Tribute To Amelia’s From Loretta Ligor

Tribute to Amelia’s

After 20 plus years of service, Amelia’s Restaurant has closed. To have known Amelia and Ernie is to know very fine people. They served the freshest of fish and had the cleanest restaurant in town. One day during a terrible snow storm as I was driving home from work in Cambridge, and feeling very sick, I called Amelia’s to order her "wonderful" chicken soup. Unfortunately, the girl indicated that they were out of chicken soup and suggested other soups and chowder…but I HAD to have chicken soup, so I declined. As I was trying to think of another restaurant in town who might serve chicken soup, the phone rang and it was the girl from Amelia’s. She said, "If you can wait about an hour, Amelia will cook you chicken soup." Can you believe it? Of course, I said YES and an hour later I picked up the fresh soup. During the summer, when my friends visited and went fishing, if they caught a fish, Amelia would cook it for them! If I were expecting guests and I needed special dishes, Amelia would make them for me and would open early, just to accommodate my schedule. Needless to say, Amelia and Ernie will be sorely missed….and I (and others) take this opportunity to thank them for service "above and beyond", whenever needed. We shall miss you!!

Loretta Ligor

4 thoughts on “Tribute To Amelia’s From Loretta Ligor

    1. They had been trying to sell it for years. I believe they were looking to retire and no family members wanted to run the restaurant.


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