RIP Ken Joyce

2015- Carrancho reunion- Ken in the back wearing the festive party shirt

Gloucester native, FOB-

Condolences to Ken’s grieving family and friends. How painful that this beautiful family, the type of family that is everything to each other, has lost Ken. Smart. Humble. Joyful. And devoted to his family and Gloucester. RIP.

Kenneth S, Joyce Jr.

May 9, 1941 – March 19, 2022

“Born in Gloucester on May 9, 1941, he was the son of the late Kenneth and Esther (Vautier) Joyce Sr.

Ken was a graduate of Gloucester High School with the Class of 1959. Following graduation, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1960 to 1964, stationed on the destroyer USS Purdy working as a machinery repairman. His service on the Purdy included operations with other navy vessels implementing the Naval Quarantine in the Caribbean Sea during the Cuban Missile Crisis in November 1962.

After learning the trade during his navy service, upon his discharge Ken worked as a machinist for many years. He first worked at United Shoe Machinery, and then Gloucester Engineering, followed by Sinterbond. Ken then tried his hand at commercial fishing on Our Lady of Fatima, but…

Read the full obituary here

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in his memory to The Open Door, 28 Emerson Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 or the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, 415 Crossways Park Drive, Suite D, Woodbury NY 11797. Arrangements are by the Greely Funeral Home, 212 Washington St. Gloucester, MA. Online condolences may be given at:

FOB and Visitors from Vermont

IMG_5071 A Special Friend of the Blog, and a frequent visitor to Gloucester from Vermont.  They were headed to breakfast at Sugar Magnolias, and were thinking of trying Italiano Restaurant either for lunch or dinner.  It is always a pleasure to meet such wonderful people that visit Gloucester.





Guess Who?

The photos were taken 34 years ago, this week, at the conclusion of the 1981 Marblehead to Halifax, Nova Scotia Ocean Race…the setting is the lawn of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, the co-sponsor of the race with the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead…one of our crew couldn’t make it for the photo…we placed third overall, and the reason that there are 2 trophies is that we received the Lt. Governor’s trophy, also…that trophy is awarded to the highest placing Canadian yacht…I chartered the boat here, but we entered the race through the Lunenburg Yacht Club in Nova Scotia…I was the only American in the crew, everyone else were friends from Nova Scotia…this year’s race, it is only held every two years…will start off Marblehead on Sunday, July 5th.


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We Lost A Long Time Friend of The Blog- Joe Testaverde Condolences To Your Family Joe

Here are just a few of the Posts Joe Shared with the GMG Community-

Joe Testaverde Live From Daytona

Whiting Fishing Aboard The Midnight Sun Summer 2011 Filmed and Edited By Joe Testaverde

Haddock a Good Year ! From Joe Testaverde

Auto Show in Gloucester, MA – 70’s From Joe Testaverde

Joe Testaverde Forwards Us Links to some Gloucester Maps In The 1800s

Joe Testaverde Sends In Dolphin Photos From When The Boys Brought the Midnight Sun Up From Texas

Joe Testaverde Sends In Grandparents St Joseph’s Altar Photo

Community Photos 9/12/12

Send In Your Pics in Pats Gear! We’ll Post Em!



FOB’s From SC

pete and pam beardes

Had a very nice visit yesterday at the gallery with Pete and Pam Beardes who had just arrived in Gloucester from Charleston, SC. Pete is an avid GMG FOB who was stationed here with the Coast Guard from 1986-88, during which time he painted the Annisquam Lightkeeper’s house (among other things). Enjoy your stay Pete and Pam, and come back soon!

A Sister

happy birthday judy

A Sister is a Gift to the Heart,

A Friend to the Spirit,

A Golden Thread

To the Meaning of Life…

My sister, Judy Wilburn, is all those things and more.  She is a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, awesome sister and dear friend to many, she is beautiful in every way, incredibly smart, generous, talented and a gifted artist.  She was the driving force in my move to Gloucester, she introduced me to Good Morning Gloucester, Rocky Neck Art Colony, is a great friend of the blog and lover of Cape Ann.  Happy Birthday Judy – you are a gift, friend and golden thread to many.  It might be your birthday, but we get the gift of having you in our lives.  Love, Ellen

E.J. Lefavour

FOB Linda Colman… Finally

Hi Joey!! 

Linda Colman here, your loyal FOB from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Hi Joey!!!

I am about to make a HUGE change in my life!  After having called Michigan “home” for all the 64 years of my life, I’m pulling up roots and moving to Massachusetts at the end of April.
I have been invited to stay with fellow FOB Jane Gibbs and her significant other, my brother Bill, in their home in Newburyport. 

I’m significantly downsizing by giving things away, selling furniture at a couple of consignment shops, donating useful items, and I’ve shipped 16 boxes of stuff I can’t live without to my new home in Newburyport!

I look forward to seeing you, Paulie Walnuts, EJ, Ed, Paul Morrison and the rest of the GMG crowd at mug ups, Nights on the Neck, block parties, and all the other great activities in Gloucester.


Wow!!  This is a big step for me and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Linda Colman

FOB Ann Kennedy Shares About Meatloaf and Turkeys

Good morning, Kim.  I so enjoy your GMG posts and have been meaning to send a quick email.  Your great meatloaf post really gave me a chuckle–in the fondest way!  Recently I read one of my mother’s letters in which she had made a 6 lb. meatloaf for a PTA supper long ago, of course.  My brother and I didn’t like meatloaf and never really learned to either.   One night, she was constructing a very, very large stuffed meatloaf that was to be formed into a long log of sorts.  It didn’t fit in the pan and so she curved it until it fit.  My brother and I wandered into the kitchen to discover this awful looking thing and decided to help it out.  We sliced a pimento stuffed green olive to make 2 eyes, and added toothpicks for antennae, making it look like a giant, mythical caterpillar.  Quite an ugly thing!  Anyway, when Mom discovered it we all had a good chuckle and we were ordered out of the kitchen–the first time in our lives that ever happened:-)

I loved your recent turkey photo.  When I travel across the state via Amtrak (the slow route), the autumn fields are full of flocks of wild turkeys, seeking corn leftover from the harvest.  The train eventually travels along the Missouri River, and sometimes I’ll see a turkey at the river’s edge.

I hope you enjoy this marvelous season, and I look forward to your new and interesting posts.  By the way, I might enjoy your meatloaf since it includes bacon:-)

Kindest regards,


Anne Kennedy Haddock and DillAnn and Her Brother in a Japanese Tub

Visit Ann’s stellar blog, Haddock and Dill, which was inspired by a 40 year written correspondence between her mother and grandmother. It is a blog of letters that chronicle the life of one American family. The collection of nearly 2000 letters, notes and cards contain photos, clippings, and comments on everyday life, beginning in 1941.

FOB Jeanie MacLachlan Represents

jeanie maclachlan fob from beverly_20 yrs in VT

FOB Jeanie MacLachlan is originally from Beverly but has lived near Mont Pelier, VT for the past 20 years.  She is an avid and regular reader of GMG and visits here frequently.  Here she is representing at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery.  Later in the day, Donna Ardizonni was walking on Shore Road when Jeanie came up to her and told her she knew her from GMG.  What a small and wonderful world GMG creates for so many.

E.J. Lefavour

Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

GMG FOB  Bex writes-

Joey, how much would you want to rent our vacation property this summer?

Prime Gloucester Summer VRBO Rental (2BR/2BA) is Running 20% Discount

If I wanted to vacation in Gloucester over the summer I would *kill* to stay at this place. Seriously. But I like to take my vacations elsewhere, as I am sure you know. I really can’t believe they still have several weeks available in June and one in late July – this far into May!?! Really? Their views are killer and Gloucester Quilter is a total FOB. Don’t believe me? Check out their GMG webcam. Yup, that streams live from their window overlooking the harbor. Did I mention they have a private pool and are located less than a mile from GHB? This vacation rental comes with beach towels, chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, and coolers. Who else does dat? Dot and Bex are great people and hosts. Guaranteed. Just read all of their 17, 5-star reviews from past guests. Their VRBO 20% discount ends May 23. SAT-SAT only. Pets OK (dogs and cats only). Direct inquiries through VRBO portal. 

We Lost a Friend Of The Blog Last Night- Tim Blakeley

Tim Blakeley has passed.

Tim and his wife Eileen had been a friend of the blog from the very beginning.  He always offered his technical assistance and was way more responsible for making the Gloucester Webcam project happen than I was, being the man on the street doing the installs for next to nothing.  He went around to the businesses and community organizations and charged a tenth of what it should have cost to get the things going for them.  He did this because he loved the idea and wanted to give back.

We had this geeky techie connection in which we could talk about these ideas for hours.  Tim owned Gloucester Bytes a computer repair company and was a member of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

It was the cancer that got him.  Triple header of brain, liver and lung cancer.  Too young.  Way too young.  I’m not sure exactly how old Tim was but it has to be in his 50s.

and here’s the thing-

You know how bad it sucks that we lose someone in their 60s, 50s or 40s?  It sucks terribly.

But Tim was loved.  Every time I saw Tim and Eileen together she was beaming wildly and smiling in adoration of Tim.  They were in love.  and no matter how bad it sucks to lose someone in their 50s like Tim it’s better to pass in your 50s loved than die in your 70s unloved.

Tim had that love from his Eileen.  So he died a rich man.  Rich in love.

My condolences to Tim’s family.  I’ll miss your dry humor that would crack me up every time buddy.

Tim Blakeley on GMG-

Tim Blakeley Gloucester Bytes To The Rescue Once Again

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Joey C

Tim Blakeley Represents! In The Bahamas

Posted on November 21, 2010 by Joey C

Hi Joey,

Representing GMG  @ Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Bahamas.

Tim- Gloucester Bytes Computer


Tim Blakeley Posts on GMG

Update II : 2012 Good Morning Gloucester FOB Christmas Tree Post

Send in pics of your Christmas Tree and I’ll Post em

send in your Christmas tree pics to


De Primio Christmas Tree

image (1)

Hi Joey,

This is our Christmas Tree.  Post it if you can!

Merry Christmas!

Doug and Gloria Parsons

xxmas tree

Marty Morgan and Mark Lindsay Christmas Tree

Tree decorated by a sailor, Mark Lindsay, who loves trains. My wife, Marty
Morgan bought a hand blown glass ball each year and we now have an entire
tree full.


Loved your tree. Here is mine ! Lots of Swedish things from Jul Fair in ROCKPORT. Merry Christmas ! Alice Gardner

photo (2)

Oh Christmas Tree From Solange Baumann


photo (3)

From GMG’s Florida fans, Merry Christmas!  The St Clair-Kings

Craig Kimberley and  Hanna Christmas Tree-

photo (4)

Dear Joey and GMG:About 30 years ago we lived in a tiny house that had no room for a Christmas tree. We were given an old wrought iron gate which fit perfectly in a picture window. Since then that’s always been our Christmas tree. Holds beaucoup ornaments, fits against a wall, and never drops needles on the floor!Merry Christmas to all!

Joy and Tom Halsted


Hey Joey,

Hope you are having a great Chirstmas day! Here is our tree decorated with the "Lobstar"!

Best, Bex


A very happy and memorable Christmas in the home of Cammygrammy.  Camdyn has a 3 1/2 month old brother, the most blessed gift of all. Wishing peace and health in the New Year and thanks to GMG for keeping us all connected.


Newly Engaged FOBs Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz!

Hi Joey-

My boyfriend (now fiance!) Bradley and I really enjoy your blog and we LOVE Gloucester (we definitely have the wheels turning for a relocation from Boston one day). Thought I would share a Gloucester story from this past Sunday..
We often come up on the weekends to hang out and one of the things we (mostly me) like to do is look for sea glass at Pavilion beach. That’s where we were this past Sunday when Bradley called me over to look at something in the sand. Just sitting on a rock was a beautiful shiny sparkly ring. I was a little slow..even thinking aloud that someone must have lost their ring..doh! Anyway it was for ME and we got engaged right then and there! We were super lucky that local, Amy Clayton happened to be on the beach and she snapped some pictures for us! Here our a couple of our favorites ..
Kimberly Funk & Bradley Scheetz


In my haste to get this story up my software automatically watermarks photos with Joey Ciaramitaro Photo, but noticed this morning that I didn’t change the photo credits when I originally posted this story.  I corrected it to the proper credit this morning-Amy Clayton Photo.