Art by Peter Reis

In the time I’ve lived in Gloucester, I’ve been walking around and exploring the local stores, galleries, etc. little by little.  For some reason, I have neglected the eastern part of Main Street; I always end up walk west, on the strip from around Alchemy to the Annie. So the other day, I decided to head in the opposite direction.

One of the treasures I found is Peter Reis art space at 222 Main Street. He was about to close up, but he saw me looking in the window and invited me in.

Besides being a very friendly and welcoming person, creates beautiful works of art, ranging from paintings on canvas for hanging on the wall….

to painted wooden toy chests…

and even a beautiful bronze crucifix!

His work on display incorporates saturated colors and strong geometry, which makes it very striking (and to my taste). Although some of the paintings are straightforwardly representational, most are somewhere along the spectrum of surrealism or self-reference: paintings of fantasy space-scapes, paintings of paintings that merge into the scene, paintings that are paintings of themselves, a pool table with fruit instead of pool balls… It’s really fun to look at!

So, stop by the gallery if you have a chance. It’s well worth it.  He also has a good website:

5 thoughts on “Art by Peter Reis

  1. I pass that gallery a lot and always stop to admire the work. I never seem to catch Peter there but I’ll keep trying. Thanks for showing me all the other great work that I can’t see from the window.


  2. Those toy chests are amazing! LIke Paul, I took a double take on the space one with the book, which I just love. I have never seen this shop, but definitely will make a visit.


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