Silhouettes ~ Capt. Joe Fishing Boat

Capt Joe Gloucester fishing boat. ©Kim Smith 2015. -5Yesterday afternoon as the sun was setting I stopped down the Jodrey State Fish Pier to see if there was any ice left in the harbor. There was some, but it seemed mostly along the edges. Snapping photos of the Captain Joe fishing boat, I met the captain of the Captain Joe and, no surprise, his name is Captain Joe! He was super personable to talk with and asked whether I was speaking American English or was from Great Britain. I asked him from where was his accent and he said a combination of Sicilian and Italian. One of the crew joked and demanded a $100.00 per shot as he assumed I was working for an international magazine. Funny! I told them all about Good Morning Gloucester. If you read this Captain Joe, thanks for the photos of your beautiful boat in the setting sun!

Capt Joe Gloucester fishing boat. ©Kim Smith 2015Capt Joe Gloucester fishing boat -4©Kim Smith 2015Capt Joe Gloucester fishing boat -3©Kim Smith 2015

Capt Joe Gloucester fishing boat. -2 ©Kim Smith 2015I think the photos would be prettier if it were high tide, and will try again one afternoon.

Would you be offended if…

Who pays on the first date?  In the year 2015 there really isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Some men get offended when a woman insists on paying the bill and some women get offended when the men are adamant on paying. Is it who asks out who first is the one that pays? Is it the person that picks the place? Nevertheless it can be an awkward moment at the end of the meal.





Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: John Rockwell ~ Tonight!

Dinner Specials Every Week!


Wednesday, March 11th
Special Guest: JOHN ROCKWELL!



John is excited to be resuming Wednesdays over at Alchemy,
and will be bringing his gang into the Rhumb Line directly
from there this week. It is truly a great and hilarious time
whenever the two of us get a chance to play together… and
it’s been quite a while since the last! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂

Save Bunnie’s Leg!

bunnies leg


To help save Buddie’s leg, donate here:


Bunnie was rescued from a high-kill shelter in the area of Acworth, GA by Cape Ann Animal Aid. After receiving a clean bill of health during her routine vet exam, Bunnie was spayed and ready for adoption…but Bunnie began walking with an occasional limp, favoring her right front leg.

X-rays revealed that Bunnie had a growth plate fracture. The fracture was old and likely occurred prior to her rescue. Bunnie had begun exhibiting symptoms of pain once her leg bones grew past a certain point. That’s because the fracture stopped bone growth of Bunnie’s radius, preventing it from growing normally to match the other bones in her leg.
Buddie needs surgurey to lengthen the bone medically using a procedure called Distraction Osteogenisis. Distraction Osteogenisis surgery relies on the bone continuing to grow under medically forced circumstances. During surgery, an external fixator will be secured to Bunnie’s bone allowing for it to be slowly lengthened (.5-1mm per day) until the desired bone length is reached.

This procedure is very costly and they are anticipating a vet bill of approximately $5,250. This includes expenses (provided at a reduced cost by Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital) for pre-operative blood work and x-rays and post-operative pain management medication.

To Learn more and help save Buddie’s leg visit:

They are very close to their goal, but need your help!



St. Joseph Novena Coffee Time at Sista Felicia’s



Raspberry Shortbread cookies made by Susan Lovasco

Last night an assortment of freshly baked deserts were enjoyed during the customary “Novena Coffee” time following the rosary!


Tonight I’m planning to surprise the ladies with a few of my all time favorite sweet confections, Pinulata and Fried Ricotta Cassateddi.



pinulata  gmg post novena coffee

Click link below for my Step-by-Step Pinulata Video recipe

Warning. Don’t Share.

Silly us.  A friend and I thought that we could share one serving of the Franklin’s unbelievable Seafood Mac & Cheese!

And, while we probably could have, because it is a good size and super rich…it is simply too yummy to share.  So, we ordered a second.

For the record, the Sangria wasn’t too bad either.

Check out the Franklin’s menu here.


IMG_3738 IMG_3739_2