We sent Lise home with the donuts after Sunday’s HarborWalk garden cleanup. Here’s what she had to say about Brother’s Brew!

“I have to say those cinnamon donuts were the best ever. I briefly considered taking them to the neighbor’s house—but then had to try just a tiny piece of the puffy jellies, but didn’t get to reach the jelly (was I thinking this was some sort of exotic preserve that I would never get a chance to sample again?)  so had to cut an entire half of the jelly donut to try it for the total essence of jelly donut.  You would think I would have stopped, but then had to just try the chocolate. As I sliced off an inch, it occurred to me that you can’t present a donut to someone who isn’t your blood with a piece snuck out of it like you can a sliver of cake.  Well, the damage was done, so might as well take another slice. You know how that goes. The sugar and fat ratio imbued was saying MORE. And then I remember you saying the cinnamon were to die for and… Well it turns out I thought so too.  So now the donuts were entirely, absolutely gone. We scarfed those—how many? six? eight?— down in two hours tops. You know when I said I could just eat one at a sitting? I proved myself very, very wrong.  I guess it helped that the backs of my thighs were screaming “feed me!”  Something about lactic acid buildup needed to be counteracted with butter, white flour and sugar. Talk about weekend warrior aches! It looks like my 45 min on the elliptical machine with the ten minutes of pedaling backwards is not doing it.

Bill said I could never bring them into the house again.  Ok. But now I know where I can get them outside of the house.
You be sure now to send the photos of our 25-odd bags to our Mayor’s office/comptroller’s office and get reimbursed…

Anyway, I hope to see you Sunday for a repeat/repast.  No! Leave the doh at the Bros!”

When I asked Lise if we could post her funny note, she added:

“To make it worse, there were BOYS in full skateboard regalia visiting the neighbors and you just know they would loved the treat. Clearly there is not much in the way of impulse control over here, but might possibly justify the crime by the fact we had skipped lunch and it was mid afternoon.”

Thanks Lise for sharing!!!

Brother's Brew Rockport Donuts! ©Kim Smith 2015Brother’s Brew Latest Creation ~ Strawberry Shortcake Donuts

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