Lobster Boats Dunlin, Black Pearl, and Tiffany Marie, Cape Pond Ice, Paint Factory, and Jolly Roger

Dunlin Lobster Boat Gloucester Massachusetts Paint Factory ©Kim Smith2014Dunlin Lobster Boat

Snapshots from an August morning, taken just after sunrise while watering the HarborWalk gardens. I am so swamped with work during the warmer months that I never got around to posting these.

Do you have a favorite Gloucester lobster boat? Two that come to mind immediately are the Stanley Thomas, painted in her classy red, white, and aqua blue, and the Degelyse, with her colorful orange flags. What’s yours?

Hurry Summer ~ We Miss You!

Tiffany Marie Lobster Boat Gloucester Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2014Tiffany Marie

Jolly Roger fishing boat Gloucester Mssachusetts waterfront ©Kim Smith 2014Jolly Roger

Cape Pond Ice Gloucester Massachusetts waterfront ©Kim Smith 2014Cape Pond Ice

Black Pearl Lobster Boat Gloucester Massachusetts Paint factory ©Kim Smith 2014Black Pearl

Dunlin Lobster Boat Gloucester Massachusetts Paint factory -2 ©Kim Smith2014Dunlin


What colors do you see? Repeat Saturday

What colors do you see?

In the movie Pearl Earring the artist Vermeer asked his maid who was modeling for him. “Look at the clouds what colors do you see?”
She replied “white” he told her to squint and look again. She saw many colors then.
What colors do you see when you look at the Snow?




Marina EvansBy now, you probably already know that local rising star, Marina Evans has been nominated for Female Performer of the Year at the New England Music Awards.

Tomorrow (SUNDAY) you can hear Marina on Aurelia Nelson’s excellent radio show, “Curtain Up” at 9am on North Shore 104.9FM.

It’s worth getting up for.

Here’s a video of Marina on another radio station with her husband, Bernardo Baglioni.

There’s a new band in town! The Fabulous Supersonics and they are making their debut tonight @ The Dog Bar 3.7.2015




We are called the “Fabulous Supersonics” and we are:

John Fatello – guitar and vocals. John was, most recently, the host of
the popular Open Mic night at the Franco-American Club in Beverly. He
has also backed up such blues luminaries as James Cotton and others in his career.
The band features veterans of local bands Quits, the Nor’easters and Points North. And the Diva, Westward Ho of the Diva Hos. We are covering tunes from Steely Dan to the Stones. Eric Clapton to Stevie Wonder. With a dash of Iggy Pop and Tom Petty.


The Dogbar is located at 65 Main Street in Gloucester. Rear entrance is
located on Rogers St.

Maritime Gloucester Sea Scouts news

Hi Joey,

Our troop of Sea Scouts just completed a sea survival course in Groton.  I wonder if there’s anyway you can give them a shout out?  I think they’re very proud of what they did (and had a lot of fun).  What photos we have were taken with a cell phone so are not great, but they get the idea across (I’ve attached some here).

Here’s what we posted on our website about it:

Maritime Gloucester congratulates our North Shore Ship 5 Sea Scouts on completing the Sea Survival safety course at Survival Systems USA in Groton, CT. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to enable anyone to care for themselves in a sea survival situation.  

While the skills around hypothermia mitigation were individually challenging and the group sea surface formations enlightening, the highlight of the event was the group raft rescue in simulated rough seas, complete with high gusty winds, lightening, helicopter sheer winds, deafening noises, and driving rain all assaulting the small raft in the dark. Apparently it’s not uncommon for participants to yell “Do it again!” when the simulation ends and they crawl out of the survival raft, all smiles, shaken but happy.

It would be great if you could include them in your posts, but I know you have a lot going on!


The Pulse of Cape Ann Art seARTS Annual Meeting Tuesday March 10

The Pulse of Cape Ann Art seARTS  Annual Meeting  Tuesday March 10, 6:00-8:30pm, at Bass Rocks Golf Club  Community invited as seARTS reviews the past year and looks ahead to plans for 2015  seARTS will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, March 10, at the Bass Rocks Golf Club, inviting the community to join in a review of the past year and a look ahead to plans for 2015.  -class center for economy by bridging its maritime heritage and a future powered by the arts. We are looking forward to meet the every changing needs of our members but also to provide a public forum for community expression.   Artwhich will feature guest speakers from the arts community and regional and state government, including: – Matt Swift, Owner and Gallery Director of Trident Gallery – Tom Daniel, Community Development Director for the City of Gloucester – Richard Maloney, Assistant Professor and Director ad interim of Arts Administration for Boston University – Meri Jenkins, Program Manager for the Massachusetts Cultural Council  The annual meeting  which begins at 6pm and is scheduled to run until 8:30  is a unique opportunity to learn about cultural happenings across our community and join in discussion about the future of the arts on Cape Ann.  chance to see the Art@Bass Rocks show — works of artists participating in the 2014-2015 Art Loan Program.  seARTS will also vote on new directors including a new Vice-President, Anita Blackaby who has a long history in running non-profit organizations.  Among the 2014 highlights to be spotlighted at the meeting: – The Arts & Cultural Exchange – The Bass Rocks Arts Loan Program – The Partner With an Artist Program  – The Wearable Art & Home Décor Show & Sale – The seARTS Uncorked: The Art of Food and Wine Pairing benefit  – And updates on seARTS cultural partners  The meeting is open to the public.  Light appetizers will be served and there will be a cash bar.  Eventbrite, info@searts.org or 978-281-1222.   About seARTS -class center for working artists.  Established in 2000, seARTS is working to help powered by the arts. For more information on seARTS, visit http://www.searts.org .