8 Months Later Danvers Highway Construction Update

I wrote this on the blog May 14th, 2011-

Highway Construction in Danvers

Posted on May 14, 2011 by Joey C

I’m not sure if it’s Moe, Larry and Curley or Charlie Sheen and his two goddesses who are doing the highway work up in Danvers but I swear I’ve never seen more than three stooges working there at a time.

They’ve been working there forever. I have no idea why thus stuff takes so long. In other parts of the country I visit I swear they put in entire interstate highways in less time than they take around here to do a single overpass.

Is it a union thing? I’m not sure why they don’t bring in an army of workers and equipment and bang out one job at a time quickly rather than have 20 projects going on at once with just a handful of workers at each project and dragging it out for years.

and these were the responses in the comment section-

  1. Anonymous says:

    May 14, 2011 at 9:49 am (Edit)

    is this a hysterical comment made by someone who went by once, next time, take your camera and sit there for a while…this is how rumors get started…also, all projects like this a bid in an open and public way, you can research the bid process and trully have an understanding, then you can draw a conclusion not “jump to one”…


    1. Donna Ardizzoni says:

      May 14, 2011 at 11:43 am (Edit)

      I agree, notice everytime I am traffic see no workers.. very funny blog


    2. Jack says:

      May 14, 2011 at 1:23 pm (Edit)

      Actually…I thought it was going pretty good.


    3. Jose Smoothtracks says:

      May 15, 2011 at 10:59 am (Edit)

      Someday, we will tell people about the on ramps on 128 during rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic and how thrilling it was to try and merge. Zero to 60 in 3 seconds.

Fast forward to today, eight months after that original post in which we talked about how long it was taking for that short section of highway to be complete

Pictures taken Jan 14, 2012-


Go to Texas or Florida and they get this stuff done in months not years.  Seriously.

Get ‘er done.

Tobias Richon’s National Grid Deep Energy Retrofit House Renovation Open House Jan 22

Good morning Joey,

This is some what of a shameless plug, but may be of interest.  I have done a renovation on a house in Gloucester as part of National Grid’s Deep Energy Retrofit program.  The goal of the project was to use comprehensive and inclusive methods (ie insulation, efficient mechanicals, etc) to reduce the energy use of the house.  National grid provided a large incentive (~$35,000) to make the project possible, and also provided technical support.  Part of the program with nation grid require that we have open houses to showcase the work.  There is an open house on 1/22 from 1-4pm. the address is 730R Washington St Gloucester

Here is a link with more info about National Grid’s program:


Tobias Richon, Geoffrey H. Richon Company

19 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA. 01930

click flyer below for larger version


Windy Walk



There’s something to be said for

venturing out in the cold

and heading into the wind:


the bite on the face and tears

dimming sight, the pounding of

the surf echoed by my heart;


the dog hunkered down trying

to get under the wind, the

bleakness of the empty beach;


short steep waves with their tops blown

off , sand lifting and shifting

like in Lawrence of Arabia,


and the marsh grass showing

the scudding clouds the way to

yesterday’s calmer weather.


Marty Luster

Did You Know? (Homies Fish)

I had taken this shot because I liked the scene, and it wasn’t until I looked at it on my computer that I saw the homie diving for a fish.  I think of them more as scavengers, beggars and thieves and harvesting and dropping mussels and clams on rocks, docks and rooftops.  I don’t ever recall seeing one dive into the water like this.  They probably do it all the time, I just never caught one doing it before.

E.J. Lefavour

My Daughter Liv in Brooklyn

Photos of our daughter Liv taken by her photographer friend Dave Krugman. Dave says “My favorite way to shoot is to wander through the streets with a close friend, follow the good light, and let the world show itself. Give it a try…” Liv is a graduate student at NYU Steinhardt, studying opera and vocal performance; Dave is a professional photographer based out of Boston. They met while at B.U. Click the last image to see their Brooklyn album.

Click above image to see “A Walk in Brooklyn”

Gloucester Art Fashion Wave Hits Vogue

Good morning Gloucester it is indeed!!

Hi, Joey, thought you might like to know that one of the stellar residents of Gloucester, Charlotte Papp, my granddaughter, the current reigning Miss MA, also a sophomore at Wooster College, was chosen in a Vogue, Italian, contest with rising photo artist, Jacob Benjamin Taylor from West Newbury, MA ( a childhood friend who submitted the photo), among 1,000s of photos—it was chosen to appear in the latest Vogue picks on line. Charlotte also heads her Heart Foundation, helping to support children in need of greater heart health. Charlotte also reigned among other honors as Miss RI also! Her great heart and inner beauty reign supreme with her talents in art, sports, modeling and journalism, a very accomplished young lady on the rise in the International scene.

Please vote and urge all in Gloucester to vote for their own to further chances to appear in the worldwide edition soon coming of Vogue that would feature these native MA residents!!!! Always the best and first waves in art and fashion to hit the shore are from Gloucester!!! Go Charlotte and Benjamin with great Congratulations!!!
Here is the link:

Thank you so much and a very Happy New Year!
Warmest wishes,
Margaret Rose

Skeptics in the Pub To Meet January 17th

Skeptics in the Pub

Cape Ann Skeptics in the Pub will meet January 17. Rich Sagall will give a discussion-based program titled “So you say you’re a skeptic?” After an introduction, he will show a humorous video and then present scenarios for the group to discuss.

As usual, the meeting will begin at 6:00 to gather and order drinks and food. The program will begin at 6:45. We meet at the Dog Bar, 65 Main Street, Gloucester. Don’t miss this evening of talk and companionship.

For more information on Cape Ann Skeptics, go to www.capeannskeptics.com