Artists After Hours at the Community Cinema

I went to a great new event last night at the Cape Ann Community Cinema for Artists After Hours… I know, it sounds a bit mysterious. And if that makes you want to go, by all means keep thinking it’s extremely mysterious.

In reality, though, a great group of local visual artists, musicians, and writers organized by Nonie Brady and Rokhaya Waring gathered to watch a great film about Charles and Ray Eames – the architect and the painter.

Eames Image

Now, I didn’t really know anything about these two before going to the movie, but afterward I felt ignorant for that. Turns out they not only designed one of the most prolific chair designs in our current society, they also made a film to show America to the Soviet Russians during the Cold War, solved the PR problems of the computer when it first came out, and made all kinds of other fun and fantastic contributions to society.

It was a lot of fun to gather together with other artists and then discuss the film with them a little bit afterward. Looking forward to the next event, February 27th. Word on the street is it’ll be a showing of Waste Land, about Vik Muniz, a creator of giant portraits of garbage pickers in Brazil made out of the garbage itself. He then sold these portraits with the proceeds going to the pickers themselves. Should make for some good discussion!

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