UBER MEETING FOR POTENTIAL DRIVERS Tuesday 3/17 from 6p-9p at The Hive at 11 Pleasant St in Gloucester

Uber has partnered with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and will be in town looking for partner drivers!
imageClick here to get signed up and start making money

. To fill you in (if you didn’t know), Uber is a mobile app that seamlessly connects riders with drivers at the push of a button.  The technology has taken-off in over 260 cities across the globe (it’s HUGE in Boston!) allowing residents to travel around their communities quickly and efficiently. Driving with Uber is perfect for a those looking for seasonal/temporary work or for folks who need an entrepreneurial full-time opportunity. You can work whenever you want at the push of a button (you’re the boss!) and no previous experience as a driver is necessary.

Uber’s driver partners come from all occupational walks of life ranging from traditional driving and transportation industries to service and creative industries. If you are a designer, artist, entrepreneur, fisherman, or in between jobs and need flexibility, you should try driving with Uber to supplement your income. Partners in Boston are making up to $35/hour ($6400/month in fares) and checks are deposited into their bank accounts weekly.

With the summer demand just around the corner, there will be huge opportunities to make some more money during our summer festivals!

Here are some pretty cool videos to see how people use Uber as a great way to keep their income rolling:

– Uber Partners for Every lifestyle

– Uber Partner Musician

Interested? Here is some basic information about being a partner driver:

What You Need to Get Started:

✓ 4-door vehicle (2000 or newer)

✓ Valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance

✓ Vehicle registration

✓ You’re at least 21 years old

Start the application today!

If you are interested, start the application process here: t.uber.com/GMGloucester
If you have any follow-up questions, please visit us in person at The Hive on Tuesday 3/17 or contact partnersboston@uber.com .  The more you to today, the sooner you will be on the road making a difference and earning income!

Meet the team:
The Uber team from Boston will be holding an onboarding/information session on Tuesday 3/17 from 6p-9p at The Hive at 11 Pleasant St in Gloucester to explain the economic opportunities for the residents of Cape Ann.

Sista Felicia’s Confections for Tonight’s “Novena Coffee Time”


 nov pastry6

Cuccidatta Cookies


nov pastry 2

Champagne Cookies

almond macroon cookie

Almond Macaroon Cookies

Almond Macaroon Cookie Recipe is highlighted in my cookbook, “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest”

nov pastry 4

Keeping mom very busy this week!

nov pastry 5

nov pastary1Nov pastry 8nov pastry 3

Click read more for my Step-by-Step Cuccidtta Cookie Recipe Continue reading “Sista Felicia’s Confections for Tonight’s “Novena Coffee Time””

Cape Ann Recruiting Globally!

GMG FOB Dan Connell forwards the following photo and meesage:

This came to me from a former student [Beth] at Simons College who works for the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Cambridge:


Just wanted to let you know it seems that Cape Ann is recruiting globally. I met this guy in the village of Soloti in northern Uganda a few days ago. 🙂


Homie Is Flying At The #GloucesterMA Booth At The Seafood Show

Big time props to all those who made the Gloucester Booth happen. For too many years I’d attend the International Boston Seafood Show and Gloucester had no representation. This group has elevated our town on an international stage and for that we should all be proud. Thank you for all you do.

WANTED! Hollywood in Gloucester

Message from Scott Memhard at Cape Pond Ice:

WANTED – will exchange for new – your well worn Cape Pond Ice Navy crew neck (no hood) sweatshirts, size Medium and size Large, with our “New Style” logo – ie. the small “Cape Pond Ice – Gloucester MA – Pure Yankee Cold” on front left chest.

Folks visiting from Hollywood have a certain need – contact Scott or Larry at: coolestguys@capepondice.com if you can help  – your old sweatshirt may be famous!

GPP-Cape Pond Crew 121_MASTER_PRINT (1)

Cousin @allyshims says it best…


You know how cell phone companies come out with incredible numbers of features with every product upgrade?  Well I’m willing to bet that if a cell phone manufacturer developed an “opt-out” button for group texts that it would be a huge hit.

There are definitely situations where group texts are big time helpful but I’m sure that I’ve initiated some group texts that have irritated the hell out of people. This is why they shouldn’t go away, but have the option to self opt out of them.

Here’s the situation:
You’re waiting for an important business text about what time to meet up when you get a group text invite to a BBQ with all your best buddies. You’re thankful for the invite but know that you won’t be able to make it because you know you’ve got this business meeting.  So you politely decline and then put your phone back in your pocket while waiting for confirmation on what time you’ll be meeting your business associate.

Aaaaaand that’s when your phone starts to blow up with replies (not unlike your own initial reply) and then counter replies all throughout the text message chain. Each time your phone chirps you’re obligated to check it because you’re still waiting for that confirmation from your business associate.  Phone in and out and in and out of your pocket.

If you knew you couldn’t make the BBQ right off the bat and you had an “opt-out”  button,  you’d be all set.

Maybe I’m missing something and it already exists.  If so,  let me know.  Also how do you handle group texts?
PS:Thanks cousin for the great tweet this morning 🙂