Calvary Cemetery



Fr. Matthew Green

10 thoughts on “Calvary Cemetery

  1. Spectacular photos! The sky and snow add so much to the mood. I’m sure it has a totally different feel in the summer. Just beautiful and somber here though.


  2. My husband was buried there 44 years ago in March and there was a lot of snow then. I only see it in the summer. Beautiful picture. Thankyou.


  3. Thanks for the photos. Took my Mom there before she passed at 90 and she had a story to tell for all the Scola Relatives and others. Does the public have access to the cemetery records . I am researching the Scola clan and all are buried there that lived in Gloucester. I especially love the photos people put on the stones because I remember them from growing up in the Fort and loved their fishing heritage. There is a book in me as I recall my heritage and Gloucester as our fertile ground, they having come from Terrasini, Sicily. Sometimes a child was buried with the parent and the name was not on the stone. The viliage raised the child because parents protected everyones child because they lost many of their own. Happy and Sad memories. There should be a book of remembrance at the cemetery for people to write their story that these people could be remembered for their Italian , Irish or whatever heritage. Flowers don’t cut it when there is so much more unsaid. The pictures on stones keep them in the present.


    1. I don’t know for sure about the records, but I believe they should be available. The cemetery is no longer run by the parish, so you’d have to contact the cemetery directly. Thank you for sharing your memories and knowledge of this cemetery!


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