Another origami sighting in Gloucester!

The other day I stopped in to the Lone Gull Coffeehouse for the first time, and to my surprise and delight, saw origami!  Not stand-alone origami, but origami cranes used very creatively as part of a type of collage, by artist Kate Dagle.  Here is a sampling:

She has a a variety of different works on display – beautifully combining the cranes in different colors, patterns, and compositions.

While you admire the artwork, I highly recommend trying out one of the Lone Gull’s incredible variety of soda or lemonade. They have quite a list of different flavors they can mix into your beverage.  I had a “white peach lemonade”, which was delicious.

Brendan Pike’s art is on the wall in the background. It looks very nice, but I must admit, all my attention was focused on the origami…

The Lone Gull Coffee House is located at 146 Main Street.

-Fr. Matthew Green

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