That German U-Boat That Torpedoed Our Grandfathers Fishing Boat The Ben and Josephine? Here’s The Account of It’s Day Of Reckoning

Here’s the account of the sinking of our Grandfather Captain Joe Ciaramitaro’s Ben and Josephine-

David Teele forwards the link to the account of the last days of the German U-boat the 432 on the 11th of March 1943-


U-BOAT SUNK AT ABOUT 1200 G.M.T. ON 11th MARCH, 1943

        "U 432" (Kapitänleutnant Hermann Eckhardt) was sunk in approximate position 51° 35′ N., 28° 30′ W. at about 1300 G.M.T. on 11th March, 1943, by F.F.S. "Aconit" escorting Convoy H.X.228.  "Aconit" had 12 hours previously assisted in the sinking of "U 444" (see C.B. 04051 (63) ), from which boat she had also taken prisoners.

        At about 1100 the same day, "U 432" had torpedoed and sank H.M.S. "Harvester," who had on board one prisoner from "U 444."  Survivors from H.M.S. "Harvester," "U 444" and "U 432" were then transported to Greenock by "Aconit," together with survivors from two ships of H.X.228, torpedoed in the night of 10/11th March, 1943.


(All times are German Summer Time.)

(i)  Departure from La Pallice

        At 1730 on 14th February, 1943, "U 432" cast off from her berth on the north side of the basin at La Pallice.

        At 1750 she left the lock at the entrance to the basin.  There were scenes of great enthusiasm as all present waved "goodbye."  She rammed a harbour launch just after negotiating the lock.  On passing the boom "U 432" was escorted by a "Sperrbrecher" and two patrol vessels.  Also sailing with her was another U-Boat with a crocodile badge on her conning-tower.  Survivors could not remember her captain’s name.  At 2320 the escort parted company and "U 432" proceeded on her patrol alone and on the surface.  Her course was 270°.

(ii)  Passage southwards

        "U 432" remained on the surface until shortly before 0700 on 15th February, 1943, when she dived for the first time on this patrol.  She did not surface again until 1930 when it was found to be much rougher.  Many of her ship’s company were sick.  At 0800 on 16th February, she submerged again, surfacing once more just before dusk.  At 0900 on 17th February, she dived, re-surfacing the same night.  The whole of 18th February was also spent submerged.  Survivors thought that by then they were out of the Bay of Biscay.

(iii)  Receipt of Orders

        About 0100 on 19th February, Eckhardt received a signal ordering him to proceed to join a patrol line named "Wildfang" in a position which he decyphered as a point in the neighbourhood of the Canary Islands.  From this point onwards, "U 432" did not submerge again for some time.

        At 1545 on 20th February hands went to action stations for exercise and that evening there was a party to celebrate the end of the first week at sea.  There had been no events worthy of note since she left port.

(iv)  "U 432"  Alters Course

        By the evening of 21st February, the First Lieutenant began to wonder why they had proceeded so far southwards.  It was then that Eckhardt, seated in his cabin looking through his signal books realised that he had failed to insert a correction, issued prior to his sailing.  Consequently, the signal received on 19th February giving him his orders, had been wrongly decyphered and he had steered south instead of west since that date.  In its correct form the signal ordered him to a position off Newfoundland.  He immediately gave orders to alter course to 300°and made for the patrol line indicated in the original signal.

For the rest of the account which is very interesting click here to read it in entirety on

Local Musician Hits the Big Time! (and could use your help)

Local Singer-songwriter Brad Byrd’s latest release “Mental Photograph” was nominated for Album of the Year for 2011 along with some industry heavyweights like Bon Iver, Ryan Adams, and more. If you haven’t checked out Brad’s work, you are missing out; you can listen at And be sure to click this link to head over to to vote for Brad’s album as the singer-songerwriter Album of the Year. When you get to the page, make sure you click Brad’s album cover before scrolling down to the bottom of the list to vote so that every click is counted. This is a good chance to show some local love for some serious Cape Ann talent!

the site

We’ll Never Forget- Ricky- Fiesta 2007

Fiesta 2007

Pow Wow, Syd, Ricky, Magic Joe, The Rabbit, Joey C, DK


That look





Getting After It- Always




Get back here!  Are you a man or a mouse?

DSC02708Memories Bro- They’ll Never Take Them From Us

Rest In Peace

The Floating Marina- My Stance

As a waterfront property owner I want you to know that this thing which as I understand it, is a floating dock in the middle of the harbor on which transient boats can tie up to.

I am for things that will help get people to our downtown and spending money thus I am not anti- this type of project.

I just want you to understand why it is being done the way it is- as a big float in the middle of the harbor instead of a dockage facility on a piece of waterfront in Gloucester Harbor close to downtown.

This is because the antiquated DPA restrictions won’t allow for a transient dock to exist within the DPA on the waterfront in any place other than the already grandfathered recreational marinas and on an island in the middle of the harbor.
So the thing is being designed as float in the middle of the harbor built with taxpayer money.

If the zoning made any sense and modifications to the DPA allowed there would already be a transient dock built on one of the crumbling piers inside of the harbor.
It would be able to be financed privately and built with private dollars because it is a project that makes financial sense.

So we could have this type of thing built on the harbor within walking distance of downtown financed without public money and without having to hop on a launch service which we don’t even know is gong to be financially viable to run on it’s own
But instead what we will get because of zero flexibility in the DPA is the float built as an island in the middle of the harbor financed with public dollars and reliant on a launch service to get people around and no improvement to the tax base from a renovated waterfront property.

This is not to say that a single fishing boat would need to be displaced (because you know that is always the cry) there are plenty of properties such as behind the piling field behind the Building Center, behind Seatronics and more piling fields around the city where it could be built.

Joey Ciaramitaro

Captain Joe and Sons

Gloucester MA

"How Long? Not long," says Dr. King.

Peter introduces another lyrical speech by Dr. King whose treatment of this familiar song is like nothing else you’ve ever heard.

J.B. Amero sits in for Dan King tonight at Jalapenos.  Snow’s gone.  Music’s on.  So get out and have some fun.

Did You Know? (Call for Guest Artists)

Artists have started asking about exhibiting at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery this summer on Rocky Neck.  Any of you who exhibited last year, or came to the gallery for Mug Up or other events during the season, know it is a great space with lots going on and even more planned for this season, including the continuation of our Sunday morning Mug Up tradition.  If you are interested in a two week guest exhibit during the 2012 season, and being in the midst of the energy and fun that is Rocky Neck and Good Morning Gloucester, you can go to for details and date availability.  One exhibit time has already been taken, so there are 8 time slots available.  You can listen to Joey tell about it here.

E.J. Lefavour

Wednesday at The Rhumb Line with Fly Amero ~ Special guest ~ Orville Giddings

Hello everyone!

Wednesday, January 18th

In addition to being a wonderful songwriter, Orville Giddings is a bright spirit and an engaging performer. We worked together for the very first time this past September. It was as if we’d been doing it all our lives. Great fun!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner – $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

I hope to you there! :-) ~ Fly

Who does this?

An actual picture of the muffin remnants left behind. Someone actually picked away at this muffin over time and left the rest in the same spot as if someone else was gonna go and eat it after.

See, if the person had taken the muffin to where they were sitting and proceeded to pick away at the muffin top leaving the bottom behind I wouldn’t have thought twice.

But the fact was that the muffin remained in the exact space where all the muffins were left out for all to enjoy and then little by little and very discreetly the muffin top was dissected and the rest left behind with the other muffins as if someone else would then look at that half eaten muffin and then said to themselves” hmm, I think I’ll go for the muffin that looks like it’s been attacked by a herd of unruly rats.”

and then, to top it all off the offender was the most unlikely and refined out of the entire group of GMG contributors.

Need office supplies? Now you can get them at Seaside Graphics!!

The crew at Seaside Graphics were incredibly accommodating during the mad holiday rush with my calendars. I couldn’t be more grateful!

As I ran in and out of the store, I hardly noticed the new additions to the stuff that’s available! Bill Liacano, Seaside’s owner, showed me the incredible items on the wall. I spent some time last week checking out the office and artist supplies that Bill’s added like:

copier paper, notebooks, tape of all kinds, Prima colored pencils, architectural rulers and templates, drawing pads, binders, sale order books, file folders, thermal paper, label paper, invoices, color copier paper, batteries, iPhone accessories, closed/open signs, calligraphy sets, pens, sticky notes, gift certificates, adding machine paper, perforated business cards, USB drives, money receipts receipts for credit cards and terminal paper, printable fabric paper, Velcro, foam core, poster board, and if you can’t find what you need there’s a Suggestion Box!!

Seaside Graphics                                              27 Railroad Ave.                                  Gloucester, MA  01930

Mamie’s Kitchen Taste of Sicily Event Spots Open

Hey Joey,
Just a reminder ‘Taste of Sicily’ dinner has a couple more spots in each seating!
This Thursday is the last day to purchase tickets for Monday January 23rd!

Telephone number- (978) 283-0474

Community Stuff


On Saturday, February 11th Cape Ann Animal Aid will be hosting its 9th Annual Winter Bash. The event is at the Cruiseport Gloucester at 6 Rowe Street, Gloucester, MA..from 7 pm – 11 pm. (snow date is February 12th from 6 pm – 10 pm) this event includes a silent auction as well as a live auction along with Hors d’oeuvres catered by Vinwood Catering, a cash bar, music, dancing and raffle. This is a very popular event and has sold out in the past. The tickets are $50.00 each or a table of 10 for $475.00. All proceeds benefit the Cape Ann Animal Aid. If you have any additional questions or would like to purchase tickets please call Cape Ann Animal Aid at 978-283-6055 or email us at Please visit for additional information as well as a list of auction items.

Backyard Growers Program volunteer outreach flyer


City Of Gloucester Gloucester Clean Energy Blog

Jill Buchanan writes-

Hi Joey,

Wondering if you might include this invitation for local folks to join the new Gloucester Clean Energy blog. Here’s the invite and a pic :As someone who

I know to be interested in the local green economy, clean energy options and our coastal community’s future, I invite you to subscribe to a new local blog

This blog was recently created by the city’s Clean Energy Commission, a seven-member council that works to support the City of Gloucester, MA, in evaluating and implementing our clean energy options. Other information is available at the City of Gloucester web site.

Our blog is dedicated to keeping you up to date on Gloucester’s clean energy advancements, as well as locally-oriented news and analysis on clean energy-related subjects, money saving options, events, and volunteer opportunities.

While a rapidly changing climate, a myriad of environmental concerns and a struggling economy can make the future seem daunting, a prepared community can weather these changes well.

Below is a copy of our first blog post (also a My View column in the GDT). We will keep our posts limited to information that is mainly local and always useful. If you have issues you’d like to know about, let us know and we’ll try and cover it.


Giving Diapers Fundraiser

Hi Joey,

  I was hoping you would be able to help us advertise for a fundraiser that we are doing at Jalepenos on Wed Jan 18th.  You have posted about our organization before but to refresh your memory, we are Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.  We are a local organization that lends cloth diapers to low income families across the country.  We are hosting this fundraiser and also having a 50/50 raffle with prizes.  If you could please post this on your site and/or facebook to help us get the word out, we would greatly appreciate it!


Kristen McCarthy

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

art, music and spiritual practice night

Stacey Fisher writes-

hi joey!
aci-cape ann is hosting a fun and funky evening – this wednesday, 7-8:30pm at the vajramudra center, rockport – entitled ‘art, music and spiritual practice.’ it’s being hosted by two young musicians/yogis and promises to stir up some interesting conversation about the beauty and similarities of the creative process and spiritual practice. there might be some folks out there who would like to spend wednesday night having a good time. so, if you have the space and the inclination, i’d appreciate you running the attached jpeg. oh, and it’s free!
playa del carmen looks like a great place to be!
take care,

ArtMusicNSP 3