Opening Day

Here’s a shot I had been thinking of doing for opening day,, being a huge Sox fan, and baseball fan. The feeling of home opener means a lot to me brings me back to when I was a kid playing baseball in the churchyard and down the fields or hair playing catch in the backyard,I know to some they have lost the passion because of all the big contracts and how expensive it is to spend a day at the ballpark,, all I have to say to those is grab a glove and ball a couple friends and just have a pick up game, I know that feeling will comeback!!

Let’s Go Redsox

EVERY Backyard Needs These!

Spring is here…summer is right around the corner….and, in my humble opinion, every yard needs Cornhole.  And, if you’re going to have a set, why not have a set cooler than your neighbors’?

Really, if you’re being honest, the only question to ask yourself is, “Exactly what do I want painted on mine?”

Should you go with the Team Spirit vibe, school colors, favorite vacation spot, favorite band, monogrammed as a wedding or anniversary gift, totally custom and off the chart? There’s absolutely a blank slate (or two) calling your name!

I recently ordered a set of Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations with our school logo painted on them.  First of all, they were done so quickly….secondly, they’re awesome. They are going to be such a perfect addition to campus for both the students and the faculty/staff alike.  Friday afternoon Faculty Fun will surely be centered around some friendly games of cornhole in the very near future!

If you own a company and have a logo, you need these.  If you, say…for example…run a pretty successful blog and have oh, I don’t know maybe a seagull for a logo, you need these.  Just saying.

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift, a house warming gift, or a birthday gift…here you go.  If you have a friend with a sweet yard and want to ensure you score a few invites over the course of the summer, you might want to consider ordering him/her a set.  The possibilities are endless, the beers are cold, the bean bags are waiting to be tossed.  Make the call.

Check out Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations at his Facebook page HERE

If you’re not on Facebook, absolutely email Dan at

Or call/text Dan @ 508-981-1530

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Live Red Sox v Twins Update

Well, it’s my last Sox game of the trip, and it’s a night game!!! This weather has been perfect, and the boys are looking great.
It’s the top of the 3rd, and no score. But Pedroia just let one slip past. Rare. Stay tuned for some night photos.

Sitting just behind 1st, sweetness!

Live Spring Training!! Bon Voyage!! #gloucesterma

And I’m off to FENWAY South to report on the RedSox! JetBlue would like to remind everyone leaving Boston that your leaving Title Town. BOOOOM #


imagejetblue, #bestairline

It appears that only one is missing…

Stay tuned for live updates from the games!

“A” Typical Yankee Fan!!!


Yeah I know, Baseball season is over but the Yankee Red Sox feud never is.

I gave up on the Red Sox back in 1986. My 2nd Son (of four) Salvatore was  Born, Oct. 11, 1986.

I stayed up rocking and feeding him through the entire Up and Down World Series that year. IMHO The Stanley Steamer not Bill Buckner blew that Series for them!

But Anyways………

I work with one of the Funniest guys I’ve Known in my 30+ years as a Printer. He makes my Day.

 His Name is MIKE CONRAD.

 Mike and the entire CONRAD Family are infamous on Cape Ann for being DieHard Yankee Fans. I’ve rarely seen him without his Ugly Tan Yankees Cap on.

I’m sure some of the GMG Readership know him or one of His Family Members.

Mike turned me on to this Video I’m going to share with you. It’s very short. I’m not sure if the GMG Readership will think it’s Cute, or Disgusting. I vote cute.

 When Mike Showed this to me, He couldn’t stop Laughing. I thought it was cute but not as funny as Mike thought it was. So here it is.

A typical Yankee Fan’s Favorite Youtube Video.

 It explains it all.

My Son told me it’s an Old Video, but I’ve Never seen it before.