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Sherrie Somers

Sherrie Won Two Tickets To Cape Ann Cinema and Stage and A T-Shirt. Prize Needs To Be Picked Up At the Dock –

Captain Joe & Sons

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Irish Sweepstakes Winners!

Hi Joey,

Last night’s Irish Sweepstakes was a hit! If you are able to share the details below highlighting the night and announcing the winners, either on your blog or on Facebook that would be great. Thank you so much.

Last night’s Irish Sweepstakes at the Gloucester House Restaurant was a blast! The Chamber had one of the biggest crowds to date and enjoyed a traditional Irish dinner, excellent live entertainment and handed out some BIG prizes! We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Tickets for the event sold out before the night began so be sure to purchase tickets well in advance for the 2016 Irish Sweepstakes.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make the event such a hit!

Congratulations to our winners!!
1st Prize Winner $10,000: Bob Beloff (#156)
2nd Prize Winner $2,500: Steve Kaity (#229)
3rd Prize Winners $1,000: Donna Tucker (#375), Jim & Barbara Siergiewicz (#267), Carol Mann (#398), John Marchant (#209), Butch MacArthur (#30)
4th Prize Winners $500: Christine Steele (#389), Connor & Capt. Fred Douglas (#400), Russ Cole (#330), Tom Riquier (#152), Julee Stanley (#69)

Michelle Budrow | Marketing & Communications Manager
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
33 Commercial Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 | |

What would you do?

Say you’re driving along on 128 and there is this car up your rear end so you decide to switch lanes. You then see this car zip past you and start weaving in and out of cars up ahead. Traffic slows down a bit so you meet up with this car once again. You get a good look at the driver and it happens to be a teenage driver, not any teenager but you know the parents.

Do you call the parents and tell them what you saw? OR

Do you leave it alone because it’s “none of your business”?


It’s cold in Gloucester, but hot in Austin at SXSW

I could complain that SXSW isn’t what it used to be — that’s it has morphed from a music festival to a tech festival (which it has).  Or I could just listen to the music that is still there and see what’s hot.  So I did.  Check out Elle King, who recently recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis.  If you hurry, you can get to Austin in time to see her showcase tomorrow night.

You can watch over 100 SXSW music videos here.  Let us know if you see somebody you’d like us to bring to Gloucester or Beverly.

If you’re already in Austin and checking GMG for a taste of home, I recommend you go see the world premiere of “All Things Must Pass” a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records.  Here’s a quote from Tower’s founder, Russ Solomon, that might surprise you, “I don’t buy records anymore. I’m too old for that.”  See the full interview here.

Tonight! Brian Templeton, Billy Loosigian, David Mattacks and dear Ol’ Dave Sag’s. Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line 8:30-11:30pm 3.19.2015

dave sag


Dave says

I’m sick. I’ve been diagnosed with thrombosis of the gnosis. And it’s all my fault.
To make amends I’ve got to get down with Mr. Brian Templeton, harpist galore and weeper of the flame. We just pulled him out of the muddy water and gave him free reign to oil all your moving parts.  He’s coming!  And this Kat can sing and captivate you effortlessly. He’s the only Kat I know who can wear overalls and make you believe it. You won’t want to miss it.
He’s bringing along the ferocious and mighty Billy Loosigian, the catarrhist among Qatarists, the most electrifying stylists I know, as well as that carbuncle- inducing master of the drums: Mr. David Mattacks. Shangri-La, here we come!
And, remember, folks, try Dave Sag’s Blooze Party Detergent® for all your catharsis needs. It’s 30% more effective than the leading Blooze Party with less egotistical soloing and more danceable grooves. Just pour our gloppy mess directly on  all your human stains and watch our secret ingredients assuage all your honky guilt and related angst. Works for me.


rl p

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732









Nichole’s Picks of the Weekend 3/21 + 3/22


Not that it feels that way ;(

Pick #1

Thanks to Paul Morrison you may have already heard about this…but it is totally worth repeating!

Paul did a post about it just yesterday!

Alice in Wonderland3

We have always loved the school plays at O’Maley and I’m confident that this will be no exception!

Pick #2  

Sugar Shack Saturdays @ Appleton Farms

Spring is coming and the sap is running! Experience the time-honored tradition of maple sugaring with Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms. Spend the morning or afternoon with us and see how we turn sap into sweet syrup. Start by getting creative with some maple themed crafts in the Appleton Old House. Then get outside and explore our very own sugar shack! Learn how we tap our trees every spring, see the evaporator in action, and even taste some of our syrup! We will end back inside with some delicious snacks, including Appleton Farms cheese and a maple treat, while we read a sugaring story!

Morning Session: 10:30AM-12PM
Afternoon Session: 1:30-3PM

Recommended for ages 8 and under but everyone is welcome! Space is limited. Please contact or 978.356.5728 x18 for registration.




Pick #3

This is a little less traditional, but I’ve been meaning to let you know about it for quite some time.

A fantastic on-line computer coding site for kids brought to you by MIT

Check out SCRATCH here!

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Scratch is designed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

For more listings check out our friends at North Shore Kid

Community Stuff 3/19/15

Parent Mentor Recruitment:


Pathways’ Cape Ann Families is seeking men and women to participate in the parent mentor program.  This Cape Ann Families Program serves families in the Gloucester/Cape Ann Community.  Parent mentors can have a variety of roles, which include enjoying activities together, strengthening confidence and self-esteem, connecting with local resources and creating mutual trust and respect.  We are looking for volunteers to participate in our Parent Mentor Training, after which each volunteer will be matched with a parent, beginning a year-long mentorship/friendship.  The next five week training will run on Friday afternoons from April 17th-May 15th.  Please contact Hailey Granger, Family Services Coordinator at 978-281-2400 x110 or at for more information.


‘1959 Pink Thunderbird’

An evening of two comedic one acts by James McClure.

Our evening takes place in Maynard, Texas, where we meet folks longing for the past and its happier times.

The characters in these two well-crafted 45 minute comedic one acts, stumble clumsily, lovingly,

and laughably into adulthood, leaving behind the illusion of their identity and discovering what matters most.

Performances April 9-12 & 16-18




Dear Joey: 

I  thought I would send along some info on this upcoming benefit concert.  It will be an incredible event, held in the Gloucester UU church – which has a large hall with excellent acoustics.  Bach’s Mass in B minor represents the culmination of his achievement, and we will also have a pre-concert talk by eminent musicologist and Bach biographer, Christof Wolff.  The musicians are top notch.  This is part of our music and lecture series, but it really represents a one of a kind event due to the logistics and number of musicians involved.  If you can swing it, come and hear the talk, enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of some of the most sublime music ever composed, and enjoy a Gala reception.  Proceeds will help preserve our beautiful and historic building (the last of it’s kind in the area). 

Alison Rowell

Haskell Street, Gl.