Please Donate To The GoFundMe Page For Gloucester Marine Dan Cary Who Was Shot and..

Please share this post via facebook and/or twitter because this GoFundme campaign can have a direct impact on helping the family financially through a difficult emotional time and please continue to send encouraging messages to Dan.

Tina Russell shared with us this news last night-

Thank you everyone for your kind words. We live in an amazing community. Danny is improving. He’s been moved out of ICU!!

If you value community and appreciate the sacrifices made by servicemen and women and their families, then when something like this happens maybe think about helping out those families most in need.
Here’s a link to The Dan Cary GoFundMe Page where you can help.
I’d also like to note that Josie Cary and her family entrusted GoodMorningGloucester to share the treasured audio tapes of her Grandfather Cigar Joe who recounted his incredible stories of fishing out of Gloucester in the early twentieth century. You can hear those here-
Treasured Audio-Gloucester History Cigar Joe Talks About Fishing In the Early Part of The Twentieth Century Part VI
Donate To Dan Cary’s GoFundMe Page here- Helping the Carys

Tonight the Cary family received devastating news that their son Dan was shot in the abdomen. Dan is in the marine core and is based in Georgia. Dan is a proud marine and his family and friends are extremely proud of him. I am asking friends, family, strangers to help this family during this difficult time. Dan is a proud marine serving our country. We don’t know how long his recovery will be. If anyone knows Josie she is the first person to be there to help someone in need. I am asking people just to help while they are with their son during this difficult time. No amount is too little. Thank you everyone for your support!
This young man is Marine Dan Cary born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was shot in the back and sustained injuries there and into his abdomen by a powerful M16 while stationed in Georgia. The injuries are many.

He has undergone a second surgery to repair damages and is still in critical condition. He needs more surgery tomorrow; it will be his third one.

Throughout this horrific ordeal it would benefit Dan to receive the support of his community and beyond. His mother reads to him messages from Facebook and although he is intubated, unable to speak, he is able to let her know he likes hearing the messages.

Let us each send a message to Dan showing our support and a willingness to pray that he heals, gets strong and comes home soon.

Permission is granted to circulate by his Aunt Tina Russell. God Bless Dan Cary, his family and all of you for taking the time to read this and respond to one of our soldiers.


Lynne Anderson's photo.


If you have any questions or want more detail, and there is much detail, contact Tina Russell via Facebook. Thank you for considering posting this…we want as much support as possible for our native son.

4 thoughts on “Please Donate To The GoFundMe Page For Gloucester Marine Dan Cary Who Was Shot and..

  1. Thank you Joey for showing your support and spreading the word. The Carys are a wonderful family and Dan is an incredibly kind young man. What a great community we have.


  2. Thank you for spreading the word. Danny continues make slow progress. To his mom and dad it seems like a few steps forward and a few steps back. They are all weary but grateful. So so very grateful they are not planning a funeral.


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