Q: Who are the Wild Tchoupitoulas?


A: Charles Neville’s Mardi Gras Indian tribe.  In this video, Henri Smith talks about bringing Charles Neville to Gloucester on Tuesday for Mardi Gras.

The video has some of the traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian music you’ll here as part of their concert to help raise money to send local teens to New Orleans for the third year of their service-learning trip led by Rick Doucette.

Show starts at 7:30pm at Minglewood Tavern (the front of Latitude 43).  Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.  Seating is limited.  Call 978-281-0223 for tickets.

Teens currently scheduled to travel to New Orleans are:
Brian Amero, Courtney Ashwell, Katharine Boucher, Colby Ferris, Shannon Gallagher, Tyler Hurst, Alex Jones, Nick Lucido, Jared Marshall, Joey O’Brien, Emily Ohrtman, Zoe O’Leary, Emma Ottenheimer, Zeke Pasquarelli, Kevin Redmond, Mariah Salah, Evan Shay, Jenny Sonia, Ali Steer, Rina Takahashi, Steven Verga, Zachary White, Andrew Widtfeldt, Brittany Williams, Nikki Williamson and Caleb Wnorowski.

Don’t wait till Tuesday to go out and hear some great music – see tonight’s lineup.

Name Those Tunes!


Yesterday, Peter talked with Henri Smith at Minglewood Tavern about how he’s bringing Charles Neville to Gloucester for Mardi Gras this year.  You’ll hear that he’s mixed some of Henri’s tunes into the video.  Can you name them?  Just reply to this post if you think you know.

Wednesday is the new Thursday, now featuring 3 excellent choices for music every week.  Check it out.

p.s., Thank you Laura Dow for giving Charles Neville an excellent view of Gloucester from Vista Motel.

Where’s Henri Smith?


He’s the singer in the hat.  Watch the video and see him with Grammy Award winner Charles Neville on Big Chief, a signature New Orleans Mardi Gras song.  You can see Charles Neville with Henri Smith and his band in a rare, intimate setting at Minglewood Tavern on Mardi Gras (next Tuesday 2/21) to benefit Y Teens Rebuild New OrleansCheck it out.

Whitney Houston ~ We will miss you!

We’ll be watching the Grammys tonight, in part to see the tribute they added at the last minute to honor Whitney Houston, who died yesterday before she could attend the pre-Grammy party hosted by her friend, mentor and Arista Records founder Clive Davis.

For those of you who’d rather go out tonight, you’ve got plenty of choices.  See full lineup here.

Hit by a train? Shake? Steps? Is it really alligator?


All your burning questions are answered in today’s video as T Max walks Gloucester’s music scene in the finale of gimmesound’s five part Artist of the Week series featuring Gloucester’s music media mogul.

Valentine’s weekend with lot’s of choices for lovers from T Max’s Lovely Couple’s show at the Dog Bar featuring Bird Mancini and Joe & Renee to Safety’s Valentine’s Party at Minglewood, and lots more.  See the full lineup here:

Another surprise guest musician


Today’s video features a solo by a mystery guest (hint: local Main Street restaurateur).

If you’ve been following T Max on gimmesound.com this week, you know he’s founder and editor of The Noise Magazine, (New England’s longest running music magazine).

You may not yet fully appreciate him as a singer/songwriter.  Click here to see him on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes talking about his new album Shake and singing some songs from it.

There’s a wide variety of music tonight from Jazz to Rock to Piano Bar to DJ ~ take your pick but get out there!

Who’s the surprise guest today?

Singer/songwriter and Noise Magazine founder/editor T Max continues walking Gloucester’s music scene in Part 3 of gimmesound’s Artist of the Week series:  Part 1 here & Part 2 here

Today he transforms a woman on the street into a new music fan with a shout out to Bandit Kings and a special appearance at the end by one of Gloucester’s best musicians, who rarely performs live.

Great music around town see the full list here and a Local Brews Beer Dinner with music ~ what more could you want?  Get out tonight and have some fun!

Who’s counting and why?


Why is T-Max counting steps?  Maybe you can figure it out by watching part 2 in gimmesound’s 5 part series on walking Gloucester’s music scene.  If you missed yesterday’s video, you’ll want to watch it to find out what’s going on.  See it here:

Great music around town tonight – get out and enjoy it ~ you can see the full list here.

Is it Peter or is it T-Max?


Watch this first of our 5 part video series where T-Max’s walks Gloucester’s music scene.  In this part 1 video you can see how T-Max got here and watch for his imitation of Peter.

Open mic, funk jam & KBMG tonight.  Get out and enjoy the music!

gimmesound features singer-songerwriter T Max

TMax This week gimmesound features singer-songwriter T Max, who is also publisher of The Noise, New England’s longest running music magazine.

Check out his song, Shake, which he recorded on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes last summer.  Beginning tomorrow T Max will walk the music scene in Gloucester and tell us why he chose to move here (just having T Max in Gloucester is a true feather in our cap!)

Tonight is open jam at the Annie and at the Rhumb Line, get out and here some music.

The Great American Protest Song is Back!


All week long, gimmesound’s artist of the week Inge Berge, featured his new Sh*t Under Your Shoes video that we produced together.

But no salute to Inge would be complete without featuring his excellent protest song, Prison Nation, which Inge produced into a compelling, poignant music video.  Check it out!

It’s a hoppin’ Saturday night on Cape Ann with 7 artists to choose from — DJ, Piano Bar, Classic Rock, Folk, etc.  Get the lineup here

What did Inge Berge do with all his "old stuff"?


Well, he put it on a digital-only album that you can get on-line.  But what Inge calls “old stuff”, we call it an excellent mix of songs from soulful solos to highly produced tracks in Inge’s inimitable style.  Certainly worth a look.  Check it out.

Plenty of music and dancing in Gloucester tonight.  See full lineup

Peter & Inge in the bathroom – why?


Inge used household items for all the percussion in his latest music video.  Here is a glimpse of the creative process in action.  Inge is very creative.

We are blessed with so many talented musicians around here.  Tonight you can see the amazing David Brown, David Mattack with Dave Sags at the Rhumb Line.  See the full lineup here.

What is Inge Berge banging on now?


Inge Berge talks with Peter about his new song, the household implements he used for percussion and the video we shot together that features some of those very implements.  You can see the the music video here:

It’s Wednesday in Gloucester — and that means everybody’s got a special guest.  Fly’s got J.B. and Dennis has The Dejas.  See the full lineup here:

Inge Berge on TV


Inge Berge is gimmesound’s artist of the week.  Inge Berge, a native of Norway , has made Gloucester his home.  Inge is a natural singer/song writer that combines passionate lyrics with memorable tunes that you can’t help but sing.  Check out the music video that gimmesound and Inge created together, it is a real treat.

Inge was also featured on Allen Estes TV show Local Music Seen and you can see the archive of the show here to get to know Inge more and hear some great music.  Inge isn’t playing out tonight but check out the other music in town.

A Real Music Video


Thanks to Inge Berge’s vision, inspiration and all-night editing, we’ve got a treat for you this week.  He growls like Tom Waits and bangs on household implements in this bitter breakup video shot in his home studio.  Few songs express the pain we’ve all felt at one time or another as well as this one set to a catchy tune that will play in your head all day long.

Watch and listen carefully — you’ll see all the percussion in the song is from the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Gloucester’s Music Scene Gets a Big Boost


Last night Berklee’s Ralph Peterson Ensemble was smokin’ at Minglewood for the kick-off to Berklee Jazz & Roots — a major music program the brings Berklee College of Music to Gloucester in 2012 with 9 more concerts all over the City, master classes in the schools and a scholarship fund.  See here for details

We saw one of the best drummers alive today up close and personal in a hip, intimate venue with excellent food and perfect sound.  Ralph brought 3 of his star students and these guys were HOT!

Brad Byrd was there and told us his Wednesday gig at Johnny D’s went so well the owner asked him back for a weekend.  Way to go Brad.

Lots going on tonight.  Allen Estes and Mike O’Connell top the lineup at George’s tonight.  See the full lineup here


Another Brad Byrd Hit Song on ABC TV Next Week


Did you like yesterday’s stripped down vs produced versions of Zero to the 101Click here if you missed it.

Well, we’re doing it again today!  This time we’ve got a new song that will be featured on ABC TV’s hit comedy Happy Endings next Wednesday 2/1 at 9:30pm.  Listen to the two versions now — and check out the TV version on Wednesday.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Watch this video of Brad Byrd singing Hourglass.

2) Click on the link below the video to hear the fully produced version of Hourglass that will be on TV.

Nine venues with great music tonight (see full lineup here)


You’ve got a rare chance to check out Berklee’s Ralph Peterson Ensemble at Minglewood.  This is a private kick-off party for Berklee Jazz & Roots that will open to the public at 9pm FREE (as space allows). 

Brad Byrd’s haunting voice and guitar vs. Brad Byrd the Indie Rocker


Today you’ve got a rare chance to catch the essence of a hit song from the singer/songwriter in his studio — and then hear the final, produced version, which was featured on ABC TV’s hit comedy Happy Endings last week.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Watch this video of Brad Byrd singing Zero to the 101.

2) Click on the link below the video to hear the fully produced version of the song

Then check out our Thursday picks: Richard James at Minglewood or Dave Sag with Willie “Loco” at Rhumbline.  You’ll be rockin’ tonight!

Brad Byrd on his roof talking about performing


Just in case you feel like crossing the bridge tonight, Brad Byrd will be at Johnny D’s tonight with Peter Parcek and others.

If you’d rather stay closer to home, check out our good friend Allen Estes, who will be Fly’s special guest at the Rhumb Line.  Always a special treat!

Help local musician, Brad Byrd, enjoy his success

Rockport’s Brad Byrd has successfully convinced ABC TV to put his songs on their hit comedy Happy Endings, but he can’t DVR the show.  So if he is not home on Wednesday at 9:30pm he misses it.  Watch the video to see how you can help!

Plenty of good music tonight, check it out here.