Do Birds Have Teeth?

Snow Goose teeth tomia Gloucester Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015

Snow Goose Beak and Tomia

If I had thought about the answer to that question when I was five, I would have said yes, most definitely. At that time, our family was living on a lake in north central Florida. A friend’s unruly pet goose chased me home, nipping my bottom all the way to our front stoop!

The jagged points in the serrated-edge jaw of the Snow Goose are not called teeth because teeth are defined as having an enamel coating. There is a special word for the points and they are called tomia. During the Mesozoic era birds had teeth. Over time, birds developed specialized beaks suited to their diets. Bird beaks do the job teeth and lips once did. The Snow Goose’s tomia are not as tough as teeth but are perfectly suited to slicing through slippery grass.

The super graphic below, found on wiki, illustrates types of beaks and how the different shapes relate to the bird’s diet and foraging habits.

Wiki Bird Beak Graphic copy


Kim Smith Pollinator Program at Cox Reservation Thursday Night at 6pm

32.Monarch Butterflies New England asters ©Kim Smith 2014I hope to see you there!

The event is free.


For more information: Planting an Essex County Pollinator Garden

36. Zinnia Black Swallowtail Butterfly -1 ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

Double dose of Danielle Miraglia and Allen Estes tonight

Perhaps you saw Danielle Miraglia and Allen Estes at this year’s critically acclaimed Cape Ann Winter Solstice.  These two extraordinarily talented singer/songwriters reunite tonight on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 at 6:30, then LIVE at the Rhumbline tonight at 8.  A perfect way to spend the mid-week evening!

6 year celebration at Seaport Grille continues!


In case you didn’t know it’s Seaport Grille’s 6 year anniversary celebration! North Shore Acappella was performing last night and if you have not had the pleasure of hearing them one word: AMAZING! What an awesome experience for my son, 10, to hear an Acappella group for the first time! I wasn’t the only one dancing in my seat to the 50’s! When they started singing Rockin’ Robin and my son had never heard it I became sad.  How could I have deprived my son of Rockin’ Robin for the past 10 years?!

Festivities continue tonight check it out!


Allen Estes to host for Fly Amero with Danielle Miraglia tonight @ The Rhumb Line 8-11pm 3.4.2015

allen estes lms


Wed. March 4th, i’ll be hosting for Fly Amero at the Rhumb Line in Gloucester, Ma. and my special guest will be Danielle Miraglia..!!! she’ll be coming all the way from Somerville so show your support for this very talented up-n-coming artist…we’ll be pickin and grinnin!! 8-11 see ya there! x,o,allen

 Danielle Miraglia

jisilva photo

rl p

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Gloucester Fishermen Youth Football and Cheering League Sign Ups

The Gloucester Fishermen Youth Football and Cheering League will be opening up player and cheering registration on Saturday 3/7 and Saturday 3/14 at GHS from 9-12. We realize that this is early to be thinking about fall sports, but since this will be a community lead league, we need to start building our community. We emphasize that it is important to sign your children up during these two sessions so that you can be part of this process.

You can download the forms at our website, or just show up, forms will be available:

Thank you,


Chifeletti Cookies




Baking Chifeletti Cookies for the gang coming over today to help decorated the St. Joseph Altar! Perfect cookie for St. Joseph coffee time…

Chifeletti Cookies


2 1/2 sticks unsalted butter

5 tablespoons granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

1 teaspoon almond extract

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

2 1/2 cups flour

1 cup finely ground Almond Meal/Flour

1/2 cup whole milk

1 cup thinly sliced almonds

¼ cup confectioners’ sugar


1 in bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment; cream butter and granulated sugar together 2 minutes

2 add vanilla bean paste, almond extract, and kosher salt; mix well

3 add flour, almond flour; and milk; mix well

4 using 1 inch cookie scoop fix scant dough balls; roll each dough ball into 3 1/2 inch long rope shape; curve slightly and dip into sliced almond pieces

5 arrange cookies 1½ inches apart on parchment lined cookie sheet; bake  in preheated 375 degree oven 12-14 minutes or  until edges are golden

6  cool 3 minutes; dust with confectioners’ sugar; Serve

* will keep stored in airtight container 7 days and will keep several months stored in airtight container frozen  



Construction Of The St. Joseph Altar




The 2015 altar is officially under construction! Yesterday, St. Barry assembled our families St. Joseph Altar, while my dear friend Tanya Frost and carefully removed dozens of Saints and Statues from the “vidina,”China cabinet, for their annual bath, polishing, and inspection for repairs, in preparation of todays traditional decorating  the altar gathering at my home with friends and family!


A special thank you to “My Love” St. Barry, for all his help, love, and support.


Thank you for helping yesterday Tanya Frost. You saved me many hours of doing it alone.

Bates Men’s Basketball, captained by Gloucester’s Adam Philpott, has qualified for an at large bid in the 2015 D3 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Anthony Burnham submits-

Bates Men’s Basketball, captained by Gloucester’s Adam Philpott, has qualified for an at large bid in the 2015 D3 NCAA Basketball Tournament for the first time in program history.   With a number 3 strength in schedule ranking of 417 D3 school, Bates at 19-6 secured the bid.  Bates will play at 5:30pm this Friday, March 6th, vs. St. Vincent College at Stockton University in Galloway, NJ.

Here is a link to the webcast:

Bates has the potential to face Babson (25-2) #1 in the bracket in the quarterfinals.   Bates handed Babson its first loss of the season in November at the buzzer at Babson Park.    Roger Babson will be watching!

Let the March Madness Begin!  Go ’Cats!!!!!!!!!!


With Friends Like These

Well, with a friend like this….

I had a really good friend once…actually not very long ago at all…but then, one freezing cold, grey winter day (yesterday), he decided it would be fun to start sending texts…all day long…from beachfront establishments in Key West, Florida.

So, obviously, we are friends no more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for posting vacation photos on your Facebook page or Instagram or whatnot…where people have the choice to look long and hard..or ignore all together…but TEXTS…come on, seriously.

Why you got to be so cruel?

What makes it worse…if possible…is that this friend has a somewhat unlimited supply of something that I covet a great deal…TIME.

Don’t get me wrong, when he works, he works really hard….but, when he’s off…his days stretch out before him like a long story waiting to be written. Actually, if I’m being honest, maybe more like a movie  (If you’re thinking The Hangover, you’re probably on the mark).

The photos alone were malicious enough, but the comments that accompanied them were plain old spiteful.

Things like:

“I was going to come home tomorrow, but I don’t think so”


“Tough day…can’t you see my drink is empty”


“Morning Coffee. On the beach.”


“Made a move, my new view”


“Holding down the fort.”


“Taking one for the team.”


“4 pounds of stone crab claws…sorry I forgot to send a pic”

“Text later.  Going for a swim.”

“Think I’m going to hang in for another week or so. I’m up for the challenge.”

Did I mention that Key West, Florida is one of my all-time favorite places?

I’m going to miss my friend.  But not his texts.  😉

Be well.  Or, as he would say, “See you out there.  Good game.”

Community Stuff 3/4/15



I am writing to have a event advertised through your company. The Amvets Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting a country line dance lesson on Saturday March 28 from 7 to 9 p.m at Amvets post 32, 14 Prospect Street Gloucester, Ma (upper hall). two hours of dancing lessons will be given by local instructor Eric Lillenthal. Tickets to this event are presale $10.p.p $15.per couple if purchased at the door tickets are $15 p.p. and $20. per couple. A cash bar will be available. All proceeds will benefit Amvets Ladies Auxiliary Post 32

Thank you,

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post #32
14 Prospect St.
Gloucester, MA 01930
Visit our website for more information:

Friends from Woods Hole just told me that Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish are playing this Friday at the Rhumb Line. I’ve heard these guys many times. They’re a great band! Let’s give them a warm welcome here in Gloucester and I promise you , your body will just get up and dance. 

Nubar Alexanian submits-


Spring Book Donation Poster


Hi Joey,

Could you please run the attached poster on GMG as we are seeking book donations for our June book sale? Since everyone is snowed in, it might be a good opportunity to start spring cleaning.


Kecia German

Friends of Sawyer Free Library