Construction Update 6/20/08

Here is the view from the main entrance to this room.  I wonder what kind of windows Frank will put on the harbor facing wide open section of this building to capture that view.

Another View of Lobster Molting With Slide Show

Got a few more pics of the lobster that molted in our tank. I sent them to the Maine Lobster Institute and they will be using them in their educational material.

Click here for the slide show of the lobster molting

Another View of Lobster Molting, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Snoop Mad is a Sneaky Devil

Look closely at this picture.

It’s not the nasty remnants of Madeline’s dinner that I want you to focus on, but check out the blue tape that covered that little hole in the chair.

The Mrs put that tape over that hole so that Madeline wouldn’t stick chunks of food down there. The little bugger figured it out and picked and picked at that tape til she worked a little opening and wouldn’t you know there was a pile of noodles and black beans stuck down under there.

Snoop Mad is a Sneaky Devil, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

So I got to thinking about the thought process of a one year old when she decided to pick that tape off and I think I have it figured out. It goes something like this-
In Madeline’s sneaky mind “Hmm, mommy just put that tape over that hole so there must be some inherent pleasure that she is denying me by not allowing me to stuff little bits of undigested food down said hole. Well lets see, if I pick at this tape while she is turned around washing the dishes I might be able to get just enough food down there to make a disgusting mess. That way she will be forced to take this seat that she straps me into off and clean the entire thing. She has nothing better to do really.”
You think thats how it went?

Thanks To the Gloucester Daily Times

I had an idea for a flowerbox competition for the Downtown Merchants that would be fun and to showcase the beauty that the Downtown Merchants put forth and many of us walk by every day without notice.

When you stop and look around you’ll see that many in our Downtown community really make a concerted effort to beautify and make it a great place.

Anyway I’ve put together a slideshow of the different flowerboxes that our Downtown folks put out to make all our lives a little brighter. It’s a thank you to them for trying to do the best they can and a recognition of their efforts.

What many people are starting to realize is that The Waterfront may be our soul but Downtown is our heart. It seems that the newer councilors and Mayor understand the importance to linking the two and bringing Gloucester back to a great place. A place where mixed uses are embraced, feed off and support each other. This mayor seems to have accomplished in a couple months what previous attempts at harbor planning have failed at. Drawing out as close to a consensus and community values as possible and bringing those ideas out in public forums to tie our City back together- Downtown our heart, and The Waterfront our Soul.

Thanks to the Times for supporting The GoodMorningGloucester Downtown Flowerbox competition. You can read the Times piece here.

By Sunday I’ll be sweeping through Downtown to see if any of the merchants have made any changes or put out new boxes. Monday morning the slideshow will display eveyone’s flowerboxes and the poll will be put up in the right hand column of the blog which will run through the 30th of the month.

Common Eider With Young On A Camel

The baby ducks are in the middle.

Ducks on A Camel, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

From Jim Barber, resident bird expert-

“Common Eider with young. Common Eider breed on Ten Pound Island but they just started doing so about five years ago. Their range is expanding. I took some of the first photos of Common Eider young in Gloucester harbor at the time and they were published in Bird Observer magazine.
They are source of “eider down”. In Greenland they have vast farms of eider nests and the down is collected from the nest under strict government regulations.”