Add Another Tradition Under Attack

Add Another Tradition Under Attack

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From Doug Powers;

“These days people aren’t even necessarily waiting for complaints from anybody, but instead implementing pre-emptive PC:

MUNSON, Ohio — A Northeast Ohio community is taking the “Easter” out of the egg hunt.

As the White House prepares for its annual Easter Egg Roll — a tradition dating back to 1878 — some in the community of Munson Township are asking if it’s okay in Washington, how could the word “Easter” offend someone in this small rural community?

Still, township trustees are opting to call this year’s Easter weekend event “The Spring Egg Hunt.”
Munson homebuilder Enzo Perfetto is putting up the $600 to put the sponsorship in private hands and the Easter back in the egg hunt.

The decision to have the egg hunt privately sponsored is under review by the county prosecutor.

Perfetto said township trustees have already agreed to calling the event an Easter egg hunt as long as taxpayers aren’t footing the bill.

Eventually somebody will realize how much cholesterol is in eggs, and the name will be changed to the “Spring Hunt for Nothing in Particular.” As a matter of fact, “hunt” might offend animal rights wackos — so I can see that word being removed too.”

3 thoughts on “Add Another Tradition Under Attack

  1. When did we all get so angry about stupid stuff? War on Christmas I can almost buy but a War on Easter Eggs? Easter Eggs are a pagan ritual of fertility surrounding spring.

    And kiss my chocolate Easter Bunny butt if you are really grumpy about this. 😉


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