Gloucester Celebrates International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA. -10 JPGInternational’s Women’s Day, or Festa della Donna, held last night at the Gloucester House Restaurant and hosted by Figli di Trappeto was, simply put, a smashing fun time. In attendance were an amazing group of Gloucester community-minded women and it was an honor to be with such a group, and all gathered under one roof!  

Crocetta Groppo gave a heart felt speech honoring Gloucester’s first Sicilian-American woman mayor, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan. The guests included State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, Angela Sanfilippo, and Mayor Romeo Thekan’s sisters Rosaria Floyd and Marianne Pacquette. The Gloucester House was transformed into a charming country western club with cheery red and white checked tablecloths, golden yellow sunflowers, red bandanas, milk bottle vases, and rustic touches abounding. After a delicious dinner of fried chicken, ribs, succotash, and macaroni and cheese, dancing ensued well into the night.

Stetson Hats Off to organizers Crocetta Groppo, Geri Parisi, Kathy Numerosi, Faye Pavia, Josephine Taormina, Fay Puopolo, Enza Taormina, and Nancy Millefoglie!

International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -7 International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -8International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -9International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -6International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -4International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -5International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA -3International Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MAInternational Women's Day Festa della Donna Figli di Trappeto Gloucester MA 2



Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken has sent off a Memorandum to the City Council.  It reads as follows.

“After a long, extraordinarily snowy winter, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of spring.  In an effort to encourage people to shop and dine downtown, the Administration is announcing a parking meter holiday in which all parking meter fees on Main Street will be waived effective March 16 through March 31, 2015.

We are optimistic that this will generate much needed business for the downtown shops and restaurants and we are working with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce to reach out to the downtown merchants to publicize this promotional event” 

In order for this “parking holiday” to work we must all be vigilant to make sure we all do not abuse the parking privilege by parking on Main Street.  Please explain to employees that the parking in front of businesses are for customers only not employee parking.

Please, lets make this promotion by the Mayor work for us, God knows this has been one rough winter.

Thank You Madam Mayor, for helping and thinking of our downtown.

Moving Forward.
Joe Ciolino
Chair- Gloucester Downtown Association

Live From The Ciaramitaro Family’s St. Joseph Altar



Sebastian McDonald Just stopped by to gift antique statues that once adorned the St. Joseph Altar of his deceased grandmother, Ida Lovasco. Sabastian shared his beautiful St. Joseph childhood memories with me while he unwrapped the precious figurines. We broke into song together as we looked through the delicate pages of an original copy of the pray/song booklet used annually for over fifty years at the Lovasco Family altar on Addison Street here in Gloucester. I’m honored to have pieces of another families St. Joseph Altar displayed on this year altar. I personally would like to thank Sabastian and the Lovasco family for their special gift! Our family with cherish them forever!
Sista Felicia



Today I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support by family and friends. Three years ago this altar was constructed after a vivid dream. I woke my husband St. Barry from a sound sleep, to share my dream after having it six nights in a row. On that sixth night he handed me a piece of paper and pen and asked me to draw what I had dreamed. He glanced at my sketched drawing and said ” My Love, you only have 3 saint statues, that altar looks large, what are you going to fill it with?” I replayed, “I’m not worried about filling it, I have faith that the saints will find their way to this altar. Within the next 24 hours literally dozens of saints arrived at my doorstep, and fo the past 3 years they continue to find their way. Feeling truly blessed and honored. The vibe felt each night praying in front of this altar is amazingly powerful. 














Sista Felicia’s St. Joseph Novena Kickoff Night!



Last night before the we began the first rosary of the season, Dolores Sheehan and her son John placed the Linquqta Family Candelabras  onto the top tier of our altar with their Linquata cousins and relatives in attendance. Just piror to our prayer service, Dolores invited her cousin Nicole Imbrunone Curcuru up to the altar to have the honor of lighting the candles. The glowing candelabras lit the altar beautifully as my dear friends Roasile Olrando Foti lead us in prayer.







Following the prayer service cappuccino and assorted Italian pastries were enjoyed during “Novena Coffee Time” around the dinning room table!

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International Women’s Day…”Feste Delle Donne”



Last night The Figli di Trappeto women hosted their annual International Women’s day celebration with a country western theme. Due to a conflict in schedule I was unable to attend this year but my girlfriends and family captured the event Beautifully! Enjoy!

We Went Where?!

I stumbled upon this photo the other day from my freshman year of college.

I’m still laughing.  Before you ask, that’s me in the orange.  Laughing harder.

Keeping in mind that the photo was taken in the early fall of 1989 in Virginia…and that the staggering 9 pair of matching Keds were not mandatory, nor should they be considered a clue…anyone have a guess as to where this group of girls was headed?

I will give you one little hint.  It would soon after become impossible to attend the event that we attended ever again.  Another hint….while the first hint may sound tragic…it certainly is not.  In fact, most of us are a tad bit embarrassed that we went in the first place.

And…still laughing.   If you have a guess, please comment.  I’ll comment with the answer this evening.  I’m sure you’ll all be on the edge of your seats.

Image 6