Sista Felicia’s 2015 St. Joseph Altar Assembly With Friends & Family!






Feeling blessed to have the best girlfriends and family! 


Yesterday aunt Gina Ciaramitaro, cousin Mary Marcantonio, BFF Dee Noble, and friends, Andrea Randazza Carlson, Kerrie Callahan Donahue, Christie Guarrasi DaSilva, Andrea Butler Bridget Mathews, all stopped by to help set up the altar, and dinning room tables for this years St. Jpseph Rosary. Ladies thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did yesterday! I can’t believe the altar is ready and the tables are set! I love our tradition of spending the day together, preparing for the nine day rosary, and especially love, our traditional Virgilio’s St. Joseph Sandwiches lunch around the dinning room table and afternoon Cappuccino break reminasing about past years. We make an incredible team! I’m looking forward to building more memories together this year!

Thank you all





Bluefin Blowout is back!- Awesome Video From Barry Hallet!!!

Dear Joe,
When I was a kid, it was an amazing sight watching tuna taken out of the boat at the Sport Dock. Then, someone would climb the ladder and call out the weight from the scale. It had to have been a rush for the spectators at the 2014 Blowout season watching 4 fish weigh in.
I love that the Bluefin Blowout has revitalized the spirit of sport fishing in town. It is reminiscent of the days of Tournaments held over 40 years ago at the Cape Ann Tuna Club in East Gloucester.
If people are curious as to what a full day at this event was like, they may enjoy this tasty tidbit.
Get ready for the fourth annual, less than 5 months away.

Ann Kennedy Captures Thousands of Snow Geese in Flight! (Edited*)

GMG Super FOB Ann Kennedy lives on the Mississippi flyway. She is apologetic about the quality of the video, but we don’t mind at all. Bird movements often happen so quickly and it is always a challenge to capture. THANK YOU ANN FOR SHARING!!!

*In the comment section, GMG reader Tom Halsted shares his experiences with snow geese. Thanks so much Tom for this wonderful description!

“Joy and I used to own a cottage on Chincoteague Island in VA when we lived in Washington. We’d be there on a November night when the snow geese arrived for their winter quarters on Assateague Island, a mile or so away. We’d wake up in the mddle of the night to the sound of 40,000 – 50,000 flying overhead, all honking at once, sounding like an immense herd of barking dogs. On Assateague they would settle in on the many water impoundment areas (ponds, really) dammed up for their benefit. All winter long little groups of them would decide they weren’t in quite the right place, and you could hear them discussing where they’d rather be, then see a flock of a thousand or so all rise up at one, circle, and settle down 100 yards away, all honking at once about how much nicer the new site was. A few hours later they might change their minds, and the whole mass relocation would happen again. Beautiful birds. The Eastern flock has its breeding grounds inside the Arctic Circle, in Northern Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. So glad they are protected.”

Gloucester awarded $263,930 federal grant

The City of Gloucester is the proud recipient of a nationally competitive grant for $263,930, see the details in the press release that is attached.

Gloucester Awarded Tier II BIG Grant


Gloucester MA, 3/5/2015 – The City of Gloucester’s Mayor, Sefatia Romeo Theken and the Gloucester Waterways Board, are proud to announce that Gloucester has won a highly competitive Tier II Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) in the amount of $263,930. Recognizing the need for more transient boater access, the Theken Administration and Waterways Board took the initiative to make Gloucester a more accessible port for visiting boaters while continuing to protect and enhance our working waterfront.
This grant will allow the City to replace old wooden floats located next to a condemned pier that have limited transient boater drop-off and pick-up and dinghy spots. National Grid is removing the pier, which will allow for the expansion of this float system. The BIG grant will make possible the expanded use of the current transient boater access at this site.

The Grant
The Tier II Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) is a US Fish and Wildlife Service nationally competitive grant and is administered here by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), within the Department of Fish and Game, Executive Office of Energy and the Environment. In 2015, $12.2 million has been awarded in 10 states, with $263,930 coming to Gloucester. The BIG grant program was created to increase transient boater port access for boats that are 26 feet or greater. Funding for the BIG program comes from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, which boaters and manufacturers support through excise and other taxes on certain fishing and boating equipment and gasoline.

The Project
This grant and matching funds total $527,905. This money will be used to create transient boater access as part of a new float system off the Solomon Jacob’s Park providing:
⦁    144 feet of dockage for transient dinghies
⦁    205 feet of dockage for drop-off, pick-up and other uses
⦁    80-foot ADA compliant gangway
⦁    8 of the 16 rock socketed steel piles necessary for the project
⦁    Arched Aluminum Access Bridge
⦁    Engineering and Design
⦁    Sewage Pumpout facility paid for by a Clean Vessel Act grant

The Gloucester Waterways Board in partnership with National Grid and the Seaport Advisory Council will contribute $263,975 of matching funds that are eligible for the transient boat access portion of the overall project and are required by this BIG grant.
⦁    Gloucester Waterways Board contributing $58,000 for Engineering and Design, of which $27,840 is eligible to apply as matching funds.
⦁    Seaport Advisory Council contributing $200,000 for concrete floats, of which $109,300 is eligible for a match.
⦁    National Grid contributing $264,240 for 16 rock socketed steel piles, of which $126,835 is eligible for a match.

Grant administration
DMF is the state agency that administers this grant. The hard work of DMF employees Stephanie Cunningham and Cecil French throughout the research and application process was instrumental in Gloucester receiving this grant. Moving forward, DMF will be working with the City to bring this project to completion over the next few years.

dave sag rl 4.3.2014


Dave says,

It’s Snowbank Removal Week as temperatures threaten to climb into the Forties. I loved my forties, when I was at the peak of my insanity, rather than being the recondite cretin that I am now: talking to pigeons and wiping saliva off my chin. But enough about me: what about that finger in your eye music happening on Thursday? And that guy who had a seizure whilst skydiving? What’s the big deal? Happens to me all the time….
So, this Thursday let’s have a ball with a sorta new guy: Mr. Tim Gartland. He’s been here before. He’s really talented and deserves your rabid attention. Tim hails from Cleveland, where he was arrested for arson after setting the Cuyahoga river on fire. Now he’s gonna torch your cerebellum with his swingfoot style of harp and vogelsang. He’s got a really cool voice, sort of a cross between Arthur Prysock and Arthur Prysock. With hints of mint courtesy of Metamucil Pete, my street connection.
Backing him up will be that plisky, spoon-bending master of glitar, Mr. Jon Ross. Trader Joe’s secret weapon. Jon is one of my favorite musicians. Fluent on Guitar, bass and drums. drives a cool ’92 Buick Wagon, too.What’s not to like? Drums beaten by Mr. Jeff Casper, the friendly drummer. I’m on bass, trying once again to steal second. C’mon down and have a good time. It’ll be warm! You might even find a parking spot!

tim gartland

And, don’t forget: Next Monday The Old Saltys will be controlling the universe from our secret base hidden at the Rose Baker Senior Center in downtown Gloucester. From 1 to 3, we will be controlling transmission. You ought to see these guys before it’s too late and your prune juice stock tanks on NASDAC. I really mean it: it’s the best show in town. You’ll see….

Nichole’s Picks of the Weekend 3/7 and 3/8

What I wouldn’t give to be writing about warm weather activities…

Alas, not yet.





Thanks again to generous support from MathWorks, all IMAX® films in the Mugar Omni Theater each Friday in March (6, 13, 20, and 27) are free! Simply pick up tickets at the Museum box office on the day of the show only (first come, first served).

Pick #1

Maple Sugaring!  The sap is only flowing a few weekends a year so get out there and get yourself some.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Maple Sugaring Tours

Saturday and Sunday: 10:30, 12:30, 2:30

Spring celebrations begin early at the sanctuary with the age-old tradition of maple sugaring. The warm days of late winter awaken the flow of sap in the maples, causing buds to swell and resulting in sweet-smelling, billowing clouds of steam rising from the sugarhouse.

On our naturalist-guided tours, learn how to identify a sugar maple, observe tapping and sap collection methods, watch the sap being boiled down in the sugarhouse, and get a sweet taste of the final product. Afterwards, warm up in the Barn by the woodstove, indulge in a hot dog cooked in maple sap, or sample delicious soups and desserts made by our volunteers.



Pick #2


Boston Children’s Theatre:  Calderwood Pavilion, 527 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

March 7 at 2 pm
March 8 at 2 pm and 4 pm
March 14 at 2 pm and 4 pm
March 15 at 2 pm

theatresceneWhere will Flat Stanley travel next?

From Hollywood to Paris to Hawaii and back, THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY will take audiences on a whirlwind journey filled with infectious songs, laughter and fun!

With a book by Timothy Allen McDonald, writer of Willy Wonka and James and the Giant Peach, FLAT STANLEY is one adventure you won’t want to miss! Bring your own Flat Stanley to the theater and join our BCT cast for this rollicking musical journey!

Approximate Running Time:  60 minutes with no intermission.

Click this link to purchase tickets and read more!

Pick #3

Chinese New Year in Harvard Square



Come celebrate Chinese New Year in Harvard Square!  2015 is the year of the Goat and the 60th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Restaurant.  As usual, Massachusetts Avenue from the Hong Kong to Yenching will be festooned with red and gold lanterns hanging from our wrought iron lampposts as we prepare for a grand Chinese New Year procession through Harvard Square and our cultural “Open House” at the Hong Kong!

Schedule of Activities


1:00 pm Lion Dance Parade assembles on Brattle Plaza followed by parade to the Hong Kong along Brattle Street to Massachusetts Avenue


12:00 pm – 3:00pm Arts and crafts on the 2nd floor of the Hong Kong


2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Performances. Lantern Riddles and prizes on the 3rd floor of the Hong Kong


In addition, at 11am, children 6 and under are invited to join Harvard Museum of Natural History staff for Nature Story Time – Chinese New Year. Nature Storytime Sundays occur each Sunday at 11am.  Enjoy stories and poems designed to engage the next generation of explorers with themes related to the museum’s galleries.  The museum is free to Massachusetts residents, with ID, every Sunday from 9am until noon.

Community Stuff 3/5/15

‘Spring Awakening’ Exhibit by Ten Pound Studio silk artists at Flatrocks Gallery, Gloucester, MA


‘Spring Awakening’, an exhibit by seven silk artists from Gloucester’s Ten Pound Studio will be on display at Flatrocks Gallery in Gloucester, MA March 13 to March 15 2015. Opening Public Reception Friday March 13, 5.30 pm to 9 pm. Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm.

Ten Pound Studio’s silk artists have created the show ‘Spring Awakening’ inspired by the idea that the vivid, brilliant colors and luxuriant warmth of their silk creations could help overcome the dull hues and biting cold of our Cape Ann winter.

Ten Pound Studio has been a teaching studio for silk painters for the past four years, at One Center Street, Gloucester. Silk painter teacher and musician Stephen Bates, who recently retired from the Kennedy Center’s Opera Orchestra, teaches both experienced and novice artists the magic of painting on silk. The seven silk artists and fellow visual artist in this show ‘Spring Awakening’ will be exhibiting a vibrant and eclectic collection of hand-painted wearable silk scarves, shawls, tops, ties, cushions, silk sculpture, silk paintings, as well as an exhibit of Cape Ann quarry-inspired silk banners and photography by Leslie Bartlett.

Silk painting teacher Stephen Bates said of the Studio, “Ten Pound Studio is a unique silk painting teaching Studio. As far as we know, there is no other such teaching Studio in the United States. It is made up of a group of individual artists with a great variety of artistic and professional backgrounds. It is exciting to me that the students are on different journeys.  Some are treating the work as part of their on-going careers; some do it for the experience of painting on silk to add to their artistic repertoire, and some enjoy silk painting for the pure pleasure it gives.”  Musicality and artistry are intertwined at Ten Pound Studio. “I bring musical ideas and images into the silk work at the Studio,” says Bates. Classical music during classes permeates the large white-washed Studio with it’s 20’ high ceilings and views of the ocean.

Ten Pound Studio is a place where silk artists can experiment with different techniques, materials and artistic approaches, in an atmosphere of support and cameraderie. Each silk artist offers a reservoir of artistic and life experience for the others. Images range from glimpses of the Universe as seen from the Hubble telescope; to the problems of climate change; to fanciful abstractions, and imagery from nature. Another unique element of the Studio!

Silk artist Christine Gauthier-Kelley explained the possible source of this synergy between artists, “There is a supposed energy vortex off Halibut Point, Gloucester said to attract to Cape Ann the most creative souls around.  It’s energy can be the only explanation for the creative force which inspires the production of vibrant hand-painted silks by this talented artist group at Ten Pound Studio.”

The opportunity to show at Flatrocks Gallery, one of the premier new Galleries in this area, is a big step forward for Ten Pound Studio after four years. “This collaboration with Flatrocks represents an important step for us to share our work with Cape Ann community residents and visitors, ” said Stephen Bates.

Ten Pound Studio Artists:    Stephen Bates, Allyson Christopher, Christine Gauthier-Kelley, Sue Niemi, Susan Quateman and Leslie Bartlett (photographer), Joan Wardwell, and Candace Wheeler

Contact: Susan Quateman, Ten Pound Studio, 978. 430. 9534,