Rick Kaloust Memorial at Eastern Point

In loving memory of Rick Kaloust (January 14, 1965 ~ January 9, 2012).

Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season) ~ The Byrds

Dark Side of Dawn ~ Satch Kerans

You and I Will Meet Again ~ Tom Petty

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) ~ Renée Fleming

Family Rock Climbing at Gordon College

Hi Joey!

I am a Gloucester resident and big fan of GMG! I am also the manager of the La Vida Rock Gym at Gordon College, a climbing facility that is friendly for families and beginner climbers. We’re planning to offer some extra Open Gym time during the weekdays of February vacation and are looking for feedback from Cape Ann parents as to what times would be most helpful for them (e.g. late morning, early afternoon, etc.). We can be contacted via email (rockgym@gordon.edu) or facebook and always appreciate suggestions!

Can you post this for me? Thanks!

Holly Libert
Manager, La Vida Rock Gym

Since I take so many pictures of Rafe’s Chasm

Sunset from Rafe's Chasm January 14, 2012I Thought I would give you a little background on this great spot.  The credit for the information comes from Lisa Peek Ramos’s book, called “Magnolia A Brief History”.  They believe the name came a freed slave named Ralph who settle near the chasm and built many of the rock walls that remain on Hesperus Avenue.  There is a 10 foot wide, 200 foot long, 60 foot deep chasm.  The type of rock at Rafe’s Chasm is called Cape Ann Granite and it has been a popular tourist attraction since right after the after the Civil War. Rafe’s Chasm was sold by the Trustees of Reservations in 1959 to the City of Gloucester for one dollar.  You can read more information from Lisa Peek Ramos’s book.

Did You Know? (Gloucester Cinema)

My sister Judy came to visit yesterday and wanted to go see the movie “War Horse”.  She checked for cinemas nearby where it was playing and lo and behold, it was playing at the Gloucester Cinema.  I never knew there was a first run movie cinema in Gloucester.  I had been by it many times, but never really paid attention and thought it was a car dealership (which apparently it was 20+ years ago).  John Williams (top photo) has owned and operated the cinema for 11 of its 20 years.  Tim Spinney (middle photo) operates the concession stand.  It is a clean, small cinema with 3 screens and a bunch of game things to occupy kids before the movie.  It is on Essex Ave next to the Causeway, where we went after for the some of their great clam and fish chowder, salads and a seafood platter which barely got touched, although it was fresh and delicious.  I love Cape Ann Cinema with its comfy couches and chairs and intimate livingroom feel, but it is great to know there is a local cinema to see movies like “War Horse”, which was a beautiful, thrilling, tear jerking movie by Steven Spielberg.  If you haven’t seen it, you should – bring kleenex.  Does anyone know the name of the War Horse in the movie?  Hint: he is name after our fearless leader.

E.J. Lefavour

Martin Luther King Jr ~ gimmesound artist of the week


This afternoon Dave Sags and the Good Old Salty Jazz Band is at the Rose Baker Senior Center till 3pm ~ Take the kids and enjoy some great music and celebrate life.

Tonight the Bandit Kings host the open jam at the Rhumb Line with George Hall sitting in for Dan King before they head to the west coast.  Swing by to send them off with a bang.

Support the Gloucester Dog Park at Stone’s Pub

On Thursday, January 26, Stones Pub and Eatery will hold a Chow Down for the Gloucester Dog Park–a portion of all food sales for lunch and dinner will be donated to the dog park.  Enjoy a hot cup of soup on cold day and help build a park for your dog.  Mark your calendars!

You can check out progress of the dog park at www.gloucesterdogpark.org