GloucesterCast 128 With Donna Ardizzoni, James Dowd , KT Toomey, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 128 With Donna Ardizzoni, James Dowd, KT Toomey, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA

Topics Include: Donna Ardizzoni Fresh Off Of Her First One Hour At A Time Gang Appearance For 2015, James Dowd and KT Toomey From The GloucesterClam, The Clam Ruffling A Lot Of Local People’s Feathers and James Dowd Could Not Be Happier, KT Bathes In the Tears Of Clam Haters, How Much Of A Bump Does The Clam Get For Each Swear Word?, The Clam Is The Gay Bar of Gloucester, Choking Down A Brother’s Brew Donut Despite Their Reluctance To Acknowledge GMG, Joey’s Quest For A Classic Khaki Summer Weight Suit Fails Miserably at J Crew Outlet, Speaking Of The Gay Man’s Physique While James Hops On A Double Glazed Brother’s Brew Butter Crunch Donut, GMG Photography Show at Cape Ann Giclee April 10th, Alicia Quintano and Maryanne Cardone Win Last Week’s GloucesterCast Podcast Subscriber Contest of Jim Clyde’s Hog Island Prints, Dan Cary Gloucester Marine Son Of Josie Cary and Great Grandson Of Cigar Joe GoFundMe Page, Dawn Noble Fails Me On Rockport @ Night Notification, Mocking The People Who Fought the Shalin Liu From Coming To Rockport, Great Posts From Felicia About Filling Easter Baskets With Local Stuff, Sclafani’s Cartocce, Paying It Forward Stories, James Dowd CSI Action Figure Moment With His Kid, KT Must Have Put A Blind Application in For Her Kid At East Gloucester Elementary, What’s Going On At The Former Lewis’ Restaurant?, The Boys From the Farm Got It Down, Russells Orchards, Amses, Shrimps, Kowloons, Sauguses, Rumor That Cafe Bishco May Be Closing, Homemade Press Passes, Donna Gets Manchester By The Sea Movie Insider Pics, Worried That the Swells Won’t Let Me Into Annisquam Unless I Have a Khaki Suit For Kim’s Daughter’s Wedding, Apology To FOB Ed Mowry, Surprise- “The Unwillingness To Search For Things Using Google Is Still a Thing”, EZPass Fines For Late Fees Are OUTRAGEOUS, GMG and Clam Suggestions On How To Handle EZ Pass Billing and Late Fees, Cacciatore’s Opening, Willow Rest, Chick’s Roast Beef, All You Need To Know About Irish Politicians vs Italian Politicians’ Power In Boston Is The Difference Between South Station and North Station, No Greater Insult Than When The Amish Make Fun of North Station, Wishing They Built Gillette Stadium In South Boston, James Dowd- The Rare Irish Jew Growing Up In Lynn, Death Row Sub/Meal For KT and James, Hurry Up With My Execution I’m Lactose Intolerant Damnit!, Donna Creates a Facebook Page For One Hour At a Time Gang But Forgets To Tell People About It, Kim Smith’s Monarch Film and Liv’s Wedding, Walt Kolenda Will be Having An Auction in Magnolia Soon.

podcasticon1 subscribebuttonGood Morning Gloucester Podcast #128 Joey Ciaramitaro, Jim Dowd, KT Toomey, Kim Smith, Toby Pett, Donna Ardizonni ©Kim Smith 2015

Artrageous 29! With the Always Beautiful Kathy Archer, Matthew Swift, and Tom Hauck

Kathy Archer Tom Hauck Artrageous 29 ©Kim Smith

Gloucester Author and Artist Tom Hauck and Rocky Neck Artist Kathy Archer

Both Kathy and Tom (my husband) donated works of art to the Montserrat Artrageous! 29. Artrageous is an annual auction party that supports Montserrat College of Art students. Last year’s event raised $432,00.00 in financial aid for deserving¬†students.

Tom Hauck Matthew Swift Trident Gallery ©Kim Smith 2015

Tom and Matthew Swift, Owner of Gloucester’s Trident Gallery


Artrageous installation and behind the scenes look ~

Typewriter project Montserrat College of Art ©Kim Smith 2015

The Typewriter Project

*    *    *

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Live From Caffe Sicilia 




Beautiful handcrafted Easter Sheep Mazapan a perfect addition to any Easter Basket!

Small Single Sheep $15, Large in Basket $18


Enter Raffle To Win Giant Uova di Pasqua!

Tickets on sale¬†now for¬†a chance to win the “Uova di Pasqua” Giant Chocolate Easter Egg! A Traditional Italian Chocolate Egg Suprise, enjoyed by all ages during the Easter Holiday!

IMG_4470Caffe Sicilia has an assortment of  Uova di Pasqua Eggs available for sale while supplies last! Shop Caffe Sicilia soon for best selection of color, sizes and price ranges!  



Don’t forget to place your holiday pastry order for next weekend!


Don’t forget to tell them Sista Felicia Sent you in!

Filling Easter Baskets Locally at Virgilio’s Bakery




Thursday I was inspire to create nontraditional Easter Basket for a dear¬†friend, after spotting a mini can of my¬†favorite¬†Partanna Olive Oil, on sale at Virgilo‚Äôs Bakery.¬†Creative thoughts immediately began running through my head¬†the moment I laid eyes on the adorable, tomato red, petite sized can of Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Partanna Oil has been a staple ingredient in my pantry for many years. It‚Äôs used for saut√©ing, cooking, dressings, Pannini and everything in between on a daily basis in my kitchen by me and my twins! ‚ÄúPani Cunsatu,‚ÄĚ Hot Seasoned Italian Bread made with Partanna Oil is son BJ‚Äôs favorite after school snack. The fragrant¬†Sicilian Olive Oil enhances the flavors of all ingredients it‚Äôs paired with.¬†¬†


If you’re looking to create a nontraditional Easter Basket for a special someone who has a passion for cooking or are planning to prepare an Easter Feast, or have been assigned to fix a salad to share you must include and use this oil.



Step away from the traditional Easter Basket this year and shop Virgilio‚Äôs Bakery for their classic assortment of dried pasta, and Italian specialty items. Many of the¬†specialty ingredients¬†used¬†in the recipe collection included in my cookbook “Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest,”¬†can be purchased locally at Virgilio‚Äôs bakery.‚Ä̬†


Pick up the key ingredients for your special someone’s favorite Italian dish and creatively weave them into a beautiful Easter basket this year. Spring is around the corner, love is in the air, and Italians know the fastest way to someone heart is through their stomach with flavorful foods.

basket for gmg virgilios post

Embellish a gift basket with decorative bow and get shopping for ingredients to fill personalized Italian Theme Easter Baskets at Virgilio’s this week! Endless ideas will come to those who think out of the basket…

espresso basket at virgilios


Look for the¬†story and recipe in “Gifts Of Gold” surrounding my childhood memory¬†my grandfather’s Italian Variety store “Pat’s Center Grocery,” with aunt Gina using Italian Tuna!IMG_4352

The basket shown above was created with an assortment of Italian specialty ingredients needed to create Pasta with Sardines, ‚ÄúPasta‚Äėa Milanisa‚ÄĚ is an authentic Sicilian recipe highlighted on page #160 in my cookbook ‚ÄúGifts Of Gold.‚ÄĚ This recipe is real old school cooking. Sardines are known to have a very distinct strong flavor but that‚Äôs simply not the case in this dish! You won‚Äôt know what you‚Äôre missing until you give this recipe a try! Pasta with Sardines it‚Äôs heavenly!


¬†Note~above basket is not included in the Virgilio’s Italian Dinner¬†Easter Basket Raffle

For my Hot Seasoned Italian Bread, ‚ÄúPani Cunsatu‚ÄĚ recipe see ‚ÄúGifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest‚ÄĚ page #182


A friendly reminder to pick up a few containers of¬† “Ceci” roasted chic pea, and “Simenzi” salted pumpkin seeds‚ÄĚ for the car ride home and late night holiday card game with the family!

seminzi ceci seeds virgilos

 Enter to win the Italian Dinner Easter Basket

shown below

at Virgilio’s This week!


Be sure to Enter you name in the drawing¬†¬†to win¬†this¬†Italian Dinner Basket at Virgilio’s Bakery…applicable to¬†all who make a¬†purchase and fill out a red ticket located on display in the store. Basket includes, 1 Dried Pasta, 1 Virgilio’s Bread Dipping Oil, 1 Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce and¬†1 Italian bread.

***While shopping don’t forget to place an order for Virgilio’s famous breads and Dinner Rolls for your Easter celebration!****

Click read more for photo gallery Continue reading “Filling Easter Baskets Locally at Virgilio’s Bakery”

Please Donate To The GoFundMe Page For Gloucester Marine Dan Cary Who Was Shot and..

Please share this post via facebook and/or twitter because this GoFundme campaign can have a direct impact on helping the family financially through a difficult emotional time and please continue to send encouraging messages to Dan.

Tina Russell shared with us this news last night-

Thank you everyone for your kind words. We live in an amazing community. Danny is improving. He’s been moved out of ICU!!

If you value community and appreciate the sacrifices made by servicemen and women and their families, then when something like this happens maybe think about helping out those families most in need.
Here’s a link to The Dan Cary GoFundMe Page where you can help.
I’d also like to note that Josie Cary and her family entrusted GoodMorningGloucester to share the treasured audio tapes of her Grandfather Cigar Joe who recounted his incredible stories of fishing out of Gloucester in the early twentieth century. You can hear those here-
Treasured Audio-Gloucester History Cigar Joe Talks About Fishing In the Early Part of The Twentieth Century Part VI
Donate To Dan Cary’s GoFundMe Page here- Helping the Carys

Tonight the Cary family received devastating news that their son Dan was shot in the abdomen. Dan is in the marine core and is based in Georgia. Dan is a proud marine and his family and friends are extremely proud of him. I am asking friends, family, strangers to help this family during this difficult time. Dan is a proud marine serving our country. We don’t know how long his recovery will be. If anyone knows Josie she is the first person to be there to help someone in need. I am asking people just to help while they are with their son during this difficult time. No amount is too little. Thank you everyone for your support!
This young man is Marine Dan Cary born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was shot in the back and sustained injuries there and into his abdomen by a powerful M16 while stationed in Georgia. The injuries are many.

He has undergone a second surgery to repair damages and is still in critical condition. He needs more surgery tomorrow; it will be his third one.

Throughout this horrific ordeal it would benefit Dan to receive the support of his community and beyond. His mother reads to him messages from Facebook and although he is intubated, unable to speak, he is able to let her know he likes hearing the messages.

Let us each send a message to Dan showing our support and a willingness to pray that he heals, gets strong and comes home soon.

Permission is granted to circulate by his Aunt Tina Russell. God Bless Dan Cary, his family and all of you for taking the time to read this and respond to one of our soldiers.


Lynne Anderson's photo.


If you have any questions or want more detail, and there is much detail, contact Tina Russell via Facebook. Thank you for considering posting this…we want as much support as possible for our native son.

Community Stuff 3/29/15

The Docksiders will perform a dance concert at City Hall on Saturday April 4th.

    Theme is a 1950s prom like the Under the Sea Ball in the Back to the Future movies.

    The Docksiders will play jazz/swing/big band and there will be room for dancing.  There will also be refreshments.

    Concert is FREE as it is being sponsored by BankGloucester.  Tickets are available at BankGloucester, the Docksiders, or at the door.

Thank you for all of your help



Hi Joey,

The Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative is producing an evening of two comedic one acts by James McClure.

‘1959 Pink Thunderbird’ takes place in Maynard, Texas, where we meet folks longing for the past and happier times. The characters in these two well-crafted 45 minute plays, stumble clumsily, lovingly, and laughably into adulthood, leaving behind the illusion of their identity and discovering what matters most in life.

Performances are: Thursday 4/9, Friday 4/10, Saturday 4/11, Sunday 4/12 @ 3pm Thursday 4/16, Friday 4/17, Saturday 4/18

Thursday, Friday & Saturday performances @ 7:30

Sunday performance @ 3pm

General admission $20

Purchase your tickets on-line via Ticket Stage

You can also mail us at to reserve tickets.

Thanks Joey.

Hi Joey, 

Cape Ann Animal Aid, Dog Friendly Gloucester, and Friends of Gloucester Dog Park came out today to cleanup Good Harbor Beach. We’re trying to also educate folks on the importance of picking up dog waste.

Love your blog, thank you!