New Color Stonewashed Charcoal GMG Caps Are Now Available for Purchase

The ones we did a couple summers ago were stonewashed blue. These bad boys are stonewashed charcoal and lobster approved ūüôā

GMG Logo Cap Pigment Dyed Stonewashed Charcoal. Velcro strap. Three Color High Stitch Count Embroidery. If you purchase 5 caps at once you get a 6th cap free and free shipping.
If you order 5 Caps I’ll include the extra cap free!

If you have a certain size dry fit T or hoodie you would like, I can special order them for you, just let me know.

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Viva Mariposa!



Yesterday¬†while¬†preparing bread for our¬†Feast of¬†ST. Joseph, my¬†BFF Dee Noble¬†creatively shaped a Mariposa “String Of Pearls”¬†inspired “Viva St. Joseph Bread” for the¬†altar¬†when I was in the other room fixing¬†a second¬†batch of bread dough.¬†She knows my love¬†for all things Mariposa and thought our altar needed¬†a special Mariposa¬†touch!

2015 altar bread st joseph 1

This year’s Altar Breads

st joe altar bread 2015 2

st joe altar bread 2015 3

The big question late last night…
How many men does it take to put the Mariposa away?”


BFF Dee, directing the men during the massive team effort to tidy the house after last nights feast!

Family friend¬†and GMG Contributor Donna Ardizzoni was in the kitchen with us all¬†day photographing¬†the process of preparing¬†dishes served at last night’s traditional St. Joseph Feast.¬†Look for her Photo gallery¬†tomorrow afternoon!


Donna Thank you for everything! Yesterday was so much fun! My kitchen is always filled with laughter when your in it!


James and I look forward to selecting photos from your gallery for cookbook #3!  

GMG Exclusive: MOSSE the Band to play at Minglewood Tavern this Saturday

MOSSE Minglewood graphic

By John McElhenny

A hot new band called MOSSE will play at Minglewood Tavern this Saturday night. Andrew Luman, the band’s bass player and front man, lives in downtown Gloucester so Good Morning Gloucester sat down with him for an exclusive interview to get the scoop on the band, his rock star hair and whether he ever met Ric Ocasek from the Cars.

GMG: Thanks for talking with Good Morning Gloucester, Andrew. You and your family live across the street from the Cape Ann Museum in downtown Gloucester. Do you ever have to call the cops because it gets really loud over there? Museum people can be crazy.

Luman: You‚Äôd think it would be crazy over there but they are really chill people.  

GMG: You play in this cool new band that’s playing at Minglewood Tavern on Saturday night — a band called ‚ÄúMosse.‚ÄĚ Your name sounds like ferns or lichen or something. Where’d you come up with it?

Luman: We went through other names that sounded like fungus but ‚ÄúFern Notice‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúShrooms With a View‚ÄĚ were already taken. So we went with ‚ÄúMosse.‚ÄĚ

GMG: I’m trying to figure out the pronunciation of the band‚Äôs name, “Mosse.” Does it rhyme with “floss” like dental floss or “moose” like the animal with the big antlers? Somebody told me it rhymes with “Donna Ardizzoni.” Is that true?  

Luman: Making our name impossible to pronounce was a savvy marketing technique. Not only does it not roll off your tongue, it doesn‚Äôt even make its way onto your tongue. (It‚Äôs pronounced ‚ÄúMOSS-ee.‚ÄĚ)

GMG: Joey C’s favorite bands are the Bee Gees, Whitesnake and Loverboy. Does Mosse cover any of their songs?

Luman: No.

GMG: I’ve seen Mosse play out a couple times in Gloucester and you sound really good. When you play, I‚Äôve noticed you do this rock star thing where you put your hair in a little pony tail that looks kinda ninja but also like the nub tail that‚Äôs left on a Doberman’s ass. Which look are you going for?

Luman: Definitely the ninja one.

GMG: What kind of music does Mosse play?

Luman: We like to bring Neil Young and Ryan Adams to the dinner table and have Wilco for dessert. Our originals are made from the same ingredients.  

GMG: Good Morning Gloucester contributor Kim Smith’s husband Tom was a rock star and knows Ric Ocasek, the lead singer of The Cars. Do you know Ric Ocasek from The Cars?

Luman: No.

GMG: People should know you’re a legit musician who has performed several times at Carnegie Hall in New York, which is like the most famous concert venue in the world or something. What was it like playing there? 

Luman: Exactly like Minglewood Tavern but bigger.

GMG: How did Mosse the band get started? 

Luman: Mosse was formed by magic. And by magic, I mean we are all teachers who love music and wanted to play in a band without ego and frustration. One of our guitar players, Jerry Smith, was born and raised in Gloucester. Rich Lehrer is our other guitar player and Pete Koeplin is our drummer. We started playing together and slowly weeded through songs until we found the musical core that suited us.  So basically magic. 

GMG: Peter and Vickie Van Ness are going to be mad at me for encroaching on their turf and doing a concert preview. This is definitely going to lead to an all-out concert promoter war. Which will be hard because they’re smarter than me and I know zero about music. What time is Mosse playing at Minglewood Tavern this Saturday?

Luman: 9 p.m. Hope to see you there.


Photo of Andrew Luman

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Azure Bluets, Quaker Ladies, Houstonia caerulea -2 ©Kim Smith 2014Bluets, also known by the charming name Quaker Ladies

The first day of spring! It’s official although,¬†with temperatures hovering in the twenties, its hard to believe. Close your eyes and imagine along with me pink¬†and orange tulips, spring dresses, (stick with me here–just don’t look out your window at the still high drifts¬†of snow) fields of bluets, sailboats in the harbor, windows open, the music¬†of buzzing bees, shoots of new green grass, blue skies, robin bird songs, the smell of freshly tilled earth, fog horns in the distance, baby birds, misty warm April¬†showers, the sweet scent of jonquils, bird’s nests along the meadow’s edge, the song of the Baltimore orioles returning, walking along¬†the beach (without bundling¬†up), friendly Red Admiral¬†butterflies, lilacs, plum blossoms, magnolias in bloom, dogwoods in bloom, orange poppies, sweet pea tendrils, and sweet alyssum¬†(see there, its not that hard).

Hurry Up Spring!

Tulips Mary Prentiss Inn ©Kim Smith 2014JPG

Tulips at The Mary Prentiss Inn 

Cornus florida rubra ©Kim Smith 2013

Cornus florida rubra

Lilac Presidnet Grevy ¬©Kim Smith 2011 copyBlue Lilac ‘President Grevy’

Bee and Rosa rugosa ©Kim Smith 2014Rosa rugosa and Bee

Lilacs bloom in in an array of hues ©Kim SmithLilacs flower in an array of beautiful hues

Third Friday Contra Dance Today at 7:30pm ~ American Legion in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Cape Ann Contra Dance Third Friday Contra Dan

The next Third Friday Dance will be held on March 20 at the American Legion Hall, 8 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA.

The dancing starts at 7:30 PM. We welcome dancers of all ages and our attendees range from eight years to 80 plus years!
There is a requested donation of $10 per dancer, dancers younger than 16 are free.

This event is supported in part by a grant from the Gloucester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. The Cape Ann Contra Dances are organized and produced by Folk Life Studio.

Drinking water is available. Please bring water bottles to reduce the use of paper cups. Other non-alcoholic drinks and finger food snacks are welcomed to share during the break.

You can find us at or contact us at

The Final Night of 2015 St. Joseph Rosary at Sista Felicia’s






The Power of Prayer


The¬†highlight of the evening was Madame Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken’s Surprise visit with friends, Maria Rossi and Giovanna Margiotta!




The children of the rosary




Keeping Mom busy preparing¬†Italian Nachos for our last¬†“Novena Coffee”



The Cappuccino Makers!


The Last “Novena Coffee”


If walls could talk…..


The time shared around the dinning room table and kitchen island are now beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 






The ceremonial “Soaking of the Fava Beans!¬†

Click Read More for photo gallery

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Do you have good manners?

Has this happened to you? Or are you one of THOSE people?

After driving around the parking lot looking for a space, for who knows how long, I finally found someone walking to their car. Mind you, there is no one else in sight and I wait patiently for the person to put away their groceries. May I add I had my blinker on as well.

As the person pulls out of the space there is another car that comes around the corner from the other end and proceeds to pull into the parking space. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?

The look on my face must of been filled with rage and the person saw and proceeded to back out of that space. As they drove past me they yell “Relax!”

Really A**hole? Relax! They are lucky they pulled out of that space because clearly they would of gotten an earful about manners!

Beat the Winter Blahs – ‘Just Try It’

For More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News Check Out

Cape Ann Wellness

Here at MAC, we have it all! ¬†We invite you to try 6 of our most popular group fitness classes at MAC for free ‚Äď pilates, spin, TRX, yoga, zumba and barre (registration required). ¬†Look for our ad in your local newspaper, around town or on our website ¬†You can also call our membership department and ask about our Spring promotion ‚Äď 978.526.8900 ext. 1. ¬†‚ÄėJust try it‚Äô ‚Äď TODAY!

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I Spot A UBER Driver On My Cell Phone! Now Available In Gloucester

You can sign up to be a driver or download the app (for free) to see where the closest UBER driver Is!

This is pretty frickin cool!

Sign Up To Drive Or Ride Here

You can see from the screenshot from my cell phone exactly where the UBER driver is and how long it would take to get to you and tyou can also track it in real time-






2015-03-20 19.51.34

If you have the app (get it here) you can watch the car moving on the map and see exactly where it’s going.  So badass!

You’ve got to see — and hear — to believe!

Ruby Rose FoxYou know we love to¬†put young, rising stars on stage with national touring artists. ¬†Often the young talent comes from Cape Ann, but this time, we’ve got Boston Music Award winner Ruby Rose Fox¬†and her stellar band opening for Martha Davis and The Motels on April 22, right down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre.

Just the thought of these 2 powerhouse voices on the same stage sends shivers up my spine.  Check her out!

In this excellent, in-depth article by Bill Copeland, Ruby says “I think it took me a long time until I could sing in the place where my voice lived.” ¬†Truly the words of a poet and a dynamic singer-songwriter. ¬†Don’t wait until the last minute. ¬†Get tickets now, RIGHT HERE and be sure you’ve got a great seat to this super-hot show!


Check it out! Gloucester Blues Festival August 8, 2015

gloucester blues festival 2015 banner

I am so excited!

gloucester blues festival 2015

Website is setup for 2015 festival.
Order tickets
Line up with pictures and links to the aritsts.
Thanks to Jen Taylor of Vividpix

Click on the link and have a listen to all the bands. I just¬†and it’s going to be another wicked good blues festival! Right on the water, too! >¬†

Spring — at long last !!! The Vernal Equinox 2015 From Thomas Philbrook

ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH — Spring — at long last !!! The Vernal Equinox finally takes place on Friday, March 20th at 6:45 pm EDT. Wishing you all a warm, sweet, colorful and joy-packed Spring. We sure deserve it.

Community Photos 3/20/15

Hi Joey,

Here’s a shot of a mooring marker near Gloucester Marine Railway.  The water had a painterly look about it.


Matt Cegelis

Cegelis Art Group


Hi Joey,

Last Saturday, Ocean Alliance let the Phyllis A Marine Association use the

old Paint Factory for our annual retreat.   I thought I‚Äôd share a few shots of 

the other sides of  the Paint Factory that we don‚Äôt all see too often.  What 

an interesting old building.   I‚Äôve included one shot of the attending Phyllis A

board members in the 2nd floor conference room and a couple of the Phyllis A

herself as she looks sitting in the Gloucester Marine Railway parking lot.

Mary Barker

MarketWATCH 3/19/15 From Kenny MacCarthy: Yes, the weather is most definitely a factor.

Cape Ann Home

Check Out Kenny’s Website Here-

Record snowfall and unseasonably cold temps have caused our spring ‚Äúreal estate‚ÄĚ season to feel ‚Ķ hyper. Whether you‚Äôre buying or selling, watch the analysis for some simple stats that will help you handle it.

Contact Kenny For Personalized Real Estate Information Or Just To Chat About Your Real Estate Needs- 978-758-0983

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